These are both portable hard drives. Τώρα. Full disclosure toshiba sent these in free of charge for this video. No man has exchanged hands. They haven’t asked to pre, approve the content i’m just going to share with you my sort of first look and opinion. Now when you watch the video i do want to. Let you know about this, you will see a very cool background on the video, and that is thanks to club backdrops check this out. This is a vinyl background. I’Ve got a whole selection of these i’ve, been using to really jazz up my videos and make them look so so much better. Τώρα, if you want to pick up some of these for yourself, if you’re a video producer and you make videos on youtube, για παράδειγμα, then i’ve left a link down in the video description. It is an affiliate link, it gets you a discount. It earns me a little bit of commission and helps support the channel, so please do check out that link let’s get on with the video, so in today’s, video i’m going to be showing you two hard drives from toshiba. These are new releases from them. We’Ve got the toshiba canvio gaming portables hard drive and then we’ve also got the toshiba canvio flex portable hard drive. So this is the toshiba camvio gaming portable hard drive. Now it says gaming you can use it on your consoles, it’s compatible with the playstation and xbox.

Also compatible with the windows pc and it will also work on mac. Φυσικά, if you reformat it, it comes with a two year limited warranty, and this happens to be the 2 terabyte capacity. Just some details on the side here. Some extra details on the back of the box about the compatibility features and inside you get the drive itself and, Φυσικά, a cable to connect it. This is micro, usb on one end and then full size usb a on the opposing end. The drive itself toshiba branding on the front it’s a conventional spinning, hard drive, so you’re not going to get superior, read and write performance from something like this, but you are going to get a nice robust, portable drive with that 2 terabyte capacity, that’s going to enable You to actually expand your gaming storage now on this end, here we’ve got the usb connector to connect the drive to your system and overall it’s, just a really nice finish and a nice reliable piece of storage. Τώρα, as i mentioned, it’s not going to be superior, read and write, speeds uh, you’re not going to use this for video editing, είσαι ο, going to use it just to offload games from your console and store them on here and then maybe reload them onto your system. When you want to play them, this is the toshiba canvio flex. This is a two terabyte portable hard drive comes with a three year limited warranty.

This is compatible with the windows, pc and also mac os and tablets as well round on the back here. We’Ve just got some more details about compatibility. Now inside the box, you get the drive itself, which we’ll take a closer look at in a short while you also get two cables inside the box. With this one, you get the micro usb to usb a for older legacy style connections, and then you also get micro usb to usbc. So if you’ve got a newer, desktop computer with usbc or a newer, laptop or ultrabook with usbc, then you do get that additional cable. The drive itself very compact, primarily a plastic construction, a nice sort of silver finish to the front and a nice white finish to the sides and, Φυσικά, the back very simple affair. Just one connection on here: there’s no external power required there’s, also a little led feedback light on there for disk activity. Now this is a conventional spinning, hard drive. This is not a solid state drive, so it’s not going to be as fast as an ssd it’s. Just going to give you some extra storageand i would use this for moving files off of my laptop, perhaps video files photo files and just archiving them off onto this, to free up storage on my laptop or ultrabook. I wouldn’t use this for editing videos direct from the drive because it’s probably not going to be fast enough.

I would use this purely for some additional storage to free up space on your laptop or desktop computer that’s it for this video. These are really great drives. If you want to expand the storage on your game console or your laptop or desktop computer, this is the toshiba cameo flex and the camvio gaming. If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, there are links down in the video description. If you enjoyed the video, όπως πάντα, please do hit that like button don’t forget to also check out the link in the video description to the toshiba website.