The listing on amazon says portable charger with dual 2.1 amps output, qi, wireless charger, external battery pack with ultra bright, led flashlight, ipx 5, waterproof cell phone tablets, and so on, listed currently for 36 dollars on amazon has pretty good reviews. So i thought i’ll give it a try and take it out of the box and show you everything and do a couple of tests. So you know how good this is. It is not much about the brand the official listing says as a brand elsely and but i think we stick with the model type which is 819 w. I think this is the thing to go with or to find most of the information here we have some information already on the back of the packaging, so here it is it’s pretty large everything we want to have a lot of power. We need large that’s good. So far we also get this strap here. We can probably hook this thing here uh and you can attach it to like a backpack or your belt or wherever you want to carry these things so here’s also some information, a small user manual. Maybe you can see that if you go to the highest resolution, usually 1080p will impose on every page. You should have plenty of time to read everything. Maybe this could help to make a better buy decision but i’m going to test most of it anyway for you, so you don’t have to go through the thing we get.

Also, a charging cable micro usb, so let’s check the ports here. That’S really important and the ports are nicely covered like waterproof. The good thing is that the elite is attached, so you cannot lose it it’s really important. It doesn’t have any kind of quick charge or pd ports, but it’s still fast short. I mean this is uh two times five volts, two amps or even 2.1 amps it’s, pretty capable to charge everything pretty fast. Here we have the two inputs like usbc and micro usb here on the back. We have the wireless charger which i’m going to test, and here we have the model here we can see that yeah that’s the brand here and we have one really nice thing here. We have this cooling metal, uh plate here for the light i think that’s for the light, maybe it’s also so for the electricity when it has to transform a lot of power from 3.7 volts native into 5 volts, so let’s try to turn it on. I think we have to long push here. Probably, and this will start the light and you can see how capable this is. This is super strong. This is really extremely strong. Let’S see what happens when we push once it goes into a lower light level, which i really appreciate, because there are so many power banks with integrated lights. I mean this is not a unique thing, but the unique thing is that we have two lights, which is really really nice.

Most of these uh power banks come just with one light and if you damage this thing, let’s say you’re out in the woods you hit a rock or so, and you don’t have the light anymore, because you hit the only one light you have here. You have two of them, so first thing they are stronger together and second thing: you have a spare one. If you really damage one and the low level light, i really love, because you you do not always need full power. Sometimes you want to save a little bit of electricity and then it’s good to have a low power mode, and then we have the automatic uh sos with a another push. You can see that here and the next push brings it to a strawberry, intense, fast strobe light, and the next push is often so. When we push here, we can see the charge it’s indicated in five levels, so we are probably at around 60 percent here. So what we have to know about the solar panel, this is not a solar panel, which is intended to give a full charge like every day. For this power bank that’s not possible that’s a physical, not possible, no matter what brand or model you buy, it’s, not possible. These solar panels are just too small, then they are combined with the battery. So it’s not a good thing when you put these in full sun, especially in the south, where it is really hot and strong.

Some don’t put this in direct sun the whole day it will get too hot. So that means the solar panel will be inefficient and also the batteries will overheat, and you know when the batteries get too hot, especially when you’re doing this in a car in closed environment or in in full sun. Without a good ventilation, the batteries can really overheat and can leak or even uh explode or catch fire. This is not uh related to this thing here this is in general. I have to tell you this is just like an as an emergency church. So if you are planning for a trip uh out in the woods for a week or a month or so, this is not the thing which you need, but if you just go on a day trip or maybe for a weekend or so, this is perfect. Yeah to have some extra charging capabilities, so if you forgot to turn off the light or you just charge your phone too much or so, then you don’t have any power anymore. So you can give a little bit of an extra charge with the solar panel. I mean the solar panel is just uh producing 300 milliamps. They are already writing this in the listing. So you imagine, you would have to have this in full direct sun without overheating for at least 100 hours to give a full charge that’s more than one week of maximum solar radiation, it’s not possible.

