Actually this is a nano pc as lenovo’s calling it. This is the think center m92 n. Now they do make a few different models of this, και, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, i mean this thing is absolutely tiny. This packs an 8th, Στρατηγός, i5 cpu 8 gigs of ram and 512 Gigabyte αποθήκευσης. They offer a few different configurations of this. One comes with an i3, the one i have has the i5 and they also have the i7. You can get anywhere from four gigs of ram up to 16.. I opted for the mid range here with the i5 and i picked this up refurbished on ebay for 325 δολάρια, but recently i have seen this on lenovo’s website for 3.99. They also have the i3 for 299 and i didn’t even look at the i7 because i know it’s going to be way overpriced. Έτσι, along with the unit, i actually got a few accessories here. Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, it did come with a keyboard and, to my surprise, this is a wireless keyboard. It also came with a usb type c to hdmi adapter, our wi fi bluetooth antenna and a 65 watt power supply real quick. I just wanted to give you an idea of the size of this unit here, it’s coming in at 0.35, liters here’s, a comparison between the raspberry pi 4 and this little mini pc. I also threw in the wireless mouse and an xbox one controller or the xbox series s controller at 0.

35. Liters. This thing is tiny. When it comes to io, i think they’ve packed a lot into this small form factor on the front. Here we have a usb type c connector. This will do video out it’s, not thunderbolt, ή κάτι τέτοιο. We also have two usb 3.1 ports and the 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the front on each side. We do have a little bit of ventilation, not much going on here, but when we move around back, we have our power input. Full size display port. Two more usb 3.1 Θύρες, another usb type c port and gigabyte ethernet and when it comes to the specs it’s, actually a pretty powerful little unit. Given i did pick up the i5 version for the cpu. We have the intel i5. 8365U. Four cores. Eight threads base clock 1.6 with a boost up to 4.1. The gpu is the built in intel: uhd, 620 Γραφικά. Έχουμε 8 gigabytes of ddr4 running at 2400, Megahertz, Α 512 gigabyte m.2 ssd 802.11 plus gigabit ethernet and bluetooth 5.0, and this does come pre loaded with windows, 10 Σπίτι 64 bit. So before we get into testing. I did want to pull the bottom off here and just take a look at the internals, really easy single screw slides right off. The bottom panel here does have a little thermal pad to keep that m.2 cool, and this one did come. Pre installed with a 512 gigabyte m.2, but we have an extra slot, so we can add another one and in total you can actually add two one terabyte m.

2s in this unit, bringing the total storage up to two terabytes in this tiny pc. Δυστυχώς, the ram is non user upgradable. It is soldered to the board, so you’re gon na be stuck with what you got. I opted for the eight gigabyte model, but you can get this up to 16. You might be able to get a 32 model but i’m not sure so. Yeah i’m super excited to get into some testing. Like i mentioned it’s running windows, 10 Σπίτι 64, bit in this video we’re, going to test out some web browsing 4k video playback i’ll run some benchmarks, we’ll test some gaming and some emulation so with all that out of the way, let’s jump right to the testing. Εντάξει, so i’ve got everything. Booted up got a lot of stuff installed to test out. I did go into the bios just to see if i could change this to a high performance setting, because usually lenovo units like this do have a high performance setting in the bios. But unfortunately, this one doesn’t. The only real thing that i can change are the c states and the fan itself. We can go to silent full blast or kind of a medium setting and that’s exactly what i have here, while it’s idling while i’m doing 4k video web browsing and things like that. I can’t hear the unit whatsoever. If i start up the game, it does ramp up a bit, but it’s not super duper loud i’m sure when it hits that thermal threshold.

This thing will kick on pretty loud, but under normal use you won’t hear this unit. Έτσι, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, we have the i5 8365u base clock 1.6 Gigahertz. It does boost up to 4.1, eight gigs of ddr4 running at 2400 megahertz and it is dual channel set up right out of the box and the uhd 620 Γραφικά. So usability on this is great. I mean if you want to use this as a little work machine or even just a little play machine. It is awesome. I love the form factor of this thing and performance with this i5 is really great for the form factor web browsing super smooth, we’ll just head over to lenovo’s website. As you can see everything loads up, super quick here, we’ll just go to a random laptop and yeah. I mean it’s already fully loaded out. I can scroll through web browsing no issue whatsoever. 4K. Video playback let’s check this out so i’m going to go ahead and get this set up, make sure we are set to 4k here and there we are two drop frames on the initial load in something you’ll, never notice, with the naked eye skip ahead a bit 4K and even 5k video playback on this is great, so we’ll go to 5k at least streaming, and once i reset that after everything’s loaded up we’re, not dropping any more frames here skip ahead, just a bit more and then we’ll move over to plex so yeah.

