MSI GS66 Πρώτη ματιά – Μια βελτιωμένη GS65?

Lets check it out in this initial. First look and see whats on offer. Ive got an engineering sample here, as the GS66 hasnt officially launched. Yet so things could be a little different compared to the final product which isnt yet available at the time of making this video., The GS66 is all matte […]

Νέοι φορητοί υπολογιστές παιχνιδιών MSI! GE66, GS66, Μπράβο 15 + Περισσότερα στο CES 2020!

I wouldnt be here to check out all of their new stuff. MSI announced a few new laptops at the show.. Πρώτη, up lets cover the GE66 and GS66, the successors to the popular GE65 and GS65 models.. The GS66 Stealth looks similar to the GS65, at first glance, its designed to be more of […]