Now before we get into the unboxing, I have to First State the price of this little unit. The usual price of the A1 projector is upwards in the region of 800 pounds, but at the moment the best possible price that we found is with a huge 71 off deal on Amazon retailing at 240 pounds thats 293 in US dollars. But one thing Ive got to see guys is always check out the three to four star reviews on Amazon to gain a true insight about a product, as it has been well known that other product companies tend to offer free Tech in order to receive five star Reviews this is just a quick tip, really anyways. What you should expect to receive with this lfs A1 projector is a real Handy. Durable carry case, basically keep everything in place while on the goal, as we open it up, we do have some initial form padding yeah. It keeps everything protected, theres, our colorful user manual, but for them thats uh quite impatient. Like me, elephants has also supplied a simple to use quick start guide that are both stored within this mesh side compartment. We have one shot: HDMI cable, to connect the projector direct to your laptop or indeed an Android TV box. There is also a short tabletop tripod mount to place the projector up on it and we are supplied with a standard, remote control, as well as the Dual type c charge: cable and that type c charge adapter.

Now, as we take a look at the elliphis, A1 mini projector itself, wow, this thing is absolutely tiny. The projector itself is very, very thin and it fits perfect in hand. But seriously is this budget actually any good when comparing it to larger size, traditional predictors well were soon gon na see to the front of the projector. We have that DLP projector lens. We also have a manual focus to the left, as well as some fan exhaust fans too, with more ventilation to the opposite side. Now, as we look to the rear, we have all the usual connections, such as a USB 2.0 ports. So, yes, you can plug in a USB memory, stick as long as its a 2.0 member stick, that is. Oh, there is an infrared receiver for that supplied remote control and oh yeah. There is also an IR receiver to the front of the projector too, so to allow the best possible angled signal from your remote control and get better power units were going to Simply plug in that type c charge cable. Yes, I did say charge cable, because this particular projector today does have a built in 7000 milliamp hour battery that only takes 1 hour 50 minutes to fully charge from Flats now for simple, Visual and audio connection, we can connect that HDMI, cable included, or indeed, if You want to you can plug in the Amazon. Fire. Stick were going to plug in an Android TV box today, but if you want to listen to music on your earphones or headphones well, there is a 3.

5 millimeter headphone Port upon the projector as well as well. As you know, what a built in Bluetooth chip so youll be able to listen to movies, music and video files, open your tws earphones or indeed Bluetooth headphones. Now, as we take a closer look at the top of the projector, you can see. Weve got all the usual rubberized controls, they do feel very drivable, but you know what lets go ahead and simply turn the power on. As you can see, there is a little LED power on illumination and, as we take a closer look at the main menu wow, its actually kind of nice and bright, that is when weve adjusted. That manual focus. I must admit that main menu is well laid out and as we go into the settings you can see, weve got four different type of picture modes. For example, weve got standard, soft, a customized mode and a vivid the mold too. Next to it. Weve got brightness settings only two of them normal and highlights, but whats great with this unit is that it also comes with auto vertical Keystone correction, which the software within this projector will try its best to even out the image. While the elephants mini movie, projector is placed at an upwards or downwards angle. Yes, even if you point the projector up at the ceiling, it would try to correct the image and provide you with the best visual profile. Now we do have the option to flip the visuals, so we can basically Mount this projector up on the ceiling.

Should we wish – or in fact, weve got a setting where, if you want to place this behind the projector screen, it will push the image through the projector screen and show you the image from the opposite side in the correct visual Direction, and once you step back To that main menu we do have the option to choose a mobile device and a screen mirror. So, yes, this elephants, mini movie projector, is compatible with IOS and Android, even connecting right to your tablet or laptop. Now. The Wi Fi signal upon the projector. It has a strong 5G 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi connection. How would that connection connecting it to our mobile phone? Is nice smooth and Flawless with no stuttering and hardly no sound lag? So yes, the LF is mini movie. Projector now allows us to make the most of our mobile imagery. That is, while were on the go perfect to take with you on holiday or even to the office. The size of this green is much dependent on how clear you wish that native 1080p screen to be. Obviously, the positive projector is to a wall or screen to clear, with the images puts, for example, for music videos. We did personally like putting up a massive size image just to provide a real party atmosphere. Yes, it is indeed perfect for parties, or in fact those Garden Barbecues in the summertime, are quite simply for those lonely drunken nights when youre on your own, as I mentioned before, what would go hand in hand with this situation is Bluetooth headphones.

We can in fact, hook up our Bluetooth headset to this projector unit and its perfect for art and have yours now when we do connect it to an Android TV box, we will now be able to stream Netflix Disney plus Amazon Prime from this little projector Music. Foreignly built to that same quality, but as a any movie projectors goal, especially in comparison to others that cost a hell of a lot more while this mini move, projector does hold up its own and really Im quite surprised. Its. The only thing I may say is that some of the red or pinkish colors are slightly overpowering at times other than that. The only other thing is the fan is quite loud, obviously because of the size of the unit. That is to be expected, and I guess you cant really go wrong. Cocking up either a Bluetooth speaker or, if youre, on your own tws earphones by the way testing out the speaker, foreign, I would say its twice as loud as laptop speakers nope its not in Stereo, so you wont be receiving any type of cinematic, sound Im afraid. Nevertheless, we loved using this projector this week and it certainly looks quite elegant. It has a beautiful, build, a fantastic build quality that yep you would expect with more expensive Brands. The only thing I will note is that we do wish that those physical buttons did have a bit of backlighting to see them better within the dark, but, to be honest, thats me just being a bit picker as that supplies.

Remote control absolutely Works fantastic from all angles of the room. I mean. What more can I say you can use this projector on a PS5 or PS4 console its nice for those rooms with limited space, especially for those games in your family, and you know what its even good to help you create at work. I do think that this is a great mobile gadgets thats by the way can keep powered on when connected to a power bank, so thats great. But if we got some usage time, Ive got to be honest out of three hours that was specified in the specifications. We did in fact get two hours 46 minutes out of a full charge now thats not too bad, to be honest, its only a little off so if youre on the go, if youre on holiday or anything like that, you will be able to use this projector. Just simply watch one full movie and have a bit of spare battery percentage left after it, but you know what were quite simply going to give this elephant A1 Mini move the projector today A high score of 9 out of 10.. We have enjoyed using it. It does stay relatively cool by the way it is only quite warm to touch that is when a movie or gameplay is playing, and you know what Ill do Ill leave a link in the video description down below, where you guys can go and check it out.

For yourself now, I definitely can recommend this product this week by the way, Im not affiliated in any type of way, so youre free to check that link out. But if you have liked what you have seen within this video or why not take a look and go get yours while youre in that video description, guys it means so much if you please like and share this video, not only that subscribe right now will yall Id really appreciate the support, bearing in mind to hit that Bell notification option, so you guys stay updated on our very next upload. Now its been fascinating reviewing this little product this week. It is absolutely stunning, we do love the presentation and we hope to be doing some more product reviews just like this one in the next few days or weeks, so yeah stay tuned as usual guys.