Here we have the Elephone: U Pro it's the top of the line version with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage powered by the Snapdragon 660, so that has a maximum to about 2.2. Gigahertz has Adreno 512 graphics and overall it's, not a bad chipset. Now this phone retails for about 400 u.s.. Yes, that is very expensive for this brand of phone that's. In fact, as I feel their most expensive, one isn't, it it's quite an ass, and is it really up to the scratch of the price tag? It has well a little bit of a spoiler here. Yes, in terms of build quality, it is actually really quite good. A very premium phone well put together. However, the software as you'll see later on when I mentioned that does have a few problems that need addressing ASAP trend. Now is the 18 by 9 or 2 by 1 aspect, ratio screen and it's a AMOLED panel, not Super AMOLED, but just normal AMOLED, and it has a maximum brightness of 600 Lux, which is very bright. This is a decent, I mean sunlight. Legibility is good and you will notice that it's got proper curved edges on here. So the screen wraps around a little bit on the edges and when you look at it, you can see some color shifting, especially on those edges and the screen itself. Color shifts out a little bit more than my samsung galaxy s7, but overall good viewing angles: deep, blacks, good colors and a premium screen that's covered with Gorilla Glass.

5. Now on the back here we have this nice blue. This is one of the colors. You can get for it and I really do like it. It stands out, looks great and you see we've got dual cameras on here now, tests of these cameras outs and yes, they are both valid cameras. One of them is not fake or literally just doing. Nothing. Only for depth perception; no, it actually does do some things here, but the cameras as I'll get onto the later on in this review, they're very hiddenness they're, not really up to the price tag below that is the fingerprint reader. This is always on and the location of it is fine. I find I can easily get to that and you can feel it because it has recessed in there a little bit got dual tone LED flashes and there as well. Now, at the top, we have a noise cancellation, microphone that's used for what's calls, of course, and then in video as well and a dual SIM tray there. So it'll take either two nano sims or a micro SD card and nano SIM. You can see those black little lines there. Those are the antenna strips there for your reception for 4G, which does support LTE band 20, which is great here for people in Europe. Now, along the bottom there we have got these two little grills here, and one of them is the loudspeaker, the other one, the microphone and a type C port.

Yes, the 3.5 millimeter headphone port is not on this mobile, which is a little bit disappointing. So, on the right hand, side here we have some middle volume buttons and the power button. Now, taking a look at what you get in the box, you get a type c 23.5 gon na be an adapter you've got your white USB type, c, cable and then your charger, which is an EU one, which is great. Of course I live in Spain here. So that's the one I need and that has a maximum output of 12 volts, 1.5 amps and this box. Here you get a clear case, which is a silicon one that's not super high quality, but good to have it. Of course, it fits perfectly this sim tool and then a screen protector, which I highly recommend using because Gorilla Glass, 5 scratches really easy, and I already have a little scratch on my phone and I don't know how this happened now. The way to the phone is not bad at all. It comes in at 168 grams and eight point six millimeters thick. You Pro has faced her mocking, and that generally tends to work quite well as long as you're in good light. Now what doesn't work so well is the fingerprint reader. So the fingerprint reader here on the back is an always on fingerprint reader, so that's good, you don't need to wait the phone first, but just have a look at how slow this is so put my finger on here and you can see that took about two Seconds or so further then, to unlock I'll, just repeat that again: okay, that was a little bit quicker then, and that took about two seconds again so it's, definitely not the fastest fingerprint reader.

