This video maker is designed so that you can get less costly ads, increased time spent by prospects, viewing videos and uses this greater engagement to increase sales and profit. This product helps you determine how to create the right video for the right audience at the right time, depending on what your audience desires, with better engagement, conversions and additional subscribers. It is only a matter of time for sales and revenues to increase. Video marketing has become a bit more complex, but this product helps to simplify things and provide you will a whole arsenal of tools to address this issue using videos with subtitles, creating vertical and square videos, making classic videos and creating interest with different types of video styles. All result in more video views, as well as more people watching the entire video. This type of engagement puts you ahead of the curve, the good and the not so good. The good user friendly cloud based no recurring payments, as it is a one time. Investment has a track record of success, can upload across all social media platforms, large library of video and image resources, multiple features in which to customize videos, 30 30 day money back guarantee, the not so good, does take a bit of time to learn and use effectively. There are upgrades who is clip yo for this product is for both online marketers and local business owners who desire to maximize their effectiveness in using video in their promotional efforts, tools and training training videos in the back office.

Five five step process log in from anywhere since this app is totally web based, so it works on any device. Laptop phone tablet, pc dot, select a video that you created and import from your file or use the extensive stock library to make a selection, customize and edit your video as needed, add intros, outros and interactive captions to increase the quality of your videos. So they grab more attention, publish to your desired social media platform or to several of them features all all in one. Professional videos created in less time eliminate the need to spend a lot of time and or money on editing videos with sophisticated software outsourcing. The tasks use the software to create edit and make your videos impressive and effective. In increasing conversions and sales, easily mean your video video memes have been shown to increase, clicks, conversions and engagement, and this can be done quickly with clipyo text quotes, increase the uniqueness of your videos by adding images text drawings and quotes with a few buttons one. One tap animated, intros and outros, add fully customizable intros and outros to videos with text callouts at the beginning or show your social links at the end of your video choose from over 1 000 1000 licensed audio tracks. Videos integration easily integrate the two software tools for maximum effectiveness, create a square or rectangular video, vertical and square videos, increase click, performance and conversions. Doing this manually can be a challenge and consuming automatic captions captioned videos have much higher engagement and retention rates.

Clipyo adds captions to your video or you can upload your own caption files shoot edit and publish eliminates the need to render extensive video files just hit, publish and post your video to any social network in the desired resolution or ratio.