This is a prepaid phone or a pay as you go phone and turn it into a little emulation gaming device. I actually picked this up for 40. After black friday, but now the price has actually gone up to 60.. I did post this on my community tab to see if anybody was interested in picking one up and overall at 40 bucks definitely worth it at 60. I still think it’s worth it now. This is actually a straight talk, prepaid phone and i don’t have any service with straight talk whatsoever. What i use these for is wi fi in the house on wi fi can connect my hotspot and i usually use them for emulation cloud gaming and native android gaming, and when it comes to the 2020 moto e at that 40 price tag, this is the best 40 android device that i’ve ever taken a look at on my channel it’s actually got some decent specs at that price and even at that 60 dollar price tag. Τώρα, as a lot of you know, σε 2019 και 2020 we’ve had a lot of these retro emulation. Handhelds released that go anywhere from thirty dollars up to two hundred dollars, but they’re really lacking in the power department. A lot of them do have really awesome designs. They got good controls built in beautiful small ips screens, but really when it comes down to it. Κατά τη γνώμη μου,, it comes down to the gameplay if the game isn’t performing well, i don’t mind sacrificing the form factor a little bit to get the best performance out of that game and that’s.

One of the big reasons i always gravitate towards these cheaper android devices, because a lot of them are way more powerful than those handhelds. Now this thing definitely isn’t perfect, υπάρχει, two main things here that i really don’t like when i initially picked this up. I was like 100 sure that would have usb type c, Δυστυχώς, it’s still rocking an old micro, usb port and the second letdown to this device here is it’s using a 32 bit operating system. So we can’t run 64 bit apps like dolphin on this unit, but in the end, it’s really hard for me to complain about a device like this when it costs 40 για να 60 δολάρια. You’Re still getting a really great deal here, so let’s go ahead and go over the specs for the cpu. We have the snapdragon 632, and this was the most surprising thing about this device for the price: Είναι, not a flagship soc, but it’s a lot better than any of the old 400 σειρά. Snapdragons that usually come in these cheaper phones. Έχει 8 πυρήνες και 1.8 Gigahertz. The gpu is the arduino 506. We get two gigs of ram: Α 6.2 inch ips display at 720 από 1520 32 gigabytes of internal storage, plus a micro sd card slot and i’ve personally tested a 256 gigabyte card 802.11 ac wi fi. So we can pick up that 5 gigahertz network bluetooth. 4.2. Α 3 50 milliamp hour battery and the unit is running android 10 right out of the box.

Τώρα, όπως ανέφερα, this is a prepaid phone and by prepaid i mean this is pay as you go, you buy the device, then you add service to it and pay per month. You don’t have to have any contracts or anything like that. They’Re also referred to as no contract phones and when i pick one of these up, i don’t need any extra service. I just pull the sim card out of it and run it over wi fi in the house, or connect it to a hotspot if i’m out and about so turning a cheap android device into an emulation. Handheld is actually quite easy. Τώρα. The first thing i always recommend is getting a controller. You can always just use it with the on screen controls and the emulators, if you want to, but personally i prefer physical controls. Δυστυχώς, this unit doesn’t have usb type c, so we can’t use some of the fancier controllers, but these bluetooth controllers will work fine. With this unit, i prefer using the sataki 7007x i’ve done a review on it. These are what’s known as telescopic controls, and i prefer this method here, but you can always buy a clip for your xbox one controller or your ps4 controller and that’ll connect right to the android device. Επίσης, you could opt for this cheaper, pow kitty version, because it has that blue and red like the switch, but you can get the sataki in the same color or you could opt for the ipega 9086.

. Like i said, i prefer the sataki 7007 so that’s. What i’m going to be going for, and now that i have my physical controls added to this device, i want a launcher that’s going to make this look like a little handheld console, and for that i use an app called dig. You can get it from the google play store, i’ve done a tutorial on it. I’Ll leave a link in the description. There are extra themes that you can download. I just have this retro looking theme here. It does scrape all of your artwork and everything like that. So you can manage your games very easily with dig gives it that retro pie, launch box front end, look on your android device, so what i have going on right now is this 25 bluetooth controller, an 8.64 gigabyte micro sd card just to get a little more Storage out of this device and this 40 για να 60 dollar android phone, το 2020 moto e. The cost of this setup here is actually on par with these retro handhelds that have been released in 2020, and this thing will absolutely decimate them when it comes to raw power. So let’s go ahead and get into some testing and i’m not going to be testing any of the lower end stuff here from nes pc engine game boy, advance, Παιχνίδι, boy, χρώμα, mame, neo geo, because this does have enough power to run all of those that i Just mentioned i’m really worried about the higher end stuff that these retro handhelds won’t run well like dreamcast, n64 and psp.

Έτσι, first up we have dreamcast using the redream emulator with each one of these games. You will see the name of the system, the name of the emulator, if i’m upscaled or not, and the name of the game on screen at any given time. So you know what’s going on. I also have the fps listed on screen with each one of these emulators. It might be in a different spot for each of these, but for dreamcast it’s in the top left hand corner now, i’ve tested a lot of dreamcast games on this device and basically, as long as the game is compatible with the redrain emulator it’s going to play, It i am upscaled here to 1280 από 960.. There might be a few. You need to bring it down a little bit like dead or live 2, but overall dreamcast performs excellent on this device. I’Ve got one more to show off after sonic adventure 2 here and then we’ll move over to n64 Music, Μουσική. Μουσική. Hey get in leave it to you, Μουσική, go to the department, Εντάξει, don’t be throwing up man; Μουσική, hurry up, trust me, Μουσική! Επόμενο επάνω, we have some n64 using moo pin 64 plus fz from the google play store, i’m upscale to 800×600, and everything that i’ve tested has worked great here. I actually believe, with these easier run, games we’d be able to upscale a little more but we’re kind of limited by the screen.

Resolution already 700 από 1520 isn’t the highest resolution, but it is a lot higher than the retro handhelds that have been released, and i do think this looks really good and in my experience, performance here with n64 is really great on this device. I got a couple more to test here and then we’ll move over to Music psp Music. Oh here we have psp using ppsspp 2x resolution, no hacks no frame skip and i’m using the vulcan back in for the easier to run stuff you’re not going to have any issues at all and with something like this. We could actually go up to 3x, but i just kept it at 2 because i still think it ups a resolution and looks great on this little screen here now when it comes to the harder to run games like ghost of sparta and chains of olympus. You might have to add a little frame, skip and drop it down, but for a majority of the psp games that are compatible with the ppsspp emulator you’re gon na get great performance at the snapdragon 632 fire. I must return so along with emulation. Another thing i like to do with these devices is game streaming, be it geforce now stadia new amazon, luna or even steam link, and since this does have ac wi fi built in it, actually works really well. Here we have stadium running cyberpunk and i’m using that sataki 7007x controller and, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, i mean it works great.

It looks good on the screen. So when it comes to these inexpensive android phones, i mean emulation isn’t, the only thing you can do on it, plus we have a ton of native android games, that’ll run at full speed on the snapdragon 632. Έτσι, Συνολική, i do think this is a decent little secondary device. If you want to build a little emulation setup with it a game streaming setup, it is worth it even at that 60 dollar price tag. If you were able to pick one of these up when they were on sale for forty dollars, it’s an even better deal, all you really need to do is add a cheap micro sd card. So you have a little more storage in this unit and an inexpensive bluetooth controller, and you can have an awesome, little handheld console here, but that’s gon na wrap it up for this video really appreciate you watching. I will leave a few links in the description.