My iPad is My Computer. Here's Why.

I’Ve done multiple videos, comparing ipads talking specs and unboxing, this magical sheet of glassand this is mainly because i adopt and operate with an ipad first workflow, a lot of people, maybe even yourself turn to your laptop or maybe even a desktop computer when it comes To work typing papers working […]

AMD Ryzen Pro Series Business Laptops Overview

We’Ll talk about amd business series of laptops and guys i actually have three of them. This is from lenovo that’s the thinkpad series uh. Then i also have a high end: ultra light uh, one from hp that is known as the pro book, and we also have one more same from hp. Αλλά […]

Xiaomi Mi Max 3: How to recover from Soft Brick/Data Encryption

So i’ve decided to to do this and go free. Some spare time so far, i’ll just do a quick video showing you how to recover your max free. If you get stuck now, the data encryption era is a common one and also soft bricks. If you may have happened to flash android 12 […]

Old pc Review (INSANE)

You old, cute computer review, yep kind of feeling it’ll be dead. It looks like we’re gon na try and find um. Μουσική. Music know oh right here, but it will be worth it. Έχω μόνο. 20 minutes to record this video because i’m leaving soon, which means i have like a couple minutes. […]

Best Camera App for Android (2021 Αναθεώρηση!)

I’Ll share my top recommendation. The number one app that i’m using on android right now and why hey it’s justin brown here from primal video, where we help you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video. If you’re seeing value in this video make sure you’re giving it a thumbs up, […]

Καλύτεροι ταμπλέτες των Windows 2021 – Κορυφή 3 Καλύτεροι ταμπλέτες των Windows

My x630 is an ultimate and supreme tablet by lenovo that runs on windows 10, offering exciting features to the users. Το 12.3 full hd display of the tablet, with a resolution of 1920 x 1280 cut off lenovo mix 630 tablet from others in the market. Making it purely e tablet is very […]

Dell XPS 15 (9500) Αναθεώρηση

Ωστόσο, since the xps 13 obtained the exact same therapy back at ces, and currently the entire schedule complies with the exact same development. That is precisely what dell did practically every element of the xps 15 is enhanced in the new design, from a bigger display to a bigger trackpad and a lot more. […]

Galaxy Tab S7 Tips and Tricks (2021)

S7 i’ve been using it for a few months now, and some of these tips and tricks will apply to uh, samsung phones as well as well as older tabs and the tab s7 plus. So let’s go ahead and get straight into it. Music alrighty guys so tip number one is removing gesture hints […]

Lenovo Flex 5 – Ryzen 7 5700U – Πρώτες εντυπώσεις

5.. I did several videos on the previous version, which had the ryzen 5 4500U. This one has the brand new ryzen. 7. 50. 700. U – and i am very excited to check this outthis one is slightly bigger than the previous one i had, because that was a 14 ίντσα. Αυτό […]

2in1 Berbahan Jeans? – Lenovo Yoga 6 di nama, bayi, nama, bayi, expected dari line up Lenovo Yoga series, Lenovo Yoga, six adalah laptop dengan form Factor compact dan juga, enteng, bagian, yang paling, memberi, kesan, berbeda, dari, laptop lain, Είναι, bagian, atasnya, Ή, Bagian belakang dari layarnya ini, dimana, itu terbuat, dari, pabrik, Εάν, gua, pegang, pegang ini, mirip, Αλήθεια, […]

M1X vs M2 Macs — Differences Explained!

, I’m, Rene Ritchie., Welcome to the channel. And today we’re talking about M1X versus M2., The next extension versus the next generation of Apple Silicon for the Mac and why there seems To be just so much confusion and misinformation, swirling around it., So yeah grab a beverage, maybe a snack, because we’re gon […]

The BEST laptop display I have ever seen!!! – Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

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