My model has the highest 8 core i7 10875H processor paired with Nvidia RTX 2080. Super Max Q graphics, so these results should act as a worst case. As far as thermal performance is concerned.. Air comes in through the vents directly above the intake fans underneath and gets exhausted out of the back towards the bottom edge there arent any exhausts on the left or right sides.. There are a couple of fans inside and the vapor chamber. Cooler seems to cover a lot of space, both the CPU and GPU dies as well as VRM.. Only the advanced model has this. The lower specced base model uses regular heatpipes.. The bottom panel also has a pad that comes into contact with the SSD.. The Razer Synapse software has a default mode called balanced, αλλά μπορείτε επίσης να επιλέξετε έθιμο που σας επιτρέπει να τροποποιήσετε την απόδοση της CPU και GPU ανεξάρτητα από το άλλο.. Η CPU μπορεί να εναλλάσσεται μεταξύ τεσσάρων επιπέδων: χαμηλό μέσο υψηλό και ώθηση, ενώ η GPU έχει τρεις λειτουργίες: Χαμηλή, μέτρια και υψηλή.. Δεν φαίνεται ότι παίρνουμε τον έλεγχο ανεμιστήρων στον τρόπο συνήθειας, αν και μπορούμε να το αλλάξουμε λίγο στην προεπιλεγμένη ισορροπημένη λειτουργία. If we set it to manual., Καμία από αυτές τις λειτουργίες δεν εφάρμοσε υπερχρονίστες στην GPU. Ωστόσο, η λεπίδα κάνει χρήση της Nvidias νέα Max Q δυναμική ώθηση, αλλά αυτό είπε, Ποτέ δεν είδα ώθηση παραπάνω 90 watt με φορτίο GPU που εκτελείται μόνο.. Δεν έχω δοκιμαστεί undervolting ως Im χρησιμοποιώντας τις τελευταίες 1.

04 BIOS κατά τη στιγμή της δοκιμής, η οποία έχει προφανώς απενεργοποιήσει αυτό.. I didnt test the older BIOS, but could at least confirm that its disabled in the current verison, χωρίς επιλογή στο BIOS για να το ενεργοποιήσετε. Οι θερμικές εξετάσεις δοκιμάστηκαν με 21 βαθμός Κελσίου. Δωμάτιο περιβάλλοντος, θερμοκρασία. Αποτελέσματα αδράνειας προς τα κάτω. The bottom were fine. Χειρότερη περίπτωση: stress tests were done with the Aida64 CPU stress test, με cpu ελέγχεται μόνο και το σημείο αναφοράς Ουρανό σε max ρυθμίσεις. Ταυτόχρονα,, while gaming was tested with Watch Dogs 2, όπως το βρίσκω να χρησιμοποιήσετε ένα καλό συνδυασμό επεξεργαστή και γραφικών. Before we look at temperatures and clock speeds, I think it makes sense to first look at the power levels.. The GPU seems to be capped to 80 watts in balanced and medium modes.. Ενδιαφέρον, with both the CPU and GPU set to low, the GPU would go to 85 Watt, which may be due to max q, dynamic boost taking advantage of the processor using less power.. Αλλιώς, the GPU would run at 90 watts when set to high mode.. The CPU, Από την άλλη, was running at 25 watts in low mode 35 watts in balanced or medium modes 45 watts in high mode, then boost mode would push this above 50 watts thermals permitting.. When we look at the temperatures for these same tests, the default balanced mode wasnt too bad but running with both the CPU and GPU set to low, was cooler.

Running both at medium increases. The temperatures while setting both to high raises this further, όπως αναμένεται, more power equals more heat.. When we set the CPU to its highest boost mode, though it starts thermal throttling in the stress test, the game was intermittently hitting thermal throttle limits, but the average was still below the constant 95 βαθμοί Κελσίου. Cap seen in the stress test., With a cooling pad in the stress test, the processor was still hitting thermal limits, Αν και, when gaming, this did lower it by a couple of degrees.. Αυτές είναι οι μέσες ταχύτητες ρολογιού κατά την εκτέλεση των ίδιων δοκιμών.. The GPU speeds are lowest in balanced and medium modes due to the 80 όριο watt.. The CPU clock speeds also follow what we saw in the power limits earlier. Higher speeds are possible with more power.. The results are pretty similar to the Lenovo 7i that I recently tested around 3.6GHz over all 8 cores on average. In these worst case, tests. CPU only performance is where things start going down. Hill though. Με cpu, μόνο δοκιμή αντοχής που εκτελείται και η GPU. Τώρα σε αδράνεια έβλεπαν 55 watt που χτυπιούνται στην καλύτερη περίπτωση, boost mode pretty similar to what was possible with the GPU active in the results we just looked at.. Αυτό σημαίνει ότι δεν του να πάρει ζεστό όταν ήταν θραύση του επεξεργαστή όμως, αλλά αυτό έρχεται σε βάρος της μικρότερης απόδοσης, ήταν μόνο μόλις χτυπήσει 3.2GHz πάνω από όλα 8 πυρήνες σε αυτή τη δοκιμή, which is honestly quite weak.

