6 inch screen model. This is a new 2020 model and this laptop definitely brings some very interesting features. But before we get into today’s video remember to subscribe, if you haven’t already, especially if you’re new to the channel, i make these videos all the time, so it’s up would be very appreciated. I’M also going to try to reach 700 subscribers by the end of the year, so it’d be nice. If you could take two seconds of your life to do such a simple thing, starting off with the video we’re going to cover the build quality in the design, ποιότητα κατασκευής, wise it’s premium, Είναι, really good it’s, like probably the best out of like all the other Laptops in my life, i’ve ever felt it’s, basically metal, and it feels like so durable, and this thing will definitely last for like several years. I was pretty surprised about that. Now pretty much the entire chassis is basically metal. There aren’t really that much plastic parts that i’ve seen in other laptops laptop, is also touch screen as well. The trackpad is also completely metal and they’re. Also the dedicated buttons which i really like the trackpad, is also pretty accurate, using windows. Προγράμματα οδήγησης ακριβείας, which is also great as well. The keyboard, is also very high quality, very easy to type it’s, also backlit, which you can turn it on by hitting the f5 key or turn it off. By doing that again, it’s also very comfortable to type on and the palm rest area are very nice it’s, also one of the highest quality keyboards that i’ve used in the past on laptops now for the ports on the right side, there’s an sd card reader, an Audio jack, two usb a ports, an hdmi port, a ethernet, jack cable and on the left side, υπάρχει, a power cord there’s, a usbc port which does support thunderbolt 3 and another usb 8 port and the vents where the fans could blow out.

The display is somewhat above average, but not the best quality i’ve ever seen so far. Color accuracy is acceptable, it’s a little bit above average, but not the best i’ve ever seen it comes with a 300 Εμφανίσετε, so it may not matter because it’s just a business laptop and you may not really take advantage of the screen display quality. Unless, if you do video editing, the screen is 60 hertz with a mediocre response time, but that’s pretty much what you expect, because really only gaming laptops have those high refresh rates and those low response times now this laptop can come with different specs, depending on a Specific model you buy from you can actually configure it within the dell website if you wish, but the model i have comes with an intel: i5. Tens gen. 10. 310. U 4 Πυρήνα 8 thread processor. It also has a 6 megabyte cache and a base clock speed of 1.7 gigahertz and a boost clock speed of 4.4 Gigahertz. It also has the built in integrated intel, uhd graphics, it’s also got 16 gigs of ddr4 non ecc memory. Ευτυχώς, it only comes with one 16 gig stick so it’s going to be one time 16 single channel. Only so if you want to take advantage of dual channel, i just recommend getting sparing 50 bucks and just get another 16 gig stick which will get it to 32 gigabytes and that will be dual channel. It also comes with the m.

2 SSD. Για μένα, i have one terabyte pcie nvme ssd, but the storage will vary depending on which model you get and finally, όπως η 68 watt hour battery now for the specs it’s, really more than enough to do everyday tasks such as web browsing checking emails and sometimes Even doing some light gaming, even if you have a bunch of processors running in the background or a bunch of tabs open in a browser, it’s still not going to lag 16 gigs of ram is just more than enough, though it doesn’t have a dedicated video card. The laptop it can still do some light. Gaming can definitely run crunker, which is not even resource demanding. Even a 2010 rig can actually run that and it can run it at over 200 Fps. Ωστόσο, if you switch to overwatch or rocket league it’s, still very playable at around 50 για να 60 Fps, so as long as you’re not going to play those really resource intensive games, those aaa titles that are new like assassin’s creed, valhalla or flight simulator, then some light Gaming can be possible on this laptop. Δυστυχώς, Αν και, this laptop can’t really be purchased at a reasonable price. Even if you were to buy it from the dell’s official website, it would still be overpriced than what it’s actually worth. Στην πραγματικότητα, the model i have right now was from my dad’s company, so you can really only expect to see this laptop in companies or, if your company actually sends it to you.

So unless you can get this laptop at a really good price and sale, then i don’t really recommend it obviously, due to pricing and 1700, for this is not going to be very reasonable. You’D, rather just get a gaming laptop instead, Ωστόσο, if you cannot get this laptop at a good price and you still want to consider it, then i highly recommend you just going for dell xps series. Those are a lot more affordable and generally are sometimes on good deals and sales. So if you want premium, build quality and durability along with some nice performance, then just go for those instead, as a personal computer, just for home use, this laptop really isn’t going to be worth it, as is intended for business purposes, but anyways hope you all enjoyed. Today’S video, if you did remember to subscribe, if you’re new to the channel, that really does help me a lot.