You can go ahead and get that down below let’s. Take a look at size. The very first thing is both have the same size. So there really just is no differentiation a little bit different. You know structure but about the same size roughly both have a beveled edge around the screen, but one thing i would note is that kobo actually has a deeper beveled edge now. Will that make much of a difference in your reading? Experience, probably not now, comparatively speaking when it comes to their weight, though they’re roughly about the same amount about six ounces, but the kobo is ready for this drum roll, please one tenth of an ounce heavier. I know one tenth of an ounce. Your hand’s gon na probably get strained so much faster. Holding on to the kobo i just now it should be noted. Neither of these products are waterproof, so you probably shouldn’t go reading it inside the tub or the pool side or at the beach unless you’re far away from the water, because they are not waterproof like say the kendall oasis or the kindle paperwhite. Τώρα, as far as the packaging goes, both have a plastic casing with matte black coloring. The kindle has more of a rounded back you’ll notice that it just kind of is very soft here and then with the kobo it’s more of like a flat, and it has a textured back backing on this now does this matter so much when you’re reading, probably Not so i mean, as if aesthetically you’re looking for something specific, you may want to choose one or the other, but to me i think that that’s just a toss up.

It really doesn’t matter too much to me now with the display the e ink display they both have that they have their own little. You know e ink display card or whatever all that to say thisthat it’s black and white it’s lower energy. So that means that you can have long battery life now both have a six inch display and the big difference between these two and some people might argue that it’s just a slight difference. The kindle has 167 ppi, whereas kobo has 212 ppi so you’re. Looking at a little over 40 για να 50 ppi in difference in resolution now to the naked eye and to me i’ve got 20 20 όραμα. I don’t really see much of a difference in the reading experience. So here, as an example you’ll see, i have the same. Ebook on both devices and uh you’ll notice, it’s just there’s, not much differentiation, you’ll notice, there’s a white border on this one versus the black border, but i think that’s, probably an e book formatting issue more than anything but you’ll notice that it’s just the quality is Not much different, i mean it’s, δεν είναι πολύ κακό, so we can see automatically like it’s. Just such a slight difference in slight deviation that honestly, the ppi being lower on the kindle is not so much different than the 212 ppi both have adjustable brightness. Έτσι, for some reason you need to get into the settings, you just tap the top of the screen here in the kobo and you can move it up or you can move it down same thing for the kindle you just come on up here.

You go into settings and you can increase the brightness or decrease the brightness. Now what i’ve noticed, Αν και, with kobo it has more of like a cooler white to it, whereas with kindle it’s a little warmer there’s a little bit more of a saturation to it. Τώρα, as far as accessibility goes, kendall obviously has access to the amazon, ebook store, audible and kindle unlimited now there’s. The big differentiating feature here that kindle has over kobo is the fact that you can actually listen to books on here. Bear in mind, Αν και, most audio books eat up a lot of data, so you only have eight gigabytes here, so you’re not going to be able to store, say upwards of 8 000 e books on here. If you include audio books now with kobo, where they’ve got a little bit of an edges, they actually have access to the kobo, ebook store and overdrive, which overdrive is a library based system, meaning that you can get a free overdrive account and it doesn’t cost. You a dime if you’ve got your local library and a card from there. All you do is dial it into overdrive. You can check out your e books there and you’ve got it delivered directly to your device. Now you can do it with kindle as well. The biggest issue when it comes to kendall is that you have to go through overdrive order, your ebook through there, through your library and then have it, delivered to kindle so there’s, just one extra step and a slight inconvenience again.

No audiobook support on the kobo mia it’s a little disappointing, but um i’m not completely put off by that, because in most instances whenever i need to do an audio book, i just grab my iphone and listen to audio book. I never think about using my kindles. Some of the shared features include killer battery life, it charges with the micro usb they have wi, fi support and, Φυσικά, eight gigabytes of storage. Τώρα, with the fact it’s got eight gigabytes. Generally speaking, you can get about a thousand e books to one gigabyte of storage. That means, technically, you can get up to about 8 000 Ebooks, but according to kobo, they say it’s about 6 000 ebooks and you’re eight gigs. So it just depends on the size of the ebook, because if you have a bunch of small ones, you can probably you put even more than 8 000 into it. So what’s my advice when it comes to kobo it’s great for anyone on a budget. I know that sounds counterintuitive you’re going, but hang on a second it’s 10 more dale. I understand you’re, probably going i’ve got to spend ten dollars more. I got less features, but the cool thing is. It has direct integration with overdrives to me. You save money in the long term and save a couple of extra steps than you would otherwise do through kindle now for kendall, though i would say this is great for anybody that is actively using say, για παράδειγμα,, the kindle unlimited 60 day free trial link down Inside the description down below uh and anybody that’s using audible, για παράδειγμα,, you can be able to get that integrated directly with this, so it’s kind of a nice catch all device in that you can listen to audiobooks and do your ebooks inside one device, hey and Speaking of devices believe it or not, i talked about a number of other devices, including the amazon fire hd in this video here, the kindle paperwhite in this video right up here.

The kindle oasis in this video and youtube just recommends this video. I don’t know what it is they’re saying you should check it out.