You will come across and I often find that sometimes it will not actually work and I need to place my finger on there again for it to read it again, so not the best. So the phone is running. Android eight point cero, and it has a theme on here that I don't particularly like the theme ocean. It has left it as stock Android, but basically everything is stock Android on this phone. But this right here is, in fact the icon for Chrome and it doesn't even look like it. So most people wouldn't even realize that that's Chrome, you'd think that's, just the built in Android browser, but it isn't. Now performance is pretty good. Most of the time getting around in it, but there is a major problem, and that is that the phone will freeze and lock up, and it can sometimes lock up for up to about 10 seconds. The screen does not respond it at all. Everything. Just jams up freezes completely I've tried to capture it on camera, but every time I've got my camera out after about 6, sometimes 10 seconds. It will be perfectly fine again, but it is very irritating to use and, as often happens when you at least want it to happen. Of course, that seems to be the way things work there. Now you see that the system here has had some Wireless updates have come through there's an update system. Now none of those 2 to 3 updates we've had already have addressed this problem, so that's one of the major bugs there.

There is also another bug with the camera that I don't know if I can show you on camera that what happens that, when you're in camera mode, you take a few photos. You change some of the settings and you're just saved, for example the picture size and you change the quality of it and you get out of this and you want to go back and change over into the video mode. Okay, it's doing it now, but often I found that it would get stuck in camera mode or it wouldn't allow you to switch between camera mode and video mode. Estes one bug there, but overall the performance of the ROM. Because of that six gigabytes of RAM that we have on here is actually quite good, so you can do a lot of multitasking swapping between things that isn't too bad, but I have noticed a few stutters it's, definitely not the smoothest and the other snapdragon 616 device. I tested, which was the show me me, note 3, that seemed to be a lot smoother in terms of performance and just multitasking in general seems to be better optimized. The Android version of that one. There just tweaked it a little bit better here. It needs a lot of work and I'm a little disappointed to say that really the last two weeks, we've had no new updates here, which is quite bothersome now. The good thing is the phone doesn't have any bloatware that I see, then one not unnecessary blow here.

These are some of the updates that I was talking about, so they've had two of them come out, but I know about this is the free space you get so you get about a hundred and living also gigabytes free, which is not bad at all. Considering we still have a micro SD card supports here's the antutu score so about a hundred and forty thousand, which is respectable for this chipset and the internal storage, so it's, not unfortunately, ufs 2.1, which will be a lot faster than this. This is using e MMC. 5.1, spec and the speeds are decent. This is not going to slop the phone; it just means it won't be as fast as ones with you. Fs storage support. Now, while I say ran into a few little problems here, I could never get the proper download speeds that I would expect here from the fiber line that I have and doing some tests, even at my home as well. I just could not get any faster than really about 50 megabits per second download speeds. You can see that the upload is fine. Now, in terms of 4G, 4G works out. Fine, really good speeds, they're a good signal, strength, no problems with that. Gps also works perfectly fine and while the snapdragon 660 has quite a good integrated the GPS chip, seen on that one, so no issues there. It was always between about four and three meters of accuracy walking around town now the battery life.

So I did some tests, of course running this I'll, just to mention the charge time. It does charge very quick with Qualcomm quick charge 3 and around about 1 hour and 46 minutes it fully charged from 5. So that's good good in my book very good, not as fast as, of course, the one plus five or the 5 T. So I managed to get screen on time of 6 hours and 50 minutes. You can see here, which is good for the battery, considering it's. Only three thousand five hundred and fifteen million hours it's, not as big as those ones you see with four thousand, and that was okay – that was quite demanding you. So I believe that most people should definitely be able to get a full day of use. Out of this here – and you can see that was what I was actually gaming hit for three hours and 43 minutes so very demanding use of my end. There, a bit of Chrome there, some asphalt extreme, so you get the basic idea so better life. I feel for the size of phone in the capacity it's holding up okay it's, just not the best moving on now to audio. We just have a single loudspeaker down here on the bottom. I feel it's considering the price of this phone around 400 us for expensive, of course, for a Ali phone. This type of Chinese mobile from this brand. They could have incorporated a loudspeaker also in there.

