The main feature of this headset is environment, noise, cancellation for bad abilities, cars. It also has 270 degrees, rotatable, mic 50 meters, connection, distance and 3 hours of play time by the way wireless headset comes with a stand, lets do unboxing and look at other accessories that come in the package with wireless headset. I have received xh1 wireless headset in this box and there is only the image of headset on the front and no information about it. However, inside the box there is a stand for the headset and other box with a new headset itself. Now we can read about manufacture and technical specifications of the product, such as model name, battery driver diameter, bluetooth version, etc. The package contents include a wireless headset, carry pooch usb type c, charging, cable and user manual Music. As you can see, xah1 is a wireless headset and not headphones, because it has only one ear muff. By the way, there is no a sign of the right or a left, ear caution, because it can be worn on the left or right ears. The microphone is 270 degrees, rotatable, the headband is adjustable and it is made of metal. The ear pad is made of a faux leather, so it is very soft and comfortable among the control buttons up volume up and down and multifunction button. We will talk about the functions of this button. A little later. There is also mute microphone button. Usb type c charging port is located at the bottom.

As you can see, there is no 3.5 mm audio jack, so you can use the headset only via bluetooth. By the way, i also have a stand from axa. However, i found that it is not very stable. Probably this stand is for the wireless headphones, but not for the headset, with a single ear. Muff. Okay, now i want to talk about the control functions. So using a multi function button you can power on off the headset. You just press a button and hold for 3 seconds. Then you can single press on this button to play. Pose the music a triple press on the button calls a voice assistant on smartphone, using volume up and down buttons. You can change the volume and even skip the tracks. Music. You know axa h1 wireless headset is mainly designed for calls, so there are many call functions available. When somebody calls on your smartphone, you can single press on the multifunction button to enter the call. If you want to reject the call, then press and hold for two seconds, a double click on the button redeals, the last call number. There is also a function to switch between two calls: a single click on the multi function button and the current call and enters a new one. Double click on the button allows to switch between the calls. If you dont want to enter the new call, then press and hold the button for 2 seconds exit each one wireless headset is designed for calls, so we need to check a microphone quality.

As i already said, the new wireless headset has a high environmental noise. Cancelling for better phone calls: hey whats up im testing the microphone of the axa h1 wireless headset, one two, three one, two three. By the way, i would like to take a moment and ask you to hit the like button under this video and subscribe to our channel tech brothers. Thank you. You know i dont want it well on the sound quality, because xah1 headset is designed because not listening to music. However, it has 40mm driver, so you can hear the other people very well. The volume level is high. Taking about battery xrh1 headset has a capacity of 500 milliamp power, the manufacturer promises 30 hours of talk time on a single charge and 57 hours of music time. The full batch recharge takes only one and a half hours, so xh1 wireless headset is designed for calls, and it really has a good microphone with environmental noise. Cancelling i like that. The headset cannot only receive and make calls, but also switch between two calls. The battery life is also very good if you are working in call center construction site production workshop or even truck, then this wireless headset for you. Basically, the price of xah1 is only 49 on official website and amazon. I will leave the links in description under the video.