This is a Lear, CO and cool pad mobile phone. A joint venture of this things are going okay. Μέχρι στιγμής, so in my unboxing and my first impressions of the camera, that was my first impressions weren't that great, but it actually can take a reasonable photo. So I have been out in town and around doing very good lighting conditions, because it's been midday. So very nice lots of light and, Ναι, it can take a sharp 13 megapixel photo that isn't too bad. Now you get that depth of field effect as well. When you select that s our last setting and it's, not perfect, if you'll notice that just around the edges of the glass, there is a little bit there that actually doesn't have the background blurred out completely. So I don't know whether it's using software software and hardware combinedI imagine, is probably the way they're doing that there. So yes it for the price. I think it can take an OK photo, but just don't expect any miracles or flagship performance and perhaps it's what I was expecting but it's, because they did hype this up a lot there were. There was a video out there that was comparing other mobile phones. Για παράδειγμα, like the iPhone 6 – and I think, was the Samsung s7 against this, and it was showing that it was standing up against the competition. Αλλά φυσικά, this video that I looked at it wasn't Chinese and you can never really trust them because they do just fake some of these comparison, videos and they're, probably from the manufacturer or the manufacturer, paid someone to make this video to say I look.

Κοίτα, Ξέρεις, they're the cool one dual can take. An amazing photo that's better than flagships are cost four times the amount of that. So I also wanted to show you the benchmarks I have ran on this now. Geekbench 3 has now become Geekbench 4 and they have adjusted this scale of thing, so it doesn't have schools that I can relate to anymore compared to other devices and they start benchmarking things side by side, but that is the score there now. So you will see that has changed and it puts it almost the same as the Nvidia shield tablet. Now the the Tegra k1, the Qualcomm six five to that it has in there octa core by the way, with adreno, 510 Γραφικά, so here's a Icestorm unlimited score. Slingshot now these scores to me were a little bit low. They'Re, not really too sure why that is. I storm was maxed out the entry to score, Ωστόσο, low that's, that's net dragon 65, more or less kind of scores, snapdragon 650 gets about 76 ή 78 thousand and battery, like so better loafers stacking up to be very good. Indeed. This is on par with the show me redmi, 3 pro that i reviewed about six months ago, that has the same capacity battery so it's full thousand milliamp hours, and that is a very good score. This is pc mark with the screen calibrated to 200 nits of brightness it's, currently at 200 knots of brightness at the moment now so that's just above halfway.

But if you can what you can see? Canyon, the video that that brightness level is still quite good, and that was with wireless of course activated. So that gave me a screen on time of 10 ώρες και 30 λεπτά. That'S continuous screen on time running the pc mac test there. So real life use I'm going to say that yeah, I think medium to light use you're going to get about 3 days out of this, so it has phenomenal battery life. That is really good. Considering this is a sub 200 US mobile phone, not bad at all, Όχι άσχημα. So so far my impressions are good. One thing that does irritate bug me slightly is every time I use other mobile phones, για παράδειγμα. My me max is my typical daily driver at the moment, but when I do have a look at the screen on this one it's, just those bezels of black bezels on there around the outside of the screen I'm, not too sure why cool pad and the Eco Had to make those so big way, can't they size them down. They are literally the same size as what you see on the Li max 2 καθώς και, their flagship from the Eco there has a Snapdragon 820 and the Builder board of it is good again for the price, Όχι άσχημα, and the 4k video. Καλά, it still as bad 4k. Video still has only 24 frames per second should be 30.

I think it should be 30. At least people could say the arcade 24 cinematic, but the focus is the problem. The focus is still doing that focusing breathing things, so it can't get focused locked properly. It needs a software or firmware update to fix the correct that, and there are some artifacts when you've got a continuous color. Για παράδειγμα, blue sky blue see a white wall. You see artifacts and the video, but the build of it feels good. Now I do think just like my first impressions, unboxing video that does border around the outside – Που, Νομίζω, is definitely plastic and the loudspeakers disappointing now charge time. It took me almost two and a half hours using a qualcomm certified quick charge, three charger, so it's pretty slow to charge it fully and if you're going to use the standard charger, I think you're looking close to about four hours, so maybe three hours. Forty minutes to fully charge this using the supplied, 5 volt, 2 amp charger so very slow and why they concluded that charger the stock one and not a quick charge. One apparently is because it hasn't been certified by Qualcomm. They would have to have paid extra, αλλά ναι, it does support the quick charge function. So we need to do, is go up there and buy yourself a quick comm. A Qualcomm right now welcome quick charge charger and then you'll be able to charge it faster than stock.

So I will be releasing a gaming review video, because people want to see what the gaming performance is like on this. So I'll give you I look at that. It'Ll be an extended look, because my review will only quickly cover the gaming on it, but the full review should be out hopefully within about a week or so once I've had more time on with us, but things are looking good so far. My only complaints would be yeah the camera 4k. The loudspeaker is not loud enough, but battery life, phenomenal performances, good core quality, also excellent, not bad having any problems with it and the three point: five minute: headphone jack, Εξόδους, good sound. I can't really say too much about that, but it it's fine. It seems fine to me so we'll be back with a full review.