Lets start with the spec differences.. Το 3090 has around 141 more CUDA cores than the 2080 Ti και 118 more memory.. The 3090s memory is also faster and the 3090 has higher base and boost clock speeds as well, so its basically better. In all regards, Αν και, it does also use more power.. Φυσικά, at the moment the 3080 is closer in price to the 2080 Ti, but I dont have a 3080, yet I dont think anyone does and although the 2080 Ti had a 1000 Msrp, it seemed to sell around the 1200 USD price point so 300 below The 3090 launch price. The system that Im testing with uses the Intel i9 10900K overclocked to 5.2GHz on all 10 cores in an MSI Z490 ACE Motherboard, με 32GB DDR4 3200 CL14 memory running in dual channel. Ive got MSIs GeForce, RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio and My Aorus 2080 Ti to compare with. The latest drivers at the time of testing were used on both GPUs, so lets get into the results. Starting out with Microsoft. Flight Simulator Ive got the newer 3090 shown by the purple bars and the older 2080 Ti shown by the red bars.. The three resolutions tested are on the left, starting from 1080p down the bottom 1440p in the middle and 4K up the top.. Σε αυτή τη δοκιμή. There was only a minor difference at 1080p, then the margin grows as we step up to higher resolutions. At 1440p.

Το 3090 Ήταν 20 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Ti, though this was the slowest result out of all 11 games tested at this resolution. Then at 4K the 3090 was reaching 41 higher average frame. Rates. Red Dead Λύτρωση 2 was tested using the games, benchmark tool. Again theres less of a difference at 1080p, as these higher end GPUs are better utilized at higher resolutions. Στα 1080p. Το 3090 was around 19 Πιο γρήγορα, but then at 4K the 3090 had a massive 57 Οδηγήσει. The biggest improvement seen out of all games that Ive tested. Πεδίο μάχης 5 was tested in campaign mode by running through the same mission on both graphics, cards.. Ενδιαφέρον, το 2080 Ti actually had better 1 low results at 1080p, but this was the only time this happened.. This game has a 200 FPS frame cap by default, which the 3090 was hitting. So I suspect this may be why its 1 low was behind. Given the 1 low on the 3090 was higher than this at 1440p. At 4K, το 3090 is reaching a 45 υψηλότερος μέσος ρυθμός καρέ. Ακόμη και η 1 χαμηλό από το 3090 is a fair amount ahead of the 2080 Tis average frame. Ποσοστό. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the games built in benchmark.. Το 2080 Ti was still delivering above 60 FPS σε αυτή τη δοκιμή, with the highest setting preset at 4K, but its no match for the 3090, which was again around 45 Μπροστά.. The difference is, Φυσικά, lower at lower resolutions.

Το 3090 είναι περίπου 38 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Ti at 1440p, then just 14 ahead at 1080p. For Control Ill start with RTX off results. Στα 1080p. Το 3090 has a modest 20 lead over the 2080 Ti. Then a much higher 43 lead at 1440p, increasing further to a 53 higher average frame rate at 4K.. Το 3090 was still able to run the game well with above 60 FPS στα 4K, making it a fair bit more playable compared to the 2080 Ti, at least with the highest setting preset that Ive tested. With RTX on and DLSS enabled. Το 3090 είναι τώρα 35 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Ti στα 1080p, σε σύγκριση με 20, with RTX off.. The differences are nowhere near as big at 1440p and 4K, Αν και, for instance at 4K. Σε αυτή τη δοκιμή, το 3090 είναι 55 πριν από την 2080 Ti, but then in the RTX off results shown earlier, το 3090 Ήταν 53 Μπροστά.. Βασικά, RTX and DLSS in this game is running better on the 3090 than the 2080 Ti, but outside of 1080p, its not that much better. Ive tested Metro Exodus with the game’s benchmark tool. And again, there are some nice gains with the 3090. At 4K were looking at a 45 higher average frame rate from the 3090 and around 25 higher at the lower 1080p resolution. In Death Stranding. Το 3090 was giving me 1 lows that were ahead of the average frame rate of the 2080 Ti at 4K and 1440p resolutions.

