What we’ve got here is retro fighters. Brawler 64 wireless gamepad for the n64 i’ve got the red version. It looks cherry red to me, but you know red version, but let’s put that to the side for the moment, because the reason why i backed this on the kickstarter is because i had backed this one on a kickstarter um, because we all know the n64 gamepad. The original one was like mid bit in the middle, and it was all a bit weird, but this brings it up to date to what we’re used to in modern game pads nowadays and as you can see, i’ve got an extension cable on here and i’ve also Got the a memory and rumble pack, but when uh retro fighters brought this out originally there was a bit of a problem with the joystick and the shoulder button. It would jam as you’re doing trying to do like a 360., but they went. You know what that’s a problem we need to fix it and they contacted everybody that had backed, and it was up to the backers to contact them back and say yep. I would like to have the replacement shell and the gubbins inside to fix it, and they did they sent them out free of charge. No other problem, you know it’s, like it’s our fault, our design full, and that to me was what makes a very good company. Not only did they bring out good stuff, but the fact that they own up when there was a bit of a problem with one of their products.

So of course that means they took a bit of a hit on their profits, but they did the right thing. Προφανώς, i don’t want them to go bust, but at the same time they did the right thing now. Let’S just leave that there, because you know that’s what that one looks like now. The reason why i bought the red one, because i have one of these it’s a version three and i think it was one of the last ones that they were doing in the red cases by cricks. So let’s have a look at the box. So around the edges, you know it shows off what it is really and then it talks about the next revolution for retro fighters is here the brawler 64 wireless edition, the brawler 64 wireless gamepad is a completely redesigned n64 controller with next generation features and attributes providing A new uncomfortable way to play with your favorite classic n64 games like never before the brawler 64 wireless edition showcase is a a two handle design and features responsive buttons, a d pad and a comfortable analog. Stick no more chords. The brawler 64 wireless edition features the latest in 2.4 gigahertz technology, so you can gain from afar. That should be a capital h, um, the next generation n64 controller 2.4 gigahertz wireless technology again should be capital h, while this range of over 30 feet ergonomic and comfortable design featuring dual z, digital triggers ultra fast turbo function compatible with memory, packs, responsive analog, stick and Then it talks about you know they’re based in america and so forth.

Hence why american spellings and things even so still should be capital h, guys come on fix it right. So let’s get inside well that’s what we’re greeted with usbc for charging that’s good lots of people like to see that nowadays, lots of things to fall out little manual, thingy yep let’s put the box over there. Charging cable, as i say, usb c fair length. Nice little key ring that’s the packaging. Ακόμα, Ω, i must have pressed the button it’s flashing away. Let’S have a look. Look at that isn’t that a nice matching color. I think they maybe got in touch and asked about the colors, because i’m really happy that that matches up, because my n64 is just the standard gray one. You know some people classed as a boring, color um it’s. What i got it’s actually modded to do. Rgb and it’s got an overclock switch on it, so this is the bit that’s the wireless dongle that goes into the n64 and then the game pad itself. Now before we get touchy feely with it, let’s see what the little manual says. So quick start instruction manual about us blah blah blah they’re on social media customer service. We strive to make our fellow gamers happy if you experience any issues with this product. Please contact us directly. We are here to help and we make it right and we will make it right even right. You can send us an email at blah, blah blah blah ritual fighters and they’re saying thank you for making a purchase the goods and faq bloody, bloody blah um i’ll.

Not bore you with everything that it says in here, but basically it says that it’s got usb c charging cable it’ll take about two and a half hours to fully charge the gamepad. When it’s, you know nearly run out of power. There’S 30 plus feet of range what’s that about 10 Μέτρα, ish um yeah, and it goes on basically it’s saying that it’s compatible with memory packs. Ωστόσο, it’s not compatible uh with transfer packs or rumble packs, which is fine because let’s be honest. If it’s going to rumble, it would rumble over there not over here, Αν και, maybe we should give them some ideas for a version too already um yep it’s a 3.7 volt battery with 550 milliamp hours, a live on the polymer battery, so it seems like a decent Enough little thing, and it says that you can change the battery yourself if you so wish, um. Βασικά, you get a red flashing light when you’re charging and when it’s finished it’ll stop flashing and, as i said before, it’s usbc it’s light because there’s no big battery it’s just a little battery and there’s no rumble now that’s one thing that would be kind of Nice in this is rumble if they stuck a couple of rumbles in the pack, because obviously whatever’s in that gadget to make it rumble, could have been put in here to make it rumble and then a little switch somewhere underneath maybe to turn off the rumble.

So that you’re doing the memory bit, it does go to the memory pack that sat in there and you could turn it back on again. Maybe something like thati don’t know way above my head on how to design things. I don’t know how, but it feels nice i’m not going to do a usability review right now. Um i’ll do that in another episode you know in comparison because i want to do, is you know play around with it for a week or so before? I actually say how bad or how good or how bad i believe it to be um, but going by if it’s anything like this game pad i’m going to think it’s. Πολύ, Πολύ καλά, because i really like that one as well um yeah. It feels the same. Βασικά, i think that’s all they’ve done they’ve took the cleverness of this design and then gone. You know what we don’t need: the expansion port, because obviously they don’t um that saves a bit of weight. It saves a bit of feeling around here as well. Στην πραγματικότητα, Είναι, you know your fingers fit nice yeah i’m, looking forward to getting that going so expect another episode with that, just a quick unboxing, really yeah. Είμαι.. As i say, i really am looking forward to it i’m really happy that these colors are basically the same. Εάν, if they’re off it’s, so so little it’s very hard to see, especially the light that i’ve got in here and i’m on the video, i believe it’s coming up the same so yeah.

If you haven’t got one of these go out and get yourself one and i’ll put a link into the description um, but you might want to wait until my review of actual usage. But you know if you get a bit giddy and you want to go off and get one get one now, as i say, i’ll put a link and where you can get them at least here in the uk.