This is what its going to sound like with that unique 4 mic array: hey everyone, digital david here today in this video im gon na, be checking out the hs100 wireless computer headset. I did receive this product to review, but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own. That being said, if youre interested in this product, you want to find out more about it. The link to it will be in the video description. You can see the nice retail box in packaging right here walking us through some of the key features for this wireless headset. This comes with the usb adapter 30 hours of battery life, and it has a four mic array now lets: go ahead, lets open it up and look at the contents here all the package contents. First up, you can see our warranty card and product information, so we have a one year warranty. Next, you can see our user guide and manual available in multiple languages walking us through everything. We need to know about this headset how to set it up, connect and pair to it, as well as some of our controls and advanced features, and then it repeats in different languages. Next, you can see we have a nice mesh storage bag right here with the e meet logo and branding on it. We have a usb type c, usb type, a cable for our headset, as well as our usb dongle, to connect this to pcs and computers.

Lastly, you can see we have the headphones themselves here, check it out. We got the emeate logo and branding with some buttons and controls right here on the earcups. You can see our four mic array microphone right. There really cool looks great. We can look at it from this side as well. You can see our toggle off and on switch with our bluetooth indicator lights, usb type c right there. We have a mute button. You can see what the ears look like nice memory, foam very soft and comfortable cushions same for the top part of your head is going to rest on the top of your head in here very soft and comfortable cool microphone, and then you can see they pivot And its labeled for us right and we should have left clearly marked as well. We can go ahead, we can put them on, you can see. We can pull them down to fit in place so check that out, and you can see how the microphone looks. So if we want to use it or if we want to mute it and get it up and out of the way we can do that as well. But you can see we got the headset on so far, so good, very comfortable. Does a good job of passively canceling out a lot of noise just encompassing our ears, so it creates a nice tight seal around the ears to keep a lot of that ambient outside noise out fully adjustable as well on both sides, depending on the size of your Head now lets go ahead.

Lets go over the controls, so the controls are very simple and straightforward. On the headset first up, as we pointed out earlier, we have our little toggle button and switch to turn it on and off and thats going to be for our bluetooth as well. Then we have our mute and unmute option right here at the top thats going to be. When were on a phone call, we can mute and unmute next up. We can see on this side our top two dots thats, going to be our volume up button. Our bottom two dots are going to be our volume down button. Then in the middle we have our multi function. Button right here, thats going to be useful. If you want to press it to answer or end a phone call, you can hold it to reject a phone call or you can double tap it if you want to call back a number also, if you just press it one time, you can also play and Pause, your music, it will either be the phone or the music, depending on if youre connected to a call or not, then, on the other side you can see. We only have one button on this ear cup and this button is going to be to enable or disable ambient sound, so whats ambient sound. Well, they actually walk you through it in this guide, so you can go to page six and its going to walk you through how to enable or disable it, which is what we just mentioned, but basically the speaker and the microphone will be muted when youre on A call or listening to music but youll be able to hear the ambient noise around you so thats what you got with the ambient noise setting right there also a couple other controls that arent, really controls or buttons, are as follows.

This headset features intelligent wearing detection. So if you put it on and take it back off, itll play or pause your song if youre on a call, you take it off itll, mute or unmute your microphone, which is really cool. Also, if you want to meet your microphone, you can also just turn it all the way up to mute it or have it back down to have it unmuted, so theres, a lot of great features with this headset now lets go ahead. Lets connect to it. So its time to turn on the headphones, so we just turned them on. We get a voice prompt too letting us know that theyre active. You can also see. We got a green indicator light down here that just went off now to get it to bluetooth mode. Just go ahead, hold up the toggle until you hear a voice prompt or you can see. We have the blue flashing button now and were ready to connect them with our bluetooth device. So in this case were going to be using our phone, and i can already see right there on the bottom. The very last one is going to be our e meet hs100, so were going to select that and now were going to, allow it to have access to our contacts and call history, and there we go it. Just let us know that it connected, so it literally takes 10 seconds or less if you want to set it up with a bluetooth device, and you can see right out of the box for us.

We have 70 battery remaining now im gon na go ahead and listen to some music, so i just finished listening back to a bunch of music and watching some videos to check for any leg or sync issues, or anything like that. I can report that everything works. Great when watching videos, i was making sure that the mouth and the audio and everything was lining up. Dont have any issues report back. There works for ios and android devices. I tried it with an iphone sc 2020 and a google pixel 5.. So everythings working great in regards to sound quality. This can be super subjective right. My ears might like things and listen to things and process things a little bit differently than your ears, but ill just go at it from a very broad perspective, not trying to have my opinion as much, but it will be my opinion, because this is how im Hearing how things sound through this but ill point out that i was pleasantly surprised with the bass quality. It was fuller and better than i was expecting, but in regards to the actual sound quality when youre listening to music and hearing lyrics it wasnt as full. As i would have liked it to be for a headset at this price point, but there is one caveat there: one is probably good enough for you and two theyre really advertising that four mic array so im guessing. This is geared more towards being able to use this as a microphone and listening in to call zoom meeting skype that sort of thing as opposed to using it.

