I can tell you for myself that i’ve been testing these for the last couple weeks and i’ve been really really happy with them. Coming from someone that usually uses a wired system, i’ve been really happy with the flexibility, but we’ll go into that a little bit later on all right. So now we’re going to talk about the design and comfort of these headsets now we’re. Looking at the first two here, which is the wh 62 and the wh 66 headsets they’re, more or less identical, but our main difference being is that the wh 66 here has the best, the the inter the interface screen, Uh, which you can actually make calls off. As well and it’s also got the bluetooth capabilities, so when it comes to the actual headset itself, i found it to be pretty much identical. I don’t know if it’s an actual fact or not, but i found that the 66 was slightly lighter, but sound quality was identical. The thing i also like about these is the fact that you can actually just move the headset up and down which will activate the mute. So if you just switch it up that actually just activate the mute, nice and quick, so yeah real it real real uh, easy access. Sorry to put the mute signal on uh, Στη συνέχεια, if we look at the wh 63, which is the one on the end here, Αυτό είναι, i guess quite simple, but it’s got a lot of versatility because you get four different connection types which we’ll go into Further on um it looks quite basic, but it’s really useful for guys that have very specific needs of how you want to wear the headsets it’s, much more versatile.

So now we’re going to look at the connections of these phones, so they’re pretty straightforward. Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, they’ve only got quite minimal buttons, but you know a lot of buttons, isn’t necessarily required when it comes to the headset themselves. If you’re looking at the first two models here, they both have actually volume buttons which they’re not overly visible but it’s. Στην πραγματικότητα, just on the silver part itself, here you can actually just click on the top volume up and click on the bottom, for volume down. You’Ve also got the buttons over here that actually has the phone signal on them, which is actually just to answer your calls. Έτσι, which is pretty straightforward and then, as i mentioned previously, you can actually just move the microphone up and down which activates the mute, uh and you’ve actually got a secondary button for mute as well, which is on the top of the of the bar there um Oops, sorry and then, when it comes to the buttons on the actual base itself, they’ve just got three buttons really and they’re pretty straightforward. One is just to show you no connection or answering calls or anything through your pc. One is through the phone itself and then the purple button we’ve got here is uh for your team. So if you’ve got microsoft, teams running on your on your computer or phones, just a heads upthese phones actually come in two different versions. So you’ve got your team’s versions, which we’re showing here, which just means that it’s, Ξέρεις, it’s got it’s it’s got certified to work with the teams program and then there’s uc models which just works with anything so feature wise, υπάρχει, Πραγματικά, no difference between the phones Themselves, Είναι, just that one is, Ξέρεις, got proper certification to work with a specific program.

You’Ll find that you you’ve got that a lot with the skype phones as well, so there’ll be ones that are certified for skype. Χρήση, για παράδειγμα, doesn’t mean you can’t use it with anything else. Just means that it’s got that certification just to make sure that it works properly with the software and then as we’ve gone through. So the screen, as i mentioned before, on the supreme model there you can basically go through things like you can actually dial calls as well. You can do some setting setting integration, uh it’s it’s, pretty useful um, but i would find that it’s definitely more suited for people that are using it in the bluetooth settings. So so what i actually like about the two bottom models here is that you can connect it to both your pc and phone at the same time. Έτσι, underneath they’ve got two connections, so they’re just standard usb ports, but you can have one that goes to your pc and one that goes to your phone. So the thing that’s really good about that is that they’ll work at the same time. Έτσι, για παράδειγμα, if i’m doing training or watching a video on my computer, if it’s youtube or whatever and i’m playing sound and it’s coming through the headset. If a call comes throughand i answer that call it’ll immediately overtake it so that i can speak straight awaydon’t have to change any settings or anything like that: it’ll just work instantly and then the second.

I hang up that call if the video is still playing it will just continue playing through there, so you don’t have to do any changing settings or anything like that. It’S just really straightforward and it it kind of juggles up all the devices real nicely all right. So now we’re going to have a look at the the specs and features of these headsets. So if you’re looking at the wh 62 και 66 Μοντέλα, they’ve actually got a really good battery life and talk time so you’re getting a 14 hour talk time with these. Καθώς 160 meter, uh range with them on top uh. One thing i actually haven’t mentioned yet is that they actually come in two different models as well. So not just the teams versions, as i mentioned, but you also get the mono and duo so mono. Just meaning that they’ll just be, i guess one side coming out, so they’ll just be one side with the one headphone, whereas the duo you get it for both sides. As far as my experience goes, i found that, while it’s not necessarily noise cancelling, i did find that with the duo ones, it was quite it did muffle out the outside sound and it actually does has noise cancelling on the microphone. Έτσι, if you’re talking into your microphone, the person on the other end is not going to hear really much or any of your background sound at all. I also found that with the uh, το 63 version so which is the smaller one uh it didn’t really have.