So these things are not. If you want to charge it every day, just with the solar power, this is just for an emergency, but i think it’s, a really really nice implementation here, really nice protected, so i’ll give it a full charge. And then i test a couple of things here and i’ll also let you know about the capabilities or the charging amount which we have inside here yeah by the way, one thing regarding the charging already. So if you are charging this power bank with the micro, usb cable let’s, say the one which you get in the box, it’s charging with two amps, which is really nice. But you can even increase the speed if you’re using a usb c cable here and then you can go up to around 2.4 amps, which is even better so i’m using this one here, it’s not a huge difference, but it helps and you can see how it Looks doing the charge so it looks like there are four leds which represent 25 of charge each and i had it also outside for a couple of minutes to test. If the solar panel charge is working – and it looked exactly the same when i had it and not attached with the cable but outside in direct sun, it was also charging like this. So it took a couple of hours to fully charge as expected and while charging the thing i haven’t been able to use either the wireless charge or full the normal output.

So i think, pass through charge is a little bit limited, but this is really a rare thing and i wouldn’t suggest to use that with a power bank. This is always a little bit scary and most manufacturers are not recommending to use this. I just wanted to see if it’s working i got maximum about one amp output on the usb a but again i wouldn’t suggest to do that, but i have been able to use the light. So a little bit of power should be possible, but do it on your risk. It can definitely damage the thing. So now, since it’s fully charged not charging anymore, we can just put anything which is wireless charging on top of it, and it should start to charge. Sometimes we have to press, i don’t know here, you can see i had to press here and now it seems to detect or it’s activated and it’s charging. Now this watch – and i can also do this with my phone here – i put it on top and it should then automatically start to charge wireless. Unfortunately, i cannot see how fast but it’s responding pretty good. I mean this is a rugged phone which sometimes is difficult to charge wirelessly, so the wireless charger seems to be pretty strong, so let’s then test the usb output here, and i don’t have to activate that. I just plugged this in here and i can uh start and see. We have five wets here, so five volts, and here we have one amp and i increase to the two amps or even 2.

1 amps. How it’s listed let’s check on the voltage voltage perfectly stays on 5 volts? Maybe we can increase a little bit, but again do it on your risk going to 2.5 amps to see if we can increase yeah, we can even pull at least short time. We can pull 2.5 amps i’m, not doing this. On the other side, it will be pretty much the same. I guess what i wanted to test here is: if we can use the usbc also as an output – and you can see, it’s definitely only input it doesn’t works as an output. You cannot use this one to charge a phone also, so we have two times the usb a as an output, so i’ve been testing the capacity of the power bank overnight till it was fully drained, so the power bank has stopped delivering energy, so everything is turned Off let’s see if i can turn it on again, just with the push. This is what i like, even though the battery is really really close to be empty. It turns on again – and this is some extra safety i mean it’s – maybe not the best thing for the power bank, but it gives you in an emergency case, some really a little bit of extra power. This is what i really really like, and here we see the result of the measurement it has been measuring 7863 milliamps. So why the difference to the thing which we see in the listing yeah? It has to convert the power inside from 3.

7 volts to 5 volts. For the usb, and that reduces already the amount of milliamps by the calculation, and also we have some loss during this conversion. These are the two factors why it’s reducing the amount of amps? It can a little bit go up over time. When you do a couple of cycles, i mean we have the lithium polymer uh, very good batteries inside which are supposed to last more than 1000 cycles. This is really really important to have. Every time when we have a power bank with solar, you need to have lithium polymer. A lot of these things are sold without lithium polymer, just with lithium ion it’s, not good. I mean lithium polymer are much more capable to handle more heat or more cold. This is what you want to have so at the very end, you can see yeah it’s, blinking it’s at the end of the power more or less. But again the good thing is. We can still turn it on. We can still use the light here, that’s the thing which we want to see. So you have some extra power at the very end and you have the also the solar panel for some extra charge. Let’S say if you go into day trip or weekend trip that’s the thing you want again again, not perfect for longer trips, but for shorter trips just couple of days or so that could be the thing for you really. Nice sturdy has everything what you need.

Even the cooling here, so i think, it’s a really good option and i’ll put down the link to the amazon listing down into the description. So you can check it out or derive from there if you like it, and i hope i’ve been able to help you a little bit with this video.