So as far as i can understand, Uh, oh teleport. We like that i’m finding a virtual phone well, this is hello. Thank you for using find my phone the number one highest rated tablet app on the tablet store. We are now searching for your device we’ve located your phone we’ve, determined that your phone is definitely within a 50 kilometer radius of your current location or 50 kilometers helpful. Oh i’m. Sorry is that not good enough for you? Όχι, i see how it is. Εντάξει, fine we’ll play it your way. Your phone is uh uh! Εντάξει, give me a second give me a second: why is this pushy? You know what try scanning your environment a little that might give me a better bearing on where your phone might be. Εντάξει. Ω. This is weird i’m scanning through a virtual tablet. Looking for a virtual phone that’s funny all right, that’s one item scanned uh, try another good um! You know what third time’s a charm do: one more: Εντάξει, Εντάξει! I thought this would be more helpful than it is checked outside. Εντάξει, let’s go outside nice room by the way cute little details everywhere. Ξέρεις, hey a cardboard box, maybe your phone’s inside no, probably not handcuffs used for detaining criminals and late night visitors wait. Why do you own these? What about me plants? This is a potted plant. It provides oxygen to the rooms. Όχι, i don’t know what kind of plant the oxygen giving kind.

I guess all right, let’s go outside then yeah. I bet it’s somewhere out here. I can say pretty confidently that it’s either in your house or it’s, not in your house, hey wait. Do you hear something? I think i hear your phone vibrating follow that noise? Εντάξει, hey great detail in the city! Look at it! Look at it! Μεγάλο! Εντάξει! Scanning scanning, i don’t hear a vibration. Don’T hear a vibration to be honest, we’ll set on the floor, what’s that, Εντάξει, what on earth this path goes to nowhere i’m trapped in the park? Όχι, but i don’t care because i’m trying to find my phone hey a cardboard box, maybe your phone’s inside no, probably not, Εντάξει, hey a cardboard box, maybe your phone’s inside! Όχι, we already checked enough boxes. I think i can hear something i can hear: vibrating Music. I went away. Γεια σου, you found my feet thanks, you’re looking for your phone here use my phone to call your own, so you can find it very happy. Isn’T she jumping up and down keep going, keep going. Περίμενε. No don’t keep going uh search around here. For a little bit, i’ve got a pretty good feeling about this. Παρακαλώ, Εντάξει, now i’m uh know kind of back. Alleyway looks like a pawn shop over there. Can i go in there? Όχι, what about the bin over there did that woman say that i could use her phone. This is a mailbox it’s, pretty standard! No wait! Does this count as a mailbox isn’t the mailbox, the thing you put in front of your house? What wait what’s this thing? No yeah that woman she was just jumping up and down on the spot, so excited about getting a beach forgot that she promised me yeah it’s, not raining right now, which would explain why nobody’s currently raising for something i could use your phone can take the umbrella That the phone thief took it.

If you haven’t heard of him he’s going around snatching, everyone’s phones, look at all the wanted posters. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just snatched your phone right out of your house, hey a cardboard box, maybe your phone’s inside! Please stop scanning cardboard, a hey. You know i um, you know i do stuff that isn’t scanning garbage right, Γεια, Περίμενε! I think i hear a buzzing and it doesn’t sound like bees this time. My gps navigational system is saying that you should follow that buzzing. Ήχος. Εντάξει, my gps navigational system is also saying you should pick up the pace. A little bit, we’ve been out here for a few hours. Where is it it’s again? Oh sounds like maybe these boxes that’s a street light. It lets drivers know when they’re allowed to. Ω, Ω, oh darn it! If you look at that, i had my gps set to roomba tracking mode. Oh whoa that’s, embarrassing! Καλά, i found my room but jonathan. Thank god bless your heart what’s that yeah you can use my phone of course. Ναι, Εντάξει, Εντάξει! Ναι, Ναι, Ναι, yeah it’s really gave me his phone. I know i know oh got ta trust me this time, i’m, just positive that your phone is somewhere in this dingy warehouse. I mean we checked everywhere else. It’S got to be in here. I see. Who knows. Maybe this warehouse belongs to the phone thief. Obviously the uh, the one before she did give me her phone when they give you their phone that’s the portal to the next stage.

Εντάξει, i get it. Oh that’s, a handmade barstool, very classy. It appears you have a hammer. You are now able to swing it in the morning in the evening, all over this land, Εντάξει, what’sthat thing on the floor, no what’s that i think that’s some kind of music reference i forget about. You know something i feel like we’ve really grown through this whole experience. I’Ve learned how much i hate trying to find your phone. You now know at least a thousand places where your phone definitely is not. I mean we’re, wiser than we were before we’re more knowledgeable. Εντάξει, so if you’re looking to carry stuff around, but you also want to spend a lot of money doing so, hey man i’ve got just the thing for you: okay get out, ah a skeleton. Oh he doesn’t want to scan it. Maybe too scary a crowbar. Rarely used in video games for its intended purpose. This one included that’s a very big crowbar. I can’t seem to oh what’s that can i get in there? Όχι, no take your time it’s not like. I had places to be uh huh. Καλά, i don’t think it’s here, don’t think it’s here right over there that’s a street light it lets drivers know when they’re allowed to oh uh. I think the um. I think the drivers needed that what’s that i don’t know a mattress someone’s been sleeping here, and i say we leave the subject at that for now uh, oh hey! I can hear your phone yeah.

I can hear it ringing. That’S still still using a polyphonic. Ringtone, are we that’s cute or you know someone else might find it cute? Ω, i should have known it was the radio. Why do i feel stupid? I feel like a real, dumb dumb. I love this song. My police radio thought i lost that thing. It’S back in safe hands. Now you need my phone that’s, not a bad trade sure go for it. Okay looks like we’re going to the next yeah, keep going it’s. Definitely this way, oh we’re, back in the house. Τώρα, oh it’s, your house. I should have guessed it would be in here: let’s go inside, Εντάξει, Εντάξει, it must be nearly there now. Oh hey a newspaper. Oh let’s get caught up on the world today. Oh oh that’s, κρίμα! Ω! I wish. I hadn’t read that okay, a zip tie! Why do i have a zip tie in handcuffs a zip tie, a totally intact, zip tie on the ground? Why do you have this yeah? Καλά, i was thinking to be honest. Can’T move anymore, keep going, keep going warmer, Εντάξει, try not to walk into the wall. I can pick up the entire computer keyboard i’m. Guessing these are the guys that made the game good job, guys it’s a unique game. I can turn the light on. I know just trash my apartment. Instead, this is a vanilla file. Folder. It has the uncanny ability to make even the most benign documents look kind of important.

Ω όχι, Όχι! Όχι! Όχι! Όχι! Oh man, tv! Όχι! I don’t need ridiculous. I guess come on, got ta be somewhere it’s, getting silly now playing the sofa isn’t it! Όχι! Ω! My tablet seems to have frozen. Oh dear, i can’t scan anything now can’t scan anything guys, can’t scan anything. What we’re gon na do can’t progress. If i can’t scan anything? Ω, Ω, oh i could have a problem here. We have a problem what’s up what’s up there, Εντάξει, a guni can’t get it. Ω, oh what’s, going on here. Well so many through that screen the money, Μουσική, Εντάξει, a unique game for sure i haven’t played anything like it nice twist. At the end, i was the first spoiler of that. Εντάξει, i guess it’s, just the credits now. Εντάξει, thank you for watching.