, Starting with the specs. The key difference is that the newer 2070 Super version has 11 περισσότερους πυρήνες CUDA, but slightly lower base and boost clock speeds as a result. Both have a 80 για να 115 watt power limit range, Βασικά, anything not at 115 watts or max performance is considered Max Q And both laptops Im testing with here run the GPU at 90 Watt.. The laptops Im testing with are the Aero 17 from Gigabyte.. The one from last gen has the Intel i9, 9980HK CPU and Nvidia RTX 2070 Max Q graphics. While the newer one has the Intel, i7 10875H and new Nvidia RTX 2070 Σούπερ Max Q, graphics., Ναι, theres a CPU difference, but its quite subtle, given they have the same core count same cache and boost. Ομοίως, in this chassis, this is the closest I can do with what Ive had available. The 10th gen platform also offers higher memory speeds, which may affect some results too, αλλά και πάλι, this is a legitimate difference that exists when comparing last gen with current gen Super graphics. Will only be paired with 10th gen processors. Lets start out with games, then look at other 3D applications afterwards. Rainbow Six Siege was tested using the games built in benchmark tool. Ive got the Super results shown by the red bars and non Super results shown by the Purple bars. Σε αυτή τη δοκιμή, the newer Super laptop was 10.6 faster with ultra settings when compared against the older non Super laptop.

Πεδίο μάχης 5 was tested in campaign mode running through the same section of the game on both laptops. In terms of average FPS. Το 2070 Super was ahead in all cases with a 10 lead at ultra settings. Ωστόσο, it was behind in terms of 1 Χαμηλά. Ive found 1 low performance inconsistent in this game, but this could also be due to our CPU difference. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested using the games benchmark tool, and this game saw one of the largest differences out of all titles tested with the newer Super GPU, Σχεδόν 19, faster in average frame rate at highest settings. CSGO was tested with the Ulletical FPS benchmark And with everything maxed out, the Super laptop was 27 faster than the older one. Making this the biggest improvement out of all 13 games that were looking at here. DotA 2 was tested playing in the middle lane and there was a much smaller difference. Εδώ. 1 lows were either the same or went one way or the other slightly, while the averages were quite close too, with ultra settings just 3 faster from the Super laptop.. Το Τμήμα 2 was tested with the games built in benchmark and there was less and less of a difference stepping up to the higher setting levels. Σε εξαιρετικά ρυθμίσεις. The Super laptop was just 3 faster than the older non super version. Ωστόσο, there was a larger 13 boost, with the newer laptop at low settings granted thats, probably more likely to be the CPU and memory differences.

Overwatch was tested in the practice range, as this allows me to perform the exact same test run. Ωστόσο, actual gameplay does perform a bit worse. Στο μέγιστο των ρυθμίσεων. The Super laptop was 8 faster than the older one, αν και η 1 low differed much more at low settings. Δολοφόνοι, Creed Odyssey was tested using the games benchmark tool and the Super laptop was 9 Πιο γρήγορα. In terms of average FPS at the highest setting level here with the same 1, low result from either. Metro Exodus was also tested using the games benchmark and was another win in all cases. For the Super laptop, η οποία ήταν 18.5 faster with the extreme setting preset., Το Witcher 3 was tested in the same section of the game. Ωστόσο, the older laptop was actually slightly ahead at low to medium settings. In average FPS granted, it was extremely close and negligible at the end of the day. Σε εξαιρετικά ρυθμίσεις, where the GPU is presumably utilized more, the Super laptop was almost 4 faster., Far Cry, New Dawn was tested with the games benchmark and the Super laptop was 9 Faster in average FPS at ultra settings here, ενώ η 1 low was much closer, at least at ultra. The gap seems to widen there at lower settings. Ghost Recon Wildlands was tested with the benchmark tool. I stopped testing this in favour of the newer Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ωστόσο, that game launched after I did my 9th gen Aero 17 testing, so Ive revisited it with the newer Super version.

Σε εξαιρετικά ρυθμίσεις. The Super laptop was 12 faster with nice improvements to 1 Χαμηλά, seen at all setting levels.. Επιπλέον, Ive brought back strange brigade for the same reason I needed to pad out some games as a lot of the newer games. I test these days werent available when I tested the non Super laptop. Σε αυτή τη δοκιμή. The Super laptop was 16.5 ταχύτερη στο μέσο FPS. At ultra., These are the differences in performance when looking at all 13 παιχνίδια δοκιμαστεί. On average out of these titles, το 2070 super max q was 11.6 faster than the older 2070 Max Q, at least when both have the same 90 watt όριο ισχύος.. While results can vary a fair bit between different titles, as you can see here, I found it interesting that this 11 average improvement basically matches the 11 increase to the CUDA core count that the Super version has over the older non Super. Heres. The difference were looking at with 3DMark. The Super laptop was 12 faster in terms of the Firestrike graphics score, Σχεδόν 10 faster for the Timespy graphics score, and then it reached a 14 higher score in the port royal test, which uses ray tracing. Ive also run SPECviewperf 13, which is a benchmark for measuring Graphics performance based on professional applications.. Σε όλες τις περιπτώσεις, το 2070 Super laptop was ahead. Ωστόσο, the amount could vary. A fair bit between specific tests. Luxmark is an OpenCL benchmark tool which renders out different scenes with the GPU.

, Depending on the test. The Super graphics performed 18 για να 30 better in these tests.. The V Ray benchmark was also run on the GPU and it renders out a scene as well.. Στην περίπτωση αυτή,, the Super laptop was scoring 20 higher in this task, so looks like the GPU specific rendering tests see further increased performance compared to most of the games.. Both laptops have the same 94wh battery and interestingly, the newer Super version lasted just a few minutes. Extra when compared to the older model, ενώ παίζετε παιχνίδια, which may be down to some of the efficiency improvements, Nvidia have mentioned with these new GPUs.. Δυστυχώς, I havent got power, draw and thermal data for GPU load, as I didnt test this with the non Super Aero 17. When I had access to it. Και πάλι, all testing here was done with 90 watt power limits so expect worse performance with 80 watt configurations or likewise more performance with a higher power limit.. Δυστυχώς, the power limits arent advertised with new laptops, so the only way to find out what power limits laptops run at is to watch reviews like mine. For updated pricing. You can check the links in the description. At the time of recording. I cant actually find the price of the 9980HK and 2070 Max Q version of Aero 17, but when I reviewed it late last year, ήταν γύρω 3200 Usd.. Εν τω μεταξύ, this new version, which is outperforming it in at least GPU tasks with the new Super graphics, is actually about 300 φθηνότερα.

So it seems more performance is available for less granted. Im, not too sure how the CPUs stack up, but from what Ive. Seen so far. The i7 10875H isnt far behind the i9 9980HK.. Προφανώς, if you already have a laptop with RTX 2070 Max Q graphics, then it wouldnt be a good use of money to upgrade to 2070 Σούπερ Max Q. But if youre buying today and the price gap is say a fair 10, then the newer one does offer some improvement and outside of games. This appears to be even higher with the Super GPU in 3D, rendering applications., Let me know which of these GPUs youd pick and why down in the comments. Αλλιώς, I look forward to reading all the Max Q hate comments. Ούτως ή άλλως, thanks for watching and if youre new to the channel consider getting subscribed for future laptop comparisons and tech.