LeEco Le Max 2 Snapdragon 820 Ναυαρχίδα μόνο για $229!

I decided to pick up the Li echo Li max here now. I know these names a bit of a mouthful, but this thing here cost me 263 us on special. I just couldn't resist it has a Snapdragon 820 in air, so that flagship, προδιαγραφές 4 gigabyte μνήμης RAM. This has a 32 Gigabyte […]

LeEco Le Pro 3 Κατάργηση πλαισίωσης με λεπτομερή πρώτη ματιά

Καλά, this now is the successor, and this one here has a Snapdragon 801, which clocks up to two point: three five gigahertz. So this is the Ali pro 3 from Lee eco, another mobile that I picked up from Aliexpress seller, goldway and those guys do quite a good job of packing packaging things […]

LETV LeEco LE 2 Helio X20 Unboxing & Πρώτη ματιά

5 ιντσών οθόνη – and it has an interesting processor in it, because it's got the hey Leo X. 20 now that's a dicker core that's 10 cause quite a lot of cause, they're three gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc, and it is running Android 6. So this one here, I picked up from […]

LeEco Cool1 Dual Thoughts After 3 ημέρες, Διάρκεια ζωής της μπαταρίας & Σημεία αναφοράς

This is a Lear, CO and cool pad mobile phone. A joint venture of this things are going okay. Μέχρι στιγμής, so in my unboxing and my first impressions of the camera, that was my first impressions weren't that great, but it actually can take a reasonable photo. So I have been out in town […]