So in this video i decided to test out a new passive earning app for your windows based system, so desktop laptop, possibly even tablets, and it was actually mentioned to me by i don’t know if he or she’s a subscriber, but they commented on one of my Past videos, packet streamand it was by carolis tolicki so i’m. So sorry, if i haven’t pronounced that right, potentially a greek namei’m, not sure, maybe you can review also similar program, ip royal pawns and i thought to myself yeah all right then so i have so. I checked out the sites and i had a bit of a look. So if you go to the site here, it is ip royal pawns has mentioned passive income online, download, app sign up, etc and uh. What sort of struck me is the potential earnings, so how much can you expect to earn daily traffic shared daily, app online 140 ανά μήνα? They make some pretty big claims that some users can earn up to 500 ένα μήνα. So that won’t be me because my bandwidth and internet is pretty crap, but it could be you, depending on your bandwidth and internet system, so let’s check it out so that’s, basically it so you download the app you sign up from the site. You download the app and you just let it do its thing and i’ve been using it. I think i can’t totally remember but it’s about four or five days, but not consistently.

24 7. i’ve turned my laptop off. I haven’t used it for a certain amount of days so on and so on, but i’m up to a dollar and seven cents usd and the minimum cash out is one dollar so that’s. The one part i like about it, so you can go to their website guys and check out if it’s something you want to participate in, like i say, with everything, i’ll do a video on. Do your due diligence check it out, see if it’s something you are cool with and go from there? I believe there may be a referral program with this as well, regardless. I will share the link in the description for it. I’M going to cash out now and we are going to see how long it takes to pay out. So here we have my user dashboard once you log in by your browser. This is what you see, and this is where you need to go to actually request your payout, so not the actual app here that just basically tells you what you’ve earned over time, how much traffic you sold once you log into the browser side of things you Can request payout and download the actual app from here? It is still invader. I haven’t had any payouts. Yet this is my first one. You’Ve also got your affiliate link and you have your commissions. So if you were to refer someone you’d get 10 of every invited user payout amount, that’s, δεν είναι πολύ κακό.

Who knows how long that will go for? I have none at the moment i haven’t shared it with anyone, and i won’t until i get a confirmed payout. So i’m, going to do it now, let’s see how long it takes Music let’s request the payout. I have to set a payout method and email. Σας, Εντάξει, Ας, do that all right! So put all my details in now, and the two payout methods you can use is paypal and payoneer and i’ve saved it in my settings. So now it shouldn’t be a problem. If i go to cash out, let’s request this payout, Εντάξει, it’s gone through and payouts can be requested from one. Yet we know all that so i’ll come back it’s in progress now and we’ll see how long it takes to receive that payout. If it’s instant, if it’s within an hour or if it’s, going to take a few days so while we’re waiting for the payout to happen or why that’s processing or in progress um, and it could take potentially a couple days, i don’t knowmaybe it won’t work At all and it’s a scam, i guess that’s, why i’m testing these things out a couple of other passive apps that i use on my laptop um are still working. I want to know if this would affect that at all. So i’ve done videos on these before, but let’s have a look anyway. So i’ve got my honey game, which is very much the same as ip royal horns, which is quite a strange name.

I have to say so. Honeygain here works the same way: selling uh extra bandwidth and internet etc. One thing i like, since i have done this video a video on honeygain a long time ago, is they’ve added this win credits daily, which really does boost up your earnings. I’Ve, just cashed out for 20 usd only a few days ago, i’m up to 2.14, and now you get this uh try your luck thing here so i’m at 2.14 I 100 credits yesterday, 10 credits today and 2.15 now so 10 credits seems to be 1 Αι. 100 credits yesterday it was 10 cents so, every day you get to do this and that to your total and my daily quota just cashed on over from yesterday, i think it was uh 19 u.s cents for the day, passive earning plus the 100 credits, 29 cents. So you know some people are earning well over a dollar a day, sometimes two dollars a day with this thing and they’re cashing out 50 60 ένα μήνα, Δυστυχώς, my internet’s horrible, so i’m very limited and the other one i wanted to sort of see if it Affected at all was my packet stream, so i will leave a link to all these in the probably i don’t know about the description, but the first commented uh comment on this uh video i’ll pin it there, but it also it doesn’t seem to affect my packet Stream at all, so there you go guys there’s, three passive earning windows based apps for your laptop or desktop or possibly even tablets that you can keep going simultaneously, all three of them.

That brings a little bit of income so with horrible internet that i have i’ve managed to get around five dollars usd a month with packet stream, i’ve just cashed out with this as well and i’m, already up to nearly the dollar mark there for that honey gain. I’M averaging around 20 usd a month, so that’s 25 with that and packet stream, and soon to see with ipv royal pawns. I mean a few days i’m at the dollar over the dollar mark. So you know um i’m, not expecting really high earnings for this. Για μένα, Uh, possibly 5 για να 10 usd a month so already there just passively you’re, looking at possibly 30 για να 40 usd dollars a month for myself with horrible internet. So if you have good bandwidth and internet, your earnings could be much more. Like i said, with honeygain, i know people cashing out 50 usd a month. They stay with this ip royals. Some users are making 500 ένα μήνα, which is pretty damn good for passive income and pack, a stream and also people earning up there. So it’s, based on your your internet, your bandwidth anyway, i’ll, come back and finish this video off once i’ve got some sort of update on the payout. Γεια σου ρε παιδιά, this app windows based app does pay out so that’s great that’s confirmation, i p royal, has sent you 007 usd blah, blah blah blah. Now it took about six hours to receive this.

I just got it. I cash out about six hours ago, so that’s within 24 ώρες, that’s pretty good. I wanted to mention about this, which i didn’t mention before in the video is, Υποθέτω, the opportunity to earn more so like honeygain, it pays you an x amount for gig that you um that they use of yours, Αλλά, unlike honeygain, the longer that you keep It running the more that you earn, so they pay you 10 usd cents per 1 gigawatt shared, Ωστόσο, which is the same as honey gain. Πιστεύω., Ωστόσο, for each hour keeping the app online, they add an extra 2 usd per gigabyte shed. Έτσι, για παράδειγμα, they say if you keep our app online for 12 ώρες, you’ll earn 34 usd cents per one gigabyte shared. So there you go that’s a little bonus. So the longer you run it the longer. The more you earn, which i guess is like anything but there’s extra bonuses there. Έτσι, unlike other apps it’s, just a flat rate, this app pays you more the longer you run it so that’s, pretty cool. So for my internet usage, i think i could probably get 5 10 Μέγιστο, Ίσως 15 usd a month but i’m on the lower spectrum of internet plans and speed. I’Ve got unlimited, but the speed thing um most plans are probably 50 um. 50 mbs speed plans. So you should be able to do double. You should be able to do 10 για να 30 usd a month for this and, if you’ve got even higher than that good for you, you’re lucky anyway, guys so that’s ip royal horns, and i must admit when i first looked at it.

I thought it said prawns which was a bit concerning and then when i saw that it said or not. That was also concerning for different reasons, so anyway, guys really happy that it’s another app that’s passive earning that pays out. Thank you to the person that suggested it for me. Uh you’ve made a few of us happy and that’s that um again please hit like subscribe blah blah blah blah blah blah.