It was close at 1080p, but not quite there. Like many other games were around the 46 point in terms of average FPS improvement with the 3090 σε 4K.. Το Witcher 3 is still being tested, as you guys still voted for it. In a poll I ran recently.. This game saw the lowest difference between the two GPUs at 4K, αν και η 3090 still had a 40 higher average frame rate and again the 1 lows from it were ahead of even the averages from the 2080 Ti at both 4K and 1440p. Δολοφόνοι, Creed Odyssey was Tested with the built in benchmark and is another one, you guys voted to see more of.. Το 3090 Ήταν 22 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Ti στα 1080p 25, πιο γρήγορα σε 1440p και 42, faster at 4K, so below average increases compared to the other games tested at the higher resolutions. Κάλεσμα καθήκοντος. Modern Warfare was tested in campaign mode.. Το 2080 Ti was still giving an above 60 FPS experience at 4K, even with all settings maxed out, but once more, το 3090 pushes things to the next level by averaging 100 FPS a 43 improvement.. This was another test where even the 3090s 1 lows were ahead of the 2080 Tis averages. Rainbow Six Siege was tested using the games benchmark tool with Vulkan.. Το 2080 Ti was right on 144 FPS στα 4K, so its probably still going to be pretty decent. Even if you actually have a high refresh 4K monitor, αλλά η 3090 is again offering nice improvements with a 48 higher average frame rate at this resolution, and it manages to push the 1080p result above 500 Fps – something Ive never seen before in this test.

Στα 1080p. Κατά μέσο όρο, over all 11 παιχνίδια δοκιμαστεί, το 3090 was under 22 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Τι.. In some titles like flight simulator down, the bottom were seeing a negligible difference, while others such as Control with RTX, enabled at the top still had nice gains. At 1440p. Το 3090 was now 36 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Ti on average., As higher resolutions can typically make better use of the GPU were starting to see what the 3090 is capable. Of. Flight simulator was still the lowest improvement out of what was tested while Control was at the top again. At 4K. Το 3090 is now almost 47 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Ti on average.. Αυτή τη φορά. Red Dead Λύτρωση 2 was able to overtake Control for top spot. With almost a 57 improvement and even the worst result was still a 40 boost, so if youre serious about 4K gaming, something like the 3090 could be worth considering.. Όταν εξετάζουμε τη συνολική ισχύ του συστήματος να αντλεί από τον τοίχο, the PC, με το 3090 installed, was using around 29 περισσότερη δύναμη, pushing the system to over 500 Watt.. I tested Control here, as we just saw it was around 53 faster in terms of average F PS. Έτσι 29, more power from the wall for a 53 boost to FPS sounds reasonable to me. Lets check out value in gaming in terms of dollar per frame.. If we consider that the 3090 είναι 1500 USD at launch and the 2080 Ti was meant to be 1000, then thats 50 more money for the 3090, αλλά η 2080 Ti wasnt really available at that price.

So if we instead go with 1200, which is closer to what it was actually available for then the 3090 είναι 25 more money.. Αυτό, Φυσικά, doesnt factor in that people have been fire selling their 2080 Tis in the lead up to the 3000 series release at the moment, its easy to score one for under 700. On the second hand, market, so Ive listed that too.. Το 3090 looks better than the 2080 Ti at 1200, but if you could actually get the 2080 Ti at 1000 in the past, then the 3090 would be slightly worse from a dollar per frame perspective, and this is of course assuming the 3090 will be available at 1500, thats still yet to be seen., Το 3090 isnt exactly targeted towards gamers, αλλά theres. No denying that its a beast in gaming. To get the most out of it, though youre really going to want to focus on playing at higher resolutions like 1440p or 4K.. If youre a competitive, 1080p gamer playing at competitive settings in a lot of cases, your CPU will probably matter more than going for a 3090 over some other decent but far cheaper, GPU option., Even many GPU heavy titles tested here at 1080p, didnt see huge gains from The 3090. Ive also tested both in content. Creator workloads its not just all about gaming, Ive tested DaVinci Resolve with the Puget Systems benchmark and the 3090 ήταν βαθμολόγησης 42 υψηλότερο από το 2080 Ti.

. Despite taking averages of 5 runs. The individual results were two to three hundred points different, so this might not be the most accurate test, hopefully by running it 5 φορές. The results are decent, but yeah, it did vary between runs a fair bit., Ive tested the V Ray benchmark and saw massive gains from the 3090, which was scoring 119 υψηλότερο από το 2080 Τι.. This is testing compute power and, if you recall, το 3090 Hsa 141 περισσότερους πυρήνες CUDA, so this sort of gain is expected in this type of workload. Blender was tested with the Open Data Benchmark with the BMW and Classroom tests.. This is also relying more on compute power. I selected the CUDA option when running the test and the 3090 was completing these tasks 125 πιο γρήγορα από το 2080 Ti another serious win. In Compute heavy workloads. Το 3090 is able to offer significant gains, so it really comes down to what you plan on running and, Φυσικά, your budget, όπως είδαμε. This does not translate quite as well into gaming performance, though gaming performance was still a nice step up over the 2080 Ti at higher resolutions. Id be interested to hear in the comments if youre considering the 3090. Let me know what you plan on using it for. In gaming.