I’Ve got a table for gagi, so this is the laptop come back table basically winter. I also want to do a lot of work on my laptop and gargi wants to do her homework and writing and stuff like that. So for her studies and for my laptop work, i’ve got a table. Let’S see what it is, how it is and how is my buying experience from amazon, so buddy packaging very well, wrapped and taped wrapped, all in so much not break stuff Applause, big Music Applause. You haven’t even seen it. How do you love this first at least see it yeah Applause, okay, Applause, so here’s the table, let’s see let’s, open it and open the legs and see. Okay, here are the legs. Secret has got nice ports for for the fans of your laptop to my pencils, but this is a very nice wooden table and here’s the height adjustment thing also so let’s see up, and then this is the stopper for the laptop here. What you say is: if it needs me, hmm strange. I think we just go just kind of particular so yeah. This is a mismatch. It’S got height, adjustments, various height adjustments. I love the table, so i think this is a good table, wooden hair and we’re going to make the most of it. These winters and walking from bed will become even much easier with this thing, but yes, and then it should fit perfectly. So i am in my bed now and the laptop is in my table, nice and comfortable in the winters, or this is a 13 inch macbook pro you have enough space for your graphic tablet or mouse, or even you know, placing a small book for jotting down Notes so – and you can incline it like this, if you want, you can work it work straight also, it depends on your preferences.

This is quite nice, so it’s very easy to type in and all so come currently. I think this position will be ideal for me and, alternatively, it can be used to you know, take down, notes and stuff Music, it’s, nice and decent and it’s much more much better than the other products that i saw so and the addition of this drawer is Also, quite good, as you can stores your pen drives – and you know small stuff here, maybe so, but yeah. This is good. I’Ll leave the amazon link of the table in the description below you can go and check it out so far so good. My experience with this table i mean so far it looks quite nice and good so yeah. This is a good table.