If you wanted to use any pc like this for 4k media consumption, you’ll have no issues, i mean streaming from amazon, prime hulu netflix and even youtube. Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, we can even do 5k here moving over to plex 4k 60fps 60 megabytes per second we’re. Going to start from the beginning here and i’m, pretty sure we won’t have any issues with this. One Music definitely looks good to me, i’m, not noticing any skips or anything like that. It’S super smoothand it looks great so yeah, streaming 4k content from plexis totally possible with this unit. Εδώ, Music next up got a few benchmarks: here’s geekbench 5 ενιαίος πυρήνας 1061 multi 2991, not the greatest, but pretty good for the form factor of this unit. Moving over to a gpu benchmark 3d mark night raid, total score 5114 and finally cinebench r20 1149, it did beat out that i5 35 50 and i suspected it would i mean that’s, the third gen we’re working with an eight here, even though that third gen is A desktop class processor now it’s time to move over to some pc gaming up in the top left hand corner. I do have afterburner running so we can check out what’s going on with the pc at any given time and in the lower left hand corner. We have the name of the game and settings used per game. Obviously we have overwatch 720p low settings by the end of my run.

Here i was averaging 56 fps next up rocket league 720p low settings by the end of this one. Εδώ, 53 fps cs go 720p low settings 72fps on average here’s fortnite, because i always get asked about it. With these small pcs, 720p low settings, we got an average of 48 fps by the end of this. It wasn’t great performance, but if you don’t mind playing at 30fps on something like this, you can lock it there and it would stay there all day, long, Music and finally minecraft dungeons now believe it or not. It wouldn’t run this at 60fps 720p low settings. I had to lock it at 30 to get a stable frame rate out of it going into this. I actually thought we wouldn’t have an issue with this game, but it seems like with that built in uhd 620 Είναι, not enough to push this game to 60fps. I also wanted to throw a little bit of cloud streaming in here, so we have stadia with cyberpunk 2077 και ναι, this little machine is going to run. I mean you can run this on a low end, android phone as long as you have the game for stadia and stadia loaded up, but yeah i mean it does work good. I do have it set to high frame rate in the stadium settings and i’d say it is fully playable on this machine using stadia moving over to a little bit of emulation. Τώρα, if you’re really interested in it, i can do a full emulation.

Video on this machine here, but first up, we have gamecube using the dolphin emulator automotive, a harder one to run we’re able to take this up to 1080p. I am using the vulcan back in here, but we’re getting a constant 60 out of it. So gamecube really isn’t going to be an issue with this machine here, even at 1080p and when it comes to wii games using the same emulator 1080p, we have sonic colors it’s running great every once in a while. I did notice a frame dip down to 28 fps and by the way this game did run at 30 fps on original hardware, i’d say this is also playable and if you don’t want those dips, just take it down a little bit to 720. next up. We have 3ds using the citra emulator mario kart 7, and it does run these games really well at 1x resolution, so we’re at the native resolution. But as you can see, when you have this full screen, i mean it’s, not a super clear image. I was hoping we could go up to at least 2x with this, because it does look a lot better but running 3ds games with citra using the opengl back in works pretty decently. Και τέλος, we have ps2 with ratchet and clank i’m using pc sx2 i’m using the directx 11 back end, because opengl just won’t handle this one here, this one’s a bit harder to run and that’s.

Γιατί? I wanted to throw it in here and overall it’s trying its hardest, but every once in a while. I do notice it dipped down to the 40s. Τώρα, when i test these mini pcs, i also like to test power consumption from the wall. I use a kilowatt meter. This thing’s plugged in this is total system power. Consumption from the wall at idle 6.4 watts 4k video playback. I did see it spike up to 9.6 720p παιχνίδια 26.3 and the maximum that i could pull out of this unit while running cinebench, r20 and 3d mark times by at the same time was 38.7 watts and when it comes to cpu temperature on this unit, it’s Much better than i thought it would be, και, like i mentioned at the beginning, unless you’re gaming or really hitting the cpu at 100, είσαι ο, not gon na hear that fan at all at idle 44 βαθμοί Κελσίου, 4k video playback it jumped up to 51 720p gaming On average 63 and the maximum was 84. that’s that thermal threshold they have it set there it’ll clock itself down to cool off, and that was the same test. I ran with the power consumption 3d mark time, spy and cinebench r20 at the same time. So you’ll never see temps like this. All in all i’m really impressed with the lenovo think center m90n. They make this with an i3 an i5 which i have here, and they also have an i7 version.

I was able to pick this up on ebay refurbished for 325, but i’ve seen them for 429 new on amazon and recently lenovo was running their big holiday sale. The i3 version was going for 2.99 and the i5 version, which i have here was actually going for 3.99, Έτσι 400 for a small form factor pc like this, Νομίζω, is a decent deal. If you have a use case scenario for it, i wouldn’t go out and pick one of these up specifically for gaming or emulation, but if you do need a new small form factor desktop. This is definitely one to take a look at, but that’s going to wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching, if you’re interested in seeing a full emulation test on this little pc.