Elgato reinvented the wheel. I mean Stream. Deck. Youve got dials a touch screen and 8 beefy screen backed buttons. Theres. A lot of careful considerations here in some ways, but then a continued lack of it in others. Im, your stream professor lets, take a closer look.. This video is sponsored by Curiosity. Stream. Get access to my own streaming site, Nebula and watch my exclusive documentary series premiering November 21, with the bundle linked below.. The Stream Deck is a control device to allow you to control, OBS, Studio Windows, MacOS or any other program through tight software integrations or external hotkeys.. You can do anything from switching scenes on stream to turning on all the lights for your setup and changing their color temperature to managing program volume, monitor system stats, play games or make them Theres a fair bit of existing integrations baked into the device, especially if youre Already in the Elgato Ecosystem of peripherals, such as their webcams lights, capture cards and so on, and they have a pretty healthy, plugin hub built in to download third party plugins to work with other programs and utilities or play minigames.. Plus services, like SlideshowFX, make full shortcut and icon kits for programs like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere to get you set up quickly with macros. Weve. Had multiple iterations of this concept now, Some with more buttons, some with fewer buttons removable stands cables or faceplates., But its all been the same concept of a panel with a bunch of buttons.

Elgatos facing steep competition from the likes of Loupedeck and Mountain now, plus DIY Solutions like TouchPortal and Touch OSC. Demand for alternative control methods and more unique types of control has increased, plus the constant expectation that there be a Pro Wave XLR model more like the GoXLR.. This is what Elgato came up with the Stream Deck Plus.. I think it answers most of those requests: kinda., Alternative control methods, Check. Four dials line the front and provide clicky tactile rotation and presses.. These give a bunch of options in the software. Using the integration. You can do awesome stuff, like adjust program, volume, levels in Windows and now MacOS with their new audio engine control, the zooming and panning of your Elgato webcam or phone webcam linked through their EpocCam app change, light, brightness and so on.. The program volume control is actually a new Stream Deck plugin from Elgato that will release with version 6 of the software and works with all Stream Deck devices, not just the SD Nice., While the primary program audio control they give. You is great: the Stream Deck Plus also lets you use the Wave Link software with or without a Wave audio device. Yall have been asking for them to release it standalone since the first Wave, and while they havent done that this is the next best thing for Those wanting to get this device at least. Wave Link establishes a bunch of virtual audio devices and lets you map programs to them and mix with real audio devices without needing a beefy audio mixer like this.

. That way, you can control everything separately AND record. You game sound and Discord voice chat on separate tracks, music on another, that kind of thing.. This is an immediate boon to my setup and works a little more fluidly than my previous strategy of controlling the Wave Link devices separately with the PCPanel Pro. Tapping in the dials. Allow you to mute audio devices or turn off lights if youre, controlling them there. The touchscreen above the dials provides realtime information about what the dials are doing: Volume levels, brightness levels, mute status and so on. Very handy.. You can also tap or hold the touch screen on those dial actions to do certain things too, like muting the audio device.. Unfortunately, you cant currently map independent touch actions to the screen separate from what is default to your dials are already set up to do.. You can customize the background of the whole touch bar and the background of each individual actions. Quadrant, plus the icon and text of each action., Swiping, left or right on the touch screen also allows you to swipe through pages of button and dial actions, making it a really expansive way to add more controls at your fingertips without needing more devices. Being able to Not just control device volume, but do other things on the system is EXACTLY what many many of us were asking for. The BEACN Mix Create to be able to do. And they never delivered.. Well. Elgato has, I feel, like some clever additional uses for the dials are missing, and hopefully, whenever the plugin SDK, for these new tools rolls out to plugin developers, well see the likes of BarRaider implementing them.