As good of the sound qualityand it didn’t have that noise cancelling stuff as much, but i guess the main reason you go for that versionis the versatility, because you’ve got a lot more wearing styles and it’s smaller, lighter it’s, just more compact and portable. So the wh 63 model actually has four different ways that you can use them, so you can see out the box. It just has the simple small bluetooth looking device but inside the box, you’ll actually get a smaller box which has your inner earpiece and your ear. Clip piece so being two of the ways you can listen to it then you’ve also got your traditional over ear connection type and then also a neckband connection type. Έτσι, as i mentioned, you get real flexibility in the ways you get to wear this, so i would say personally for someone if you’re someone that likes to take calls and move around and go for walks. I think it’s. Definitely a really good way to go because it’s easy portable, it’s comfortable and it comes with different sizes of the earpieces as well, so for guys that have the biggest or smaller ears you’ve got sizes that suits everything all right. So we’re going to finish up with the sound quality, so i may have mentioned it earlier, but the w62 and wh 62 and wh 66 versions. I definitely thought had really really good sound. The w63, which is the smaller one, still had pretty good sound.

But definitely i rate these two as a higher level, and i guess it’s pretty obvious just because it is a bigger unit. It’S got a bit more, i guess parts to it in the actual headset itself, whereas this is quite small. But on top of that you can actually even use the wh 63 like an overhead, because it does come with one of those attachments as well, but i may have mentioned it before, but the two headsets that look the samethe sound quality was pretty much identical. I couldn’t really actually see too much of a difference. Ωστόσο, as someone like myself that usually uses a wired headset, one of the biggest things i found is that there was a slight lag and i don’t blame that on the headset itself, this is just coming from someone. That’S never really used a wireless headset system with a phone before so i found that when i was speaking to someone you know, they would only hear the end of my sentence like a millisecond after i finished or like slightly longer when i finished, and so it Took them a bit longer to respond, so it doesn’t really create much of an issue, but i just something that i noticed personally and again: that’s nothing to do with the brand or the headset itself. I believe that’s really just because it’s going from a wide headset to wireless, where it has to travel that extra distance on top of that i’d also like to mention the real easy connectivity to the yeah link hit.

I mean the yelling phones, so yelling actually released a new new range of phones, Είναι, all the use series which you can actually find on our website they’re replacing the superseded models, which are the s. So a lot of businesses use the s models like the t46s or t42s. Those have become discontinued and they’ve been replaced with phones like the t43u and t46u and etc. So with all the yelling phones, not just the new ones. These can actually just connect straight plug and play so i know some people would know that if you’re using other brands like a jabra or plantronics or poly, headset and you’re, using them with a yelling branded phone, you’re generally going to need to get some what they Call a ehs adapter to allow the phones to either link up or to allow you to use the buttons on the phone with the yelling phones. So a really good feature of having a yelling headset with the a link. Phones is that it’ll just be plug and play. No extra hardware is required. There is a software program you can download, which just helps you. I guess maintain and monitor the headset to get more kind of uh get bit more depth with the settings and that’s called the yelling connect app, which you can get through your pcs, but that’s it’s a bit uh it’s not required. You can use it without it, but it just helps to just get the more depth of the knowledge of what’s going on with your headsets.

So to summarize, the new yearling decked wireless range for headset is a really, Υποθέτω, useful uh applicable, really strong performing headset. Συγνώμη, so this is one that’s making comparisons on my last headsets it’s, a huge jump and i definitely won’t be going back. Uh you’ve got heaps of compatibility and portability requirements so with especially with the wh 63 you’ve got extremely good, sound quality, and i guess really that unifying headset that you can use between the heads. So your phones and the pc. I found to be extremely helpful and i believe will help everyone in the market, so i would highly recommend these, and i guess the only way to try for yourself is to have a look at our website. We’Ve got them currently going at some really good deals. So my name is mikhail and we’ll.