Your tablet stay tuned, Μουσική, hey everybody! I just want to remind you that we are giving away a z10 air mouse, which i find to be one of the best on the market right now, you need to look at this video here, Είναι, going to tell you how to enter i’ll, put a link In the description, so you know which one to go to, along with any other giveaways we’re having we’re not just giving away the air mouse it’s, also coming with a otg cable, also we’re going to go ahead and send one of these. It is a adapter usb adapter it’s uh, really a cool little out we’re, giving all three of these one giant. So please hit that up. You’Ll like it for your chance of winning, hey everybody. I just wanted to give you a reminder that we’re giving away fire stick 4ks and fire stick lights. All you have to do is check this video right here. I have the link in the description for you check out our other giveaways too. You know the fire hd 10 tablet is got to be one of the best tablets out there for under 200, but it can be better and putting google play store on. It is going to be one of the best things you can do for it now. I actually got this one tablet here. I have more than one, but i get this one tablet on a cyber monday sale for 70 δολάρια, okay and it’s.

I can’t complain with that at all. This is it’s a great tablet, it’s a great way to go. You might want to take a look at it and it may work for you now i’m going to work on doing maybe a my drone with it too, but that’s for a later video but go and check the link below. If you want to get one. I try to pick the best deals for you, so go ahead and hit that link and see what it’s going for today. Αλλά, as i was saying, the fire 10 hd tablet is just a great tablet. It really is, Αλλά, like i said it could be better and being able to install apps from the google play store, is one of those things that’s going to make it a lot better play your games on it and all that kind of stuff. So let’s take a look at it. Now we used to have to use a you know laptop with software and get into it that way to update it to the google play store. We no longer have to do that i’m going to show you just an easy way to do it without doing that, with a pc and without rooting. The tablet now be sure that you do this in the same order that i’m going to show you in this video, okay or it may not work hey, but first do me a favor and if you’re not subscribed, please subscribe.

It means a great deal to me and if you could hit that little bell notification, it’s going to tell you when another video comes out and if you’ve entered our drawings, you want to make sure you have that bell notification, so you’ll be notified when a winning Video goes out and you might have won something so be sure to do that, and if you would give me a thumbs up, i appreciate it so much it’s really a great thing to do. It helps the channel out a lot and please remember, to share this video crouch your social network. If it helps you it’s going to help them and it helps us. So please do that and i thank you so much for your support. Εντάξει. The first thing i would say is you want to do this on your tablet. Εντάξει, is to watch this video on your tablet, so go ahead and pause here and open up your tablet and watch it on it. Just so it’s easier for you, when you have the links all right there: Εντάξει, first open your silk browser and go to the first download it’s going to be the google account manager. Click on the download apk an apk is an install file for an android that’s. All it is then, allow the permissions to install it. Now it may take some time but it’ll download then go ahead and install it. Δεύτερη, click on google services framework, nine, now we’re gon na do the same thing: we’re gon na go to apk pure and we’re.

Gon na go ahead and download that and get it installed. Εντάξει, we’re ready for number three let’s go to google play services. Get this the same way. You did the other ones and we’re gon na go ahead and install it. Εντάξει. Last but not least, let’s go to google play store, apk and get it downloaded and we’re gon na get the dude set up. Εντάξει, once you’re done getting all these downloaded and installed, and everything went well uh and you didn’t have any internet outage or anything like that. Do a restart, not just power off but go and do a restart on your tablet. Εντάξει, Τώρα, once it’s open see, google play is now installed with the framework to run it now in the description i’m going to go and put those links for you, so you don’t have to go. Hunting for them is go ahead and get those that’s. What i want you to do, i wanted you to do it on the tablet, so you just click on the link and it’ll. Take you right in the tablet so, but be sure that you do it one two, three and four. I sure hope that helped you and that’s what we’re here for and if it did please hit the subscribe button i’d appreciate that along the thumbs up that helps everything. Now this helped you. I know you know a lot of people out there that this may help. So please share it with them and on your facebook and so forth just to get this out so they can have a better tablet.

I just want to say thank you to all my supporters and all my viewers, thank you so much and have a fantastic day and i’ll see you on the next one. I just want to say thank you for watching the whole video to the end, and i want to appreciate everybody that does that uh. If you would, Αν και, if you’re not subscribed hit that little button right here, it will help the channel tremendously and, όπως πάντα, maybe look at our other videos here and you might get an idea of what you want.