Im imagining you can use the dials to control the OBS Move. Plugin to move sources around in real time on your canvas, move windows around in actual Windows and so on.. If all of that control wasnt enough, you can manually assign hotkeys to clockwise, counterclockwise and tapping of the dials to do even more unique actions.. Theoretically, this is how youd be able to control apps like Adobe, Photoshop, Premiere, Pro or DaVinci, Resolve for brush sizes, transform settings and so on, akin to the Palette Gear or Monogram devices, as demonstrated in these test profiles SlideshowFX sent over, which is rad, BUT you currently Have no control over the stepping amount for rotations on hotkeys, like you, do volume and brightness control, which can be a problem as Taran frequently ranted about during his reviews of such devices., Its a wonderful feature but needs to give you more control.. Even cooler is the Dial Stack.. These profiles demonstrate this well Dial. Stacks are an incredibly considerate feature that allow you to stack a bunch of different actions on a specific dial and tap to cycle between them., So for controlling a brush. For example, you can tap the dial to swap between brush size angle, feathering and flow to adjust all of these with a single dial rather than having to use up multiple dials and a bunch of pages that would get clunky fast.. This is incredible.. Expansion can always be extended further, with the likes of Streamer.

bot or Aitum as well. Overall, this device is incredibly considerate for what users might want to do, at least on the software side.. On the physical side, however, things are a different story., As has regularly been the case with recent Elgato products. There seems to be virtually ZERO considerations given to how a user might want to use this device outside of Elgatos assumed workflow.. The original Stream Deck had an adjustable stand.. It was a little floppy, but let you get the exact angle you wanted or remove it and use it flat., I loved it.. All future stream decks came with static. Unchanging stands with only a specific angle. Plus were now on the FIFTH stream deck device and Elgato have seemingly done nothing to address the serious demand for mounting options. Quarter. Twenty threaded tap for friction arms. A first party clamp to use with other mounts something. Thankfully, I know a good place: you can get custom mounting clamps for cheap at a link below specifically tuned for the Stream Decks.. Now the SD KIND OF might enable this as its stand screws into the bottom of the device., Remove the screws to lay it flat.. Theoretically, this would provide an easy point to screw, attach a 3D printed mount and hold it more securely instead of relying on friction, but the screws are in awkward places and really tiny an industry standard quarter. Twenty tap would go a LONG way to addressing this and letting the user use, literally whatever they want to mount it.

. The buttons on this model are bigger, with fewer of them compared to the standard 15 or XL 32 key models which makes them easier to see and hit, BUT it highlights just how mushy they still feel.. It really does not feel good to push these buttons, especially after using Mountains. Clicky DisplayPad. USB is still removable here, though This new Stream Deck is also missing. A big thing, Elgato introduced with the Stream Deck 2 and Wave XLR Faceplates.. These devices came with removable faceplates that you could customize and make your own or buy a unique patterned one from the Corsair website.. I kept pushing for Elgato to sell packs of blanks for artists to customize and sell in their shops, but I dont think this ever happened.. The Stream Deck Plus does not have a removable faceplate.. They will be selling models with uniquely colored knobs, starting with gold and silver starting next year, but thats it. Stream Deck Plus costs 200. Thats the price you can get the Stream Deck XL for at Best, Buy and BH. At the time of writing sitting about 50. More than the normal Stream Deck. Its expensive, but I think for the extra controls youre getting thats, probably a good place for it to land. 200 for this kind of thing, aint bad, especially when actual broadcast controllers for this kind of thing run way, more. Its fewer Buttons than the base Stream Deck AND the XL which people are certainly going to meme on, but the Dial Stacks and swipeable pages via the touch bar will make that a nonissue for me personally.

. I know once I find a way to mount it Ill be swapping out my XL for it as my main controller.. If the Stream Deck is a new concept to you, dont throw 200 at the screen, yet. Download, TouchPortal or the free trial of Stream Deck mobile. To use your tablet or smartphone as a Stream Deck, learn the ins and outs and get a feel for how it might apply to your setup.. While Elgato has put a ton of time into making the software accessible and user friendly, it can be daunting to see a blank canvas and not know where to start. Trying out the free version lets you figure out how it works and whether its actually worth investing Money in. To help get you started with Stream Deck. My Nebula subscribers will get access to a full prebuilt profile with a bunch of sample actions. You can do as a demo.. The OBS Scenes would need to be linked up to your own OBS scenes, so they cant work out of the box, but itll help give you an idea of the basic startup, so you can build your own from there. Theres. Also, a bonus Nebula Plus video covering my top Stream Deck plugins to expand your actions even more than what comes by default. Nebula is my own video site. I built with my creator, friends, where my videos are ad free, often extended or paired, with bonus content earlier than YouTube now AND now home to my exlcusive series as a Nebula Original PrntScrn.

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