Let’S get started Music now, let’s start with samsung notes that one. I really just got it installed on my tablet and i bought it it’s a samsung tablet, so yeah that’s how i got introduced to it, but it’s been working well, i’ve been using it in school. In charge, taking all sorts of notes for one major reason, because i can use my test pen with itit’s literally the best app i could use my s pen with for writing, notes, crippling anything even drawing and it’s much faster than typing for most guys. Even if you have a very high typing speed, still, you can’t beat actually taking notes using a pen. Some other nice features that it comes with, as a benefit is number one. The cloud storage, all my notes that i’ve taken over the years since i got my tabletprobably three four years now are accessible to me. I just set them over to samsung notes on my tablet, or even my samsung account on my pc number two. It has quite a nice interface i like it and of late. They did a refresh which gives you some more intuitive features. Ναι. It looks good literally, but samsung notes also comes with its own downsides. I think the biggest is how jittery makes me feel imagining that at some point i’m like locked into samsung, if i were to get another tablet from another company, maybe if i was to head over and get an ipad, i don’t know what happens to my samsung Notes so yeah.

I think it does not stimulate as much confidence as google apps, για παράδειγμα, and that’s, where we head over to my second taking up google keep. I use. Google keep basically for quick notes. That is if i need to create a list of something or sometimes i’m reading a book or watching a video, and i need to take down some quick notes. Maybe some ideas are getting shared. Maybe i need to take down some points. One of my favorite features in google keep is actually the list. I could actually use it for shopping lists where, after making the list, you can actually take them out for whatever thing you bought or whatever you’ve accomplished and like you’d, expect from any other google app keep is simple, it’s well polished and it’s tied to your google Account so anywhere on a desktop or on a laptop or on your phone. Wherever you can log into your google account, you could probably use google keep over there. But again, όπως πάντα, there are some cons it’s, not as feature rich. I can’t use my pen on it, για παράδειγμα. The main reason i use it for quick notes is just because you know it’s very good on a phone and like notion and i’ve made a whole video about notion so i’m not going to go into the depths of notion and the nitty gritties, but as an Overview basically, i use notion mostly for managing my youtube channel writing scripts over there.

Keeping lists of my videos notion is literally a workspace it’s much more than just an app for taking notes, so i mostly use it in sort of like a project setting. We actually have a big agenda to accomplish and there are some sub projects that would benefit from having their own pages it’s, actually like a website in itself. Έτσι, among the reasons i like, it is number one it feels quite professional. I like the way you can link ideas between notes, υπάρχει, a very nice linking feature that i’ve talked about in that video about notion, and it offers a lot of flexibility, be it multiple views and templates that you can download and use it. If you wanted to make a business plan, για παράδειγμα, there’s a template for that, if you wanted to write a scientific power cv, there is probably a template for that. So yeah, the depths of notion are far reaching. But again with that comes some disadvantages or some cons and the biggest is there’s. Quite some learning curve, like a friend of mine, somehow just gave up, despite being an engineer number twoand this is probably my biggest issue with notionis the exporting feature. Για παράδειγμα, sometimes i need to send whatever i’ve written to save my wife by what’s up. I need to do the export thing where it sends them a link instead of just copy pasting, the stuff they have to like download.

You know whatever file that i have exported from notion and lastly, there are the functions that come with the slash it’s, quite genius, how they implement it, but again it’s an issue when you’re just typing and you need to use the slash. Maybe you just want to meanor you know, potatoes slash mangoes once you type in that slash. It gives you all those options to choose from so sometimes you don’t really want to see options. You just want to say, or you get so yeah. Those are the apps i used to take my notes if you would like more tips and tricks on how i take my notes personally for various situations comments down below and in my future productivity and digital life, videos i’ll be sure to include that and on your Way down there hit that subscribe button and that notification bell, because i don’t want you missing any of my productivity and digital life. Videos that i upload every week and if you found valley in this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up.