I will be sharing with you, the unboxing of the vivo book flip the asus vivo book flip right now we are showing you on the screen: the evil fever book flip the asus viva book flip it’s, Πολύ ωραία, guys very nice brand new. I also have a webcam, well uh, Είναι, a twin one, Είναι, a twin one laptop can be used as a tablet and also a laptop sounds like touch screen. Εντάξει, here is the minor laptop. The memory size four gigabyte media card reader compatible operating system is window 10. Bluetooth enabled Music great thing about this laptop. The keyboard language is bilingual. Laptop screen is 14 ίντσες, so it’s pretty decent for a small laptop. So you can flip all the way over. All the way over there you have it no it’s a tablet. Processor processor speed is 1.1 gigahertz pretty decent, so i saw energy star qualified you know. Auxiliary input is 3.5 millimeter expandable memory up to four gigabyte. Τώρα, for this specific laptop is a type c. So you will have to get a converter, and here we have to part by a converter which adapter you know, type c adapter from the same laptop and then you can. You can plug any regular usb cable, you know usb stick. The weight is three and a half pound it’s very light. You can use a hdmi. I will also post this post the link for this device in the description below easy eat.

Very easy, carry very slim, or should i say very thinthat small device is a capture card, a game capture card again for that game capture card. I will also post the link in the description below so gamers. You know you can go straight to the link and click on that link and take it straight to the game capture card. Πολύ ωραία, guys very nice. So there you have it guys, thanks for watching my channel, please don’t forget to give us thumbs up like share.