. Αυτό γίνεται σαφές όταν εξετάζουμε πώς το Blade συγκρίνεται με άλλους φορητούς υπολογιστές. Λάβετε υπόψη ότι πρόκειται για 8 βασικός φορητός υπολογιστής, αλλά το αποτέλεσμα πολλαπλών πυρήνων είναι περισσότερο σύμφωνο με αυτό που έβλεπαν από 6 βασικές επιλογές.. Το μοναδικό βασικό αποτέλεσμα είναι τουλάχιστον καλύτερο από εκείνα που 6 βασικές επιλογές, αλλά σε σύγκριση με τα περισσότερα από τα άλλα 8 core laptops above its still, not anything special., You might remember. I wasnt super impressed with the Lenovo 7is performance, but thats still 800 points higher with the same processor. Heres, how Cinebench scores with the different performance modes in use, so weve got the option of further capping the performance for a cooler system. If thats your preference., When we look at how an actual game performs in these different modes, though theres not too much of a difference, and it was possible to boost average FPS by around 5 by overclocking the GPU and using a cooling pad.. If you caught my gaming benchmark video yesterday, where I tested 20 games on this machine, the blade does actually stack up quite nicely when compared to other laptops in actual games.. The CPU power limit is reasonable when the GPU is active, but it seems quite low in a CPU only workload.. Όσο για τις εξωτερικές θερμοκρασίες, όπου θα πρέπει πραγματικά να βάζετε τα χέρια σας σε αδράνεια, its in the low 30s, normal stuff., With the stress tests running in the same balanced mode, its quite warm in the center and hot up, the back.

, Its cooler in medium mode as the Fans are higher while maintaining the same power limits. Medium was pretty similar to low. Then high is again similar. Despite the fan, Ταχύτητα, Αύξηση. The wrist rest areas are warm as its metal, so heat is conducted. The WASD area remains cool, as air is pulled in through the keyboard, and the middle is just warm.. Βασικά, only the back gets hot, but you dont need to touch there. Lets have a listen to those fans.. The fans were only just audible when idling. Balanced mode was running quieter than low and medium modes, which explains why balanced mode was running at higher temperatures. Despite the same power limits as medium mode.. I found that manually setting max speed in custom mode was the same as using high plus high and boost plus high, οποία, as a maximum volume, is quieter than many others out there. As weve seen, the performance from the Razer Blade 15 Advanced in games is quite Good., Παρά το γεγονός ότι nvidias Max Q δυναμική ώθηση, I wasnt seeing the 2080 Σούπερ Max Q, boosting above 90 Watt, which is what others like the Zephyrus Duo, 15 run at with Dynamic Boost disabled. I was expecting more like 100 για να 105 watts in a GPU only load but never saw above 90.. This is probably because the Blade is thinner than most others and theres. Only so much power you can have in a smaller space, thats always going to be a trade off.

. Επιπλέον, Razer appears to be prioritizing a quieter systemwell at least relatively quieter when compared to say the Duo 15 Ξανά, which is a fair bit louder., With Boost plus high enabled in CPU plus GPU loads. Like gaming, the temperatures were getting up there with the vapor chamber cooler. So this combination may be why the GPU doesnt boost higher.. The main issue I have with the blade is the performance when under CPU only loads, it maxes out at 55 Watt, despite there being plenty of thermal headroom available. Just for context. The Lenovo 7i uses 60 watts for the mid tier performance mode, while the Duo 15 also uses 60 watts for the mid tier mode, then up to 90 in the highest mode., It makes sense to have a higher power limit for CPU only tasks when the GPU Is idle but the Blade seems to just have the same power limit set regardless of whether or not the GPU is active, and this will negatively affect it in processor, intensive workloads like rendering or video editing. Αρκετά βέβαιος. If we check out the results from the Puget systems, Photoshop benchmark, the Blade is near the bottom, with much lower specced machines despite having higher specs inside.. This is a CPU heavy test, but due to the max 55 watt limit for the 8 core chip were getting beaten by a surface book with 1660 TI Max Q. Σε ένα φόρτο εργασίας που είναι πιο GPU βαρύ, όπως DaVinci επιλύσει, though the blade is scoring much better and Is closer to the top of the graph.

? It would be nice if this was modified in a future BIOS update, but yeah, no idea if that will happen. Its also a little disappointing. That Razer appears to have removed undervolting support in a BIOS update.. Για να είμαστε δίκαιοι, they definitely arent alone in this, and its likely due to the plundervolt security vulnerability, but others like MSI and Lenovo are at least giving the user the choice of enabling this through advanced BIOS settings. So it would be nice to see it return there. Ούτως ή άλλως.