Now razer is commonly known for its razer blade series of gaming laptops, so it’s natural to ask whether the razer book 13 inch can compete with the likes of the dell xps 13 μοντέλο ίντσας. Now i’ve had this laptop for a couple weeks now and there are a lot of good things that razer did with this laptop, but there are a few things holding it back from being the best windows, productivity and ultra portable laptop in its class. So let’s get right to it. Μουσική. The model that i have is configured with the i7 1165 g7, which is a four core. Eight thread processor, Με 16 Γιγαμπύτες LP DDR4 x, rated at 4, 266 hertz with a poultry 256 gigabytes of nvme ssd with the intel iris xe graphics card. You can mistake this laptop as a solid piece of metal because of how sturdy and dense the laptop is when you carry it. I say this with the utmost praise because it is exceptionally well built and you can feel confident carrying it in one hand, with no flex the same structural integrity carries through to the keyboard, deck and you’re not going to see any flex. Unless you add a lot of pressure on one point near the keyboard, the exterior is understated and the silver accent razor logo is unobtrusive, which i think was the right choice. While the laptop is not tapered. Like the dell xps 13 ίντσα, razer adopted a hinge mechanism to elevate the laptop deck.

I personally prefer the hinge mechanism because the rubber feet, underneath the laptop, is quite flat. Τώρα, if you ever owned a razer blade, 13 ή 15 ίντσα, gaming laptop the rubber feet are very tall and it seems a bit out of place. So considering with the razer book 13 ίντσα. Razer was a little bit more cognizant and reduced the thickness of the feet itself and relied on the hinge mechanism to lift it up for ergonomics and, Φυσικά, airflow. The keys are clicky with good feedback, and it was perfectly fine when typing the script and using it as my day to day machine. The one criticism i do have is the size of the back space key it’s, a tad bit too small and i’ve mistakenly pressed the plus equal key, multiple times and that’s a little bit of a small annoyance and where i would have liked a bigger backspace key. Now carried from the razer blade series of laptops, you do get per key rgb and anti ghosting with this keyboard. Now i don’t know whether or not this is really required for a productivity laptop but it’s better than nothing. The trackpad is precise, ομαλή, especially when it comes to gestures, and it offers a very tactile feedback with a satisfying click. I think this trackpad is one of the best, if not better, than most windows, laptops and it’s. Definitely in this class of its own and even compared to the macbook pros or macbook air laptops.

The speakers are okay, but it does lock bass. It does get very bright and is very loud and clear. On higher frequencies, Ωστόσο, in low frequency sounds or bass is clearly lacking for this type of Applause, speaker, Μουσική. The screen is a 13.4 ίντσα, 60hz edge to edge 16×10 screen with a resolution of 1920×1200 a standard for productivity because of the added vertical real estate. When it comes to screen brightness at 383 Nits, it is a bit behind the dell xps 13 inch peak brightness of 500 nits for color purists and those who rely on color accurate panels. The screen is 100 Srgb, 78 adobe rgb and 79 uh dci p3. The razer book does not skimp on ports and i really wish that laptop manufacturers do take note on the left. You do get a thunderbolt 4 λιμάνι, a usb 3.1 gen1 port and a combo and mic audio jack on the right. You get another thunderbolt, 4 λιμάνι. An hdmi port and a micro sd card slot, while it’s nice that razer included a micro sd card slot. I would have loved a standard size, sd card slot. The included 720p camera is decent for a 720p camera now paired with the infrared sensor. It does help make signing in easier with windows, Γεια σου. I would have liked a 1080p camera, as for the mics coming from this laptop it’s, actually pretty decent and the audio quality. Τώρα, under the hood, the only thing that you can upgrade in this laptop is the nvme ssd.

Now upon opening the laptop, you do see the included vapor chamber, which should be fantastic for cooling performance. They included nvme ssd and the 55 watt μπαταρία ώρα. The vapor chamber might seem a bit overkill, but it should keep sustained clocks higher and longer throughout its boost because of its cooling performance compared to a standard pipe design. Τώρα, in my day to day usage of watching youtube listening, music word processing browsing, i can easily get 9 για να 10 ώρες. Ωστόσο, the moment i put some intensive tasks behind this laptop through benchmarking and some games. I can see this laptop only lasting as long as two to three hours. Δυστυχώς, Έτσι, unless you’re going to be using this for light productivity or just regular day to day tasks, you’re not going to see the longevity of the battery unless you’re going to be maintaining that specific workflow what’s different with the latest and newest 11th generation processor is Their ability to maintain the same sustained performance, even if it’s, on battery across the majority of benchmarks, i didn’t, see a drop in performance, which is a surprise and something most people might overlook, but for those who need the performance and are not near an outlet, this Is fantastic? The i7 1165 g7 in the razer book is the 28 watt variant and not the 15 watt cpu. This is a clear advantage for sustaining cpu and gpu heavy workloads, and that is probably the reason why razer opted for the vapor chamber.

The focus is providing the most performance from the chip, while keeping it cool and the included integrated iris xe gpu chip also benefits from the sustain boost performance. The razer book 13 inch is not a gaming laptop. Ωστόσο, intel’s iris xe gpu does provide a lot of performance for our integrated graphics card in shadow of the tomb raider in 1920 από 1200 in the lowest preset, i got an average of 29 frames per second with a cpu temperature hovering around 55 για να 58 Βαθμούς. In league of legends in 1920, από 1200 with max settings, i can average 90 για να 120 frames per second and it’s dependent on what is displayed on screen and cpu. Temperatures hovered around between 56 για να 59 Βαθμούς, total war, three kingdoms in 1920 από 1200, with the low preset i get an average 40 frames per second with cpu temperatures hovering around 56 degrees world of warcraft shadow lands in 1920 από 1200, with the graphic settings at 4, i get a solid 60 καρέ ανά δευτερόλεπτο τώρα. Temperatures again was hovering around 56 για να 58 Βαθμούς. This laptop is pretty impressive when it comes to games, even though it’s not intended for it. You are able to do so if you just want to plug in a few hours while you’re on the go so let’s address the elephant in the room amd now. Razer probably planned the razer book 13 inch laptop with the intention of only including an intel variant because amd wasn’t proven, and it probably did not know the performance of the 4000 series chip and, Φυσικά, thunderbolt.

Razer has a couple of products like the razer core x and the razer core x, chroma that relies on the thunderbolt technology in order to power its egpus. So with those two things i believe that’s why razer had to stay with intel, but knowing what we know now like the performance of the amd 4800u, οποία, by the way is a core 16 thread cpu with a vega, 8 κάρτα γραφικών, which outperforms most of intel’s Graphics and of course, cpu performance and outputting only at 25 watts that would have made this laptop outperform all other laptops in its segment and it only outputs that 25 watts and the vapor chamber and the cooling performances laptop would make this laptop be a steal. Αλλά, Φυσικά, one can only wish if you’re in the market for an ultra portable premium productivity laptop. I think the razer book 13 inch is a fantastic purchase. Keep in mind that not even the dell xps 13 inch can’t compete with this razer book 13 because of the build quality, and i o with its great screen, keyboard and trackpad and overall build quality. I think this is the best ultra premium laptop in the market. Ωστόσο, when it comes to price, there are a lot of other laptops that can offer just as much value compared to this one.