This is what it looks like. I put the image up in the top right corner of the screen. It functions just like a regular desktop computer normally would i’ve even made it look just like windows 10. This is the start menu. I have all the icloud and apple programs installed. All the games works, retropie works, which is an app to play old school games like n64 or nes apple music works, although i don’t have a subscription, so i can’t show you it working, but it does. Linux operates a little bit different than windows. Most of the things you do are in your command line, which is right here so to do updates you would just type in this simple command it’ll run an update. Sometimes it takes a little while, but i’ve sped this up by 500 Τοις εκατό. Just for you guys. So you didn’t have to wait next i’m, going to show you the internal specs of the machine itself and what it’s running it’s called neofetch, which is just a little after you run in linux. That tells you your operating system and little bits of information that you may need to know about your computer Music, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, it’s running windows, 10 dark as a theme it’s, not actually real windows. 10. This is linux, not windows, but i’ve made it look. Just like windows netflix also works Music, which was actually very difficult to get working because linux does not seem to like.

Καλά, i shouldn’t say that raspberry pi’s don’t like to run netflix because it the encoders, are different, Είναι, a it’s, a legal issue, so um some awesome person someplace in the world has fixed this issue. Για εμάς, and now we can use um netflix again, which is fantastic. Google apps also work, which comes in very handy, especially my google drive here, which is where i save most of my uh data to because again this is running on an sd card, not a hard drive or an ssd. So things fill up fairly quickly, especially using a small sd card steam also works well kind of um. A lot of games uh are not compatible with a raspberry pi. Προφανώς, because this is not an x86. This is an arm processor. Ωστόσο, you can still go on steam, which is pretty cool. I have heard that some games are compatible and will work, but i have not tested them out yet to find out here’s all my games, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, but obviously i can’t install them or play them, but hey it pops up right, which is a start. We’Re moving forward slowly, discord also works steam link also works, which is fantastic. If i want to stream games from my gaming pc to my raspberry pi in my bedroom, it works very similar to a program called geforce. Τώρα, if you haven’t heard about it, you should look it up, Είναι, very good for old spec computers that cannot run video games, discord, works, which is pretty awesome, i’ve blurred out everybody’s name just out of respect, just in case they didn’t want their name up on The video um this is our server mf jones.

Anybody wants to join in just ask and i’ll. Send you an invite youtube, also works, which is a web app that i am using with google chrome overall. This is a pretty awesome. Little computer. It cost about 200 δολάρια. You program, everything yourself, you do all this stuff yourself, you load the roms, you load, everything that you want it’s, basically like build your own operating system and build your own little teeny computer. So if this interests anybody hey pick one up, they’re awesome, there’s tons of things that you can do with these things, so uh yeah. I hope you enjoyed the video thanks for watching Music thanks so much for watching.