You know daily to listen to a bunch of music, but itd be nice to have a headset that can do both and im going to say its probably good enough for you. But dont take my word for it. Why dont you listen for yourself! So now you can see i got the headset installed on our binaural microphone. This microphone is going to help record and capture the sound, like you were here in the studio. Listening to the headset with me, so lets go ahead. Were gon na play a couple of seconds of the song crypto by music chef off of their latest album to the moon, so lets go ahead. Lets give it a listen. Music, Music, foreign Music now were gon na sample the ambient noise detection. So im gon na go ahead, were gon na play the song again and im gon na play some ambient noise here, in the background, its gon na sound just like this and im gon na hold it up to our headset right here, while were playing music youll, See if youll be able to hear anything and then were going to press the button and then its going to enable the mode. So then you guys will be able to hear no music and then you should be able to hear the ambient noise a lot better. So lets go ahead. Lets try that out right now: Music, wow, Music, Music, Music. Well, hopefully that was helpful and you guys were able to hear the difference between the two modes.

I know that this creates a lot of natural noise cancellation, just encompassing your ears, so it might be harder to hear, but in real life it definitely makes a difference. You can really start to hear your environment, which is nice. You dont have to take your headset off if somebodys talking on the street youre trying to cross the street. Anything like that. You can just press that button youll be able to hear your surroundings, and then you can go back to your phone call, your music or whatever you want now were going to test out the intelligent wearing detection, so with this mode, were going to play a song. So we have a song playing right now were going to let it play for a couple of seconds then well go ahead were going to take the headphones off of our microphone and it should pause the music and then well put them back on. So here we go lets give it a listen and try it out. So there we go. They just paused Music. Now the moment youve all been waiting for were trying out the built in mic quality here of the eemi hs 100 wireless headset. This is what its going to sound like with that unique 4 mic array. This is your raw unedited audio quality, coming right from the headset right here recorded through my mobile device. So if youre going to be using this to take online meetings, zoom calls skype calls whatever youre doing online or if you want to use this as a gaming headset or if youre, using this to make or take a lot of phone calls.

This is what the mic is going to sound like watch really quickly too in real time, and we can unneed the microphone right here too, and now you should be able to hear me again. So this is your raw unedited mic sample. So after listening back to the microphone, i definitely see why theyre advertising that that four mic array is really cool and it does make a difference in the sound quality for other headphones at this price point. They definitely dont sound as good. Now they usually dont have an integrated built in mic like this, so thats definitely gon na help, but so does the design. We have two mics built into the actual mic arm right here. Then we have one additional microphone on each earphone, giving us that complete and full sound so very pleased with that. Overall, it sounds great now overall, if youre looking for something, because you spend a lot of time on the phone or in meetings all day, or maybe your kids doing remote learning and has to talk all the time and you want them that better sounding audio. This is going to be the headset for you. You definitely want to check this one out if youre just looking for primarily something to listen to music, first and occasionally talk. This would be good enough, but there are better options available out there. Now, with all of that being said, i think at this price point some people will get a good value with this microphone and it will be what theyre looking for.

I think at this price point. They should definitely include active noise cancellation. The passive noise cancellation is not bad at all, and the fact that we can filter in the ambient sounds is really cool and thats. More of a premium feature you see on higher end headsets, but not having active noise cancellation is a miss here. In my opinion, itd be really nice if we could get some active noise cancellation and keep the price at the same price point if possible, but overall, if youre looking for a headset that does a decent job with the audio quality, but gives you great mic quality. You definitely want to check these out well. That concludes our video. Thank you. So much for watching dont forget the product link will be in our video description below. Please go ahead, check it out and do your shopping from there. Any purchase made through that link helps support our channel at no additional cost to you. So were really grateful and thankful for all of your support, while youre at it. Can you go ahead and hit that, like button for us and subscribe to our channel, we have new content coming out daily and we dont want you to miss anything. Please go ahead and give us a follow online and make it a clean sweep. Facebook, twitter, instagram, twitch, tick, tock, discord. You can message us on wechat check out our website and join our free newsletter. Thank you guys.