Will it get really hot? Will you run into issues so I have it almost fully charged here and I'm just gon na gain from about 95 until flat, Ok, but the intention is to see it 100, a certain brightness, just how long first, the battery will last and number two. Most importantly, will it overheat? Will it get really really hot? Will it run into those heating up issues or heating issues that people are often talking about now, in least my channel my mobile phone reviews and then charging time? Ok, so charging time will it take 35 minutes as claimed I'm gon na charge it I'm not going to edit it but I'm gon na speed. The video up, but we'll keep the cameras on rolling the whole time. With that test and we'll see. Will it take 35 λεπτά, or will it actually be a little bit longer, which I'm leading to believe that it possibly might be maybe 38 minutes or something, but first up let's have a look at the gaming thermals, Εντάξει, so I've been playing now, για, Νομίζω. Καλά, over three hours, but we'll take a look at the time just after this. This is Call of Duty and performance very good. I can feel the phone is getting warm. I will check those temperatures now because my battery life is also getting a little bit low here now, just turn the brightness down. Only so you can see what's on camera, otherwise it's overexposed even on the lowest ISO setting it just doesn't, come out very good.

Έτσι, in gaming, all the time with those high settings hang on there's a guy right here, he's gone into the house, okay check on those temperatures. Εντάξει, I got really lucky there. He should have killed me cuz. I didn't even hit the button correctly, so it is getting really quite warm, but it doesn't feel that bad let's have a look now so 37 degrees we're seeing around here on the frameand this is after okay, 38 now and it seems to just peek out Of that now my ambient temperaturesI have measured those it's currently 24 point two degrees in here. Εντάξει, so those temps are good. Let'S have a look at the back back of it is holding up as well, but not quite as bad as the front. So here we're seeing temperatures all right, so maximum is looking about 38 Βαθμούς. This is really quite good and bear in mind, Φυσικά, with my lower ambient temperatures that's why it probably isn't getting up to 40 now the hottest I've seen is actually the azuz Republic of gamers phone that gets up to 46 Βαθμούς. So take a look at the screen on time now with gaming, so we've got three hours and 36 minutes which is not good at all battery life. Considering okay, then I've got 12 percent left now, but I started this test when I had about ninety four. So gaming, with the brightness on 100 you're only looking, Θα ήθελα να πω, possibly maximum four hours to lower your brightness.

Φυσικά, if you got it in the middle setting, then you're probably gon na see, I would say about then five hours now into the test. That must you want to see just how long does it charge now? Normally I double this behind the scenes, but because there's so much interestand this is such a fast charger – 50 watt super bulky. So the phone is at 1 and then it powered itself off I'm going to power it on as soon as I plug it in and then we'll start the challenging, because most phones, when they're on they actually charge faster here. So as soon as I connect it, I'll hit the stopwatch more or less that should be powering on now, but there we go okay. 1, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, see how long this takes. I'Ll keep checking on it and I'll also have a look at the thermals. As well, Αλλά, Φυσικά, with editing, I will skip ahead and I'll show you the end. Result: Μουσική, Μουσική, Εντάξει, so we're ten minutes in and we're at 41 percent battery. That is really fast. So is it getting warm so to the touch here? It feels to slightly warm here and the phone itself a little warm okay, nothing of concern. I will break out the thermal probe here and we'll just take a very quick look, Έτσι 31 degrees and then the power supply itself, probably a little hotter, 33 1234 Εκεί.

So that's not bad at all, so back to, Φυσικά, the test and we'll see how long this takes: Μουσική. Εντάξει, so just over 20 minutes and we've got 78 percent charged pets really amazing, it's so fast, but let's continue we'll see what the end result is. Μουσική, Μουσική, Εντάξει, 100, there in 28 minutes that is under the claim, but bear in mind that I turned the phone on. Most people will be charging their phones with the phone on that's. Why I've done it here? But that is super quick way faster than their claim for some reason. So there we go 100 and that is working fine, as you can see so quick, Εντάξει. Well now I don't normally fall for height, but you have to say you cannot deny that wow wow wow, that is so fast 28 minutes to fully charge. And when you have a look at some of the percentages it got to in just like 10 λεπτά, what it got up to is crazy, Τρελό,, fast now, I'm, not too sure about the long term detrimental effect. This will have to the chemistry of the batteries within here now the phone itself got barely warm. It got up to about thirty one or two degrees: the charges, the warmest that saw about 38 Βαθμούς, so it's hot to the touch well warm to the touch so yeah well long term we'll have to find out after one year charging that fast will we end Up with less battery cycles, or will it be the same? I don't really know those are unanswered questions, but only time can answer their.

As for the gaming performance, the thermals at least very, Πολύ καλά. Now I game for what was at three and a half hours. Three hours, forty minutes pretty much non stop. Εντάξει, their only break was just swapping between other games or in the lobby, where it wasn't, probably the most demanding, but the thermals got up there. It got warm. You saw about 38 Βαθμούς, so that's warm to the touch. Ambient temperature here, όπως αναφέρεται, is about it's around 24 25 Βαθμούς, Εντάξει, it's getting warm, but it just plateaus. It gets up there peaks and plateaus out, and that is that so thermals on this phone are good. They did say that they did some work with the thermals, so we've got the copper transfer pipe on here, the back and and some carbon fiber or something else. As well too so that's doing its job and then the battery life, okay hundred percent, brightness performance mode and really demanding games so that's three super demanding things there, so it burned through that battery in under four hours and that wasn't quite a hundred percent charge there. I should have charged it to 100, but this is just an estimate: Εντάξει, so you're gon na get – Πιθανώς, Θα ήθελα να πω, four hours of full on continued demanding gaming on wireless okay. If you're on data expects even less there, because data uses more energy, it consumes. The battery a little bit more there, so if you lower the brightness and you drop it down from the 90 Hertz, then I would say five hours of continuing and really that is the peak.

A lot of other phones will get the same with a four thousand milliamp hour battery, so it seems about right to me for gaming performance. Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ που παρακολουθήσατε αυτή την κριτική. If you did like it, εσείς, like my tests here, then do check back in the channel and subscribe for, Φυσικά, the full review of the x2 Pro I'm working on some other videos as well. Ταυτόχρονα,, I also have tech lusts t30. Their new tablet and all a lot of you after tablet, reviews and you're sick of mobile phone reviews, completely understand you there and have also got the rid me.