Earpiece would have been a little bit better, but overall give you a sample now of the speaker. It'S not too bad it's got a bit of volume to it, but it's, not a high quality speaker it's. Definitely not the best sounding loudspeaker you'll hear from a mobile. So what about the headphone quality? Of course it does not include a 3.5 millimeter headphone port on there, which is a bit of disappointment. So you have to use the adapter, but I did find the quality to be reasonably good. It'S definitely clear and has a bit of volume to there it's, certainly not the loudest. Now in terms of core quality noise cancellation. Is there it's, certainly not the best either with that, so not as good as my samsung galaxy s7. The noise cancellation on this particular model, but I found it to be acceptable. The call quality the other end said I sounded a right to them as well, so that's good. So the phone does have an extra couple of features on here. You don't normally get with these brands from China, so we have first wireless charging, which works well, it's, a little bit slower course than charging with the cable. It takes about an hour extra. So, instead of charging in an hour and a half it's gon na take actually close to about three hours to fully charge, it I've also got NFC which is great to have but there's an issue with it that it doesn't work with Android pay.

So what about gaming performance testing out games here, like rules of survival, which is like a pub G kind of style game that it performs? Well other games, I've, tested out like World of Tanks and Shadow Fighter 3 or perform fine with a good framerate. So you're not going to have any issues with gaming or the snapdragon 660 and it's Adreno 512 GPU. So, as I pointed out, the start of this video we've got two rear facing cameras on here. So we can take some nice bokeh blurred dip the field shots here, portrait mode and when it gets us stitching right, which is hardly ever it does take an amazing looking photo. So take a look at these flowers here. This actually looks quite good, but most of the time it will get this stitching completely wrong and it just doesn't work. Well, so I don't see a lot of people using this because of that, because you're gon na risk taking about 10 photos and maybe about three of them – might look: okay, maybe not so in daylight. When you take a photo most of the time that comes out. Okay, now, in terms of low light performance, you can see not wonderful. I feel that these cameras have an aperture of f, 22 or 2.0 it's not actually mentioned so can shoot up to 4k video and the quality you'll find is acceptable most of the time, but the problem is that it will sometimes drop frames so it's not always A steady 30 frames per second that it should be, and this is definitely noticeable more when you use the camera to record 4k in low light conditions.

So in low light it will drop frames like crazy and sometimes it's only around 26 frames per second even lower. It dips down quite a bit, but overall the quality is good. Now there is no optical image stabilization on the camera and in 4k you don't have any digital. There is digital in 1080p, now a sample with that image. Stabilization on so it's electronic image stabilization shot in 1080p, and it is absolutely disgusting. The frame rate look at this it's, like 10 5 frames per second really bad, and even after 2 to 3. Firmware updates. Elephone have not addressed this issue, it's as if they don't care or they're, not even aware, but I don't know how they couldn't be aware of this massive problem with 1080p video when it comes to camera performance, I can't help but feel that you, li phone should Have just gone with a single decent sensor with optical image stabilization instead of the cheaper dual 13 megapixel cameras, okay, guys so end of the day. Can I recommend the le phone you pro for 400 us that it's currently selling for no definitely not ok. The hardware is there: we've got a great screen: it's got deep black since an AMOLED panel covered with Gorilla Glass, 5 it's curved even and it is very premium. Yes, it looks like a samsung. Galaxy is a door. The s8 plus it's a different copycat of that. A shameless clone of it really but there's big problems with the software on this, the fact that it freezes up and it's when you need it the most.

So I wanted to send it urgent whatsapp and what happens the whole screen froze up on me for about. In seconds, and had me wanting to literally throw the phone through a window out the window but yeah that should not be happening, and especially not for 400 us, it is no way. I can recommend it Ellen's current state now if they can, of course, patch that fix that fix the camera performance, which is quite poor. It does not live up to the price tag at all it's more like a 200 hour us mobile camera quality. You get on this, you can take some good photos, it takes often bad photos and it will leave a lot of people very frustrated this phone, so I do recommend to go for something like one pluses, 5 T. My review is up here, that's a little bit more expensive, but well worth it or the Xiaomi Mi 6. My review that one is up here and that's actually cheaper than what this is selling. At the moment you get a Snapdragon 835 for that one.