12 save. So i have here the package so actually on friday, Μουσική. So here it goes: Μουσική, Μουσική, m Music. Ω, oh so guys this one’s uh a description, so this was around ten thousand Music Music, um Music, so Music, Μουσική, Uh, Μουσική, so Music keyboard Music is Music or whatever Music. So we also have an obg Music Applause. Um, Μουσική, foreign Music up Music screamed Music. Actually guys, Music Musici decided to buy this so i own so Music and then inside the box Music. So we have our user manual as usual, and then we have our cord charging cord, which is type ceiling: Μουσική, oh Music, Μουσική, Μουσική, youtube and other video platforms, and also android 10.7 and it’s. A 4g lte capable as well and the process of vienna is helio field 60 octa core processor now so hindi, Μουσική, so i’ll give you another video for that. So thank you so much for watching and i hope you have a great day.