This is the specs on the box. If you guys want to pause it, but this is a 14 ίντσα. 1080P resolution um. I bought this one at best buy right now, it’s on clearance. Για 260 dollars um, this one has four gigabytes of ram. Έχει 32 Gigabyte αποθήκευσης, pretty basic for most of the chromebooks. Unless you pay more than four hundred dollars, then you’re going to find them with eight gigs of ram and a bigger storage. Αυτό, as i mentioned, it’s uh 1080p um it’s a non touch screen, so it doesn’t have a touchscreen. Doesn’T have a backlight keyboard which some people would want, but i honestly i would rather have um. I would rather have 1080p resolution than a touchscreen this one. Also has 250 nits of screen brightness, which is pretty good for this price. All the rest of the budget ones have around 220, Έτσι 250 is quite nice it’s going to be nice and bright screen. It has um like all the other chromebooks. It should be around 9 για να 11 ώρες, so battery life, depending how you said and let’s unbox it and see. What’S inside let’s see what comes inside. I think i got everything. Ναι, i got everything so let’s go um, it’s a two piece charger. I believe it’s uh, Ναι, it’s a usb c charger, which is quite nice to have um so let’s see what else is inside we’re gon na have um warranty booklet, then we’re gon na have um setup instruction and i believe yeah that’s about it and hp questions.

If you have any so let’s see how the chromebook looks let’s take the wrap girl right away, i can tell it has some size, it has a size to it and some weight to it. It’S a 14 ίντσα, so it’s not going to be a small chromebook. Νιώθω., όπως 14 inch just perfect to carry around and at home it’s, not a small screen, it’s it’s all made from plastic, so it has a two different color shades, as you guys can see. Um i’m, not sure how i feel about this. This is dark. Γκρι, has the beautiful hp logo has a chromebook and then the bottom has no vents i’m, assuming because it’s a fanless chromebook um, but the back looks very plasticky. I mean the bottom but yeah and it’s a different color. Έτσι, on the left side you guys gon na have the sd card slot you’re gon na have usbc, which also charges and then you’re gon na have a headphone jack um there’s, no microphone access. Είμαι., not sure if this is a headphone microphone, but it does have microphone built in so you’re. Not gon na need that so headphone jack is pretty nice to have and then on the right side. You guys gon na have um usbc this one. You can also use for charging, so you can charge it on either side. Then this is going to be usb 3.0, so let’s open and see how it looks it has.

It looks pretty nice has dual speakers on each side. I love. I love this setup when it has two different speakers um one on each side. I feel like whenever you’re watching uh to a movie or music, it sounds really nice. Um also has this like dual color. This one is more uh dark gray, and this one is more light. Uh kind of feels i don’t know it’s a little bit weird, but i don’t mind that and um it has the hp camera. I believe it’s uh, 0.9 megapixel um. All these chromebooks are pretty much the same cameras, especially the hp chromebooks, so nothing special but it’s usable. So you can use it for class or video, chats and stuff like that. As you guys can see, the tripod looks nice and big i’m gon na. Do a review once you know i usually use them for about a week, um the and then i’ll give you guys my honest opinion about it, but to be uh to tell you right ahead, like the trackpad feels really nice, i’m, not sure. If you guys can hear that, but it’s very clicky, which i love it has nice space keyboard, looks nice too it’s non backlight, so there’s no backlight to it and um. Let me see if i can power it on, i might need to plug it in the charger.