Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 – 8 Ίντσα σχολίων – Κάτω από $200 Android Tablet με οθόνη IPS

This is their yoga Tab, 3, 8, and theylet us borrow this for a few daysto check out 3 – refers to the fact that this is the third iteration of their rather unique yoga design, and the eighth is the 8 inch display that it has. Αυτό είναι ένα 1280 […]

Σπενδάγωμα 2950X ψύξη – Αρκτικός καταψύκτη 240 Υγρό Ψύκτη αναθεώρηση

Ripper CPUs, as I was recently able to get hold of the new 2950 X I've tested this cooler with the new second generation of thread Ripper, to see just how well it holds up. After previously reviewing the Arctic freeze a 33 threader per CPU cooler. They also sent over the freezer to 40 […]

Αρκτικός καταψύκτη 33 TR αναθεώρηση και ψύξης σημεία αναφοράς

But how well does it perform let's test it out with a 16 Πυρήνα 1950 Ex, while overcooked a 4 gigahertz and find out after finding out about this cool I reached out to Arctic to see if they'd be able to send one over for review and they Kindly agreed inside the box, we […]