D8 on the right d9 has been hitting the gym for the rematch and it’s got the firmware update applied so now, we’re going to see if that extra time in the gym has beefed up the output. So here we go we’re going to start at 40 percent and we’ll start on the left with the d9 and then we’ll go up to 80 percent and then we’ll also go up to 100 percent and see what we got here. We go eq1 on both speakers. Music Music me as i am Music okay, i can tell right away that that definitely helped the d9. The firmware update it’s got a little more meat to the sound at lower volumes, as opposed to the way it was before. Στην πραγματικότητα, it’s got better clarity too than the d8, so right there at 40 Τοις εκατό, at least with that song. The w king d9 definitely sounds like it’s improved greatly now. We’Ll go up to 80 Τοις εκατό. Now also bear in mind with this that most people generally prefer the eq2, at least from what i’ve heard and seen on the on the d8 so we’re using the the eq1 so it’s one to one. So i will do after this. I will do the eq2 against the w king d9 eq1, but anyway this is 80, both on eq one and we’re, starting with the Music d9 Music. So Music, Μουσική, Music Applause, Μουσική, foreign come on get bad money, Μουσική, Μουσική, money.

Εντάξει! Now the d8 is not fairing as well as it did before the firmware update on the d9, the d9, the vo has a br. It has a brighter sound, but an eq1 which is it now. It doesn’t have too bright of a sound. It has pretty good detail and that definitely has more clarity and range than you get from the d8. Like the vocals, you can hear just the minimal vocals and that are more present forward than they are in the d8, now i’m going to switch the d8 to eq2 mode and do that same song. So here we go still 80 percent eq 2. On the d8 eq1 on the d9, starting with the d9 Music, so Music Applause, Μουσική, foreign funny okay. So when you put the d8 in eq2 mode, it gets louder, όπως μπορείτε να πείτε, as you can see there it’s about the same output as the d9 volume wise, but you lose some of the deeper bass on the d8 when you go to eq2 mode. So it’s a trade off. You want more bass, you want more output, whereas the d9 has the same kind of output, and the bass, Φυσικά, is staying the same because it’s in the same eq mode, but you’re not losing it’s like an either or thing with the d8. You have to choose one, the other, whereas the d9 has pretty good clarity, pretty good and it has loud output and the base has improved so now we’re going to do eq 2 against eq2.

So you can see what that is at 80 percent Music eq2 on both speakers. Eighty percent foreign Applause funny Music funny. So they definitely with the firmware update. It helped eq2 in the base department, Φυσικά, it’s still not as strong as the first eq, but before the second eq was really really bright and really weak on bass. So i think the firmware update is a big improvement for the speaker in general. More so for eq one than eq2, but both of them benefited from the firmware update now i’m, just going to go up to 100 and i’m going to change it back to the w king back to eq1 so 100, d9 eq 1. The aeq 2. hey coming right: Χειροκροτήματα, Μουσική, i’m, coming right away: Μουσική, i’m coming right away; Μουσική. So there you go everybody uh! The firmware, κατά τη γνώμη μου, is a worthy up update. If you want to do it, if you’re satisfied with the w or the d9 as it is, don’t worry about it. Για μένα, it improved it noticeably. Τώρα. I i was kind of disappointed in it in general, now i’m not disappointed. It gets loud as you can hear there, it retains its base. It always. It always did kind of liven up before the firmware update when it got louder. But now, when you’re in the lower volumes, it still has a very good, very good depth to the sound that it lacked previously, so there that’s what it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the firmware update that’s what it did to it hope that helps.