You should not use this air pump to inflate balloons, basketballs tires or any other thing. That requires a very high pressure. Instead, it could be used to inflate air mattresses, swimming rings, pool toys or even air chairs. So let’s get started. First, let’s look at different sides of this box. I got the yellow color because i love yellow color, but you also could get in black. The power button could be on off or zero, which you can see at the center, which is same as off. To start, the air pump obviously switch needs to be on the on, but when you are charging it make sure the button is on off and not at the center. With the zero sign this air pump has got both inflator and deflector use a hole on the top for deflating and use the hole to the side for inflating. It has got a 4 000 milliamp hour inbuilt battery and hence a usb in for charging it just to get a sense of the battery size. Iphone 12 pro max has got a battery of 3700 milliamp hour, so it has a little bit more battery capacity than iphone 12 pro max, and you can easily charge this air pump by using a usb cable that it comes with into the external power bank or Any usb socket after a full charge, the battery would last for 30 minutes after continuously using the air pump. It is around 12 centimeters long 6.

5 centimeters wide and it is 6.1 centimeter thick. So it is fairly compact. It weighs 324 grams. We also got a micro, usb, cable and three different sizes of air nozzles, just press the nozzle in and then turn it around, and it will lock there. We also got a user manual. You could pause this video and read these pages in your own time. First, insert the right size nozzle onto the pump now push in the nozzle inside the hole of the inflatable item. Try to push it as deep as you could once it’s, deep enough and you’re ready just turn on the pump by pressing this button and as you can see, it is starting to put some air into my air chair pretty quickly. The air is becoming more and more inside the air airchair. The airflow is around 300 liters per minute. As you can see, it is pretty quick. You could also use this air pump to deflate the item quickly. You just need to put the nozzle now on the top of the air pump, rather than the side insert the air pump nozzle into the inflatable item as deep as you can and then turn on the pump, and it would suck out all the air as quickly As possible from this air item bag, as you can see now, the air is quickly reducing from this air chair. Then you could fold it and easily store this item.