We got a special unboxing. I got a whole bunch of switch controllers from uh easy smx. So what these are is these are specially created, switch controllers that have like different designs on them. Whatever they sent me, five sent me five different of these to check with you guys, i’m gon na leave a link in the description down below. So these plug right into your nintendo switch they’re custom. Looking nice drawn, they look well done. They have some good, artwork and stuff on them. They have an adjustable dual shock and um all sorts of different things about them. So we’re gon na go ahead and open them up. It looks like there’s a series set of seven. I got five of them, so let’s go ahead, we’re going to unbox and see which ones we got i’m pretty excited again, special thanks to them for sending me these right here. So let’s go ahead and let’s open them with what which ones we got and what they look like. They are nice and packed in there too, by the way, my goodness, trying to pull it out without ripping the box. I like the box. Oh there we go so inside. It looks like we got our wire, our usb cable and it looks like we have a manual, a game, controller user manual. So before we even get into it says this belongs to switch pro wireless bluetooth controller with turbo and dual vibration. Function is compatible with nintendo switch, pc and android.

This gamepad can be used to play variety games such as arms, mario kart, 8, zelda and more it’ll, create an immersive game experience for you and enjoy your games so there’s a turbo setting on here. So now i think i might uh take advantage of that and use it to level up on mortal kombat. So here we go guys. Let’S uh, take a look at this one. Oh wow, look at this. It has like a uh, a haunted house type of look to it. That is actually really neat. You can see the moon from jack, o lantern, some bats, some scary trees and a haunted house. Look how big these pads are that we’re on there protecting the analog? Stick so you won’t get any joy con drift on the way in so look at that that that this style looks almost like it was actually customed on. Then you could see you got your controller stuff like that um pretty much on par with what the actual switch pro controller has i mean it. Doesn’T look like it’s too far off the official version, that’s pretty nice, and then you have your label and stuff. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to unbox all these first, then we’re going to actually try, try it out at least one of them. This one’s cool nice little haunted house one. So now, that’s one out of the five let’s go ahead and take a look at what else we got uh so here’s, the next one and uh again, if you’re interested in any of these, i will leave a link down below and these boxes are tight see.

I didn’t want to rip the end and i did i ripped it a little bit right there that’s, not what i wanted to do. I, like keeping my my boxes pristine, but man did they really pack this in like look at that it’s hard to pull it out good packing? Oh look at this one. This one looks like some partridge family stuff guys take a look. This one looks pretty cool. Look at that this one looks like it was actually painted. Look at that and then on the bottom. You can see the turbo function. I didn’t even notice that you see the t on the bottom right. I guess that’s what unleashes the turbo function so that’s cool! You get a little t on the bottom. We got red triggers with this one red sync button, it’s white, so they actually changed the analog controller buttons in the buttons and stuff so nice. I can actually get behind that pretty neat all right now. This one’s gon na look try not to rip the box. Anybody else get like that about their boxes, where they just wan na make them pristine and keep them neat and stuff. Like that suggest me, i think it might just be me, comment down below if you’re the same way. Okay, let’s, pull this sucker out, come on jesus, okay, this one is stuck in there, that’s, not what she said or is it well? This time i managed to get the whole box out so that’s.

Oh my gosh. There we go gosh lee tip to the easy smx don’t pack, your boxes, so tight people want to keep the boxes, keep them. They want to keep them good. Look at this one that one looks pretty cool doesn’t. It looks like a uh paint. Splattered all over a white canvas got the red button. Look again so so far pretty unique designs. They just don’t. Look all like they genuinely look. Custom made. I like the way they look: it’s different, uh, they’re, more artistic they’re, more like like a painting on them and stuff, as opposed to having like a pokemon or or mario or zelda design, it’s, really cool. It catches the eye you think about it. Now here we go, we got a black and gold. One see what this one’s, like. Oh, very interesting kind of reminds me of pokemon, just a tiny tad bit this one’s more glossy. This one is definitely more glossy, as opposed to uh. You know like this one. This one that looks a little bit more matte this one’s glossier shinier. Not that bad, though that one has an interesting look on it. I dig it now. We got one more to open and take a look at boys and ghouls let’s see what the last one is say the best for last or what do you think? What do you think guys? Did we save the best for last, so let’s take a look at it.

Oh this one looks neat, take a look at this. That actually looks like like a like a fancy, t, shirt, design or a tattoo, or something right and get behind that pretty cool. So my favorite out of the five that i’ve gotten in let’s, go ahead and kind of recap. You got these two. I, like the partridge family thing a little bit um that one’s cool as well uh. Then you know the one that we just opened. I i think i got ta say i like the haunted house, one, the most out of all of them. It’S very uh has its own character, don pizzazz they’re, all very unique um. The turbo function is what i am most interested on, especially on shoot em ups, but also like mortal kombat. You know being in the crypt, so uh let’s go ahead. Um i’m gon na try one of these out plug them in and let’s see what it what it works like. I think i think it’s gon na be interesting, so let’s go right to gameplay all right guys, so we got it plugged in. We got it hooked up, we got it situated. We are going to test the controller with mario brothers. Three now i will say it does have the input delay fill, but i think that’s mostly because it’s switch online, i think uh switch online has always felt a little delayed, but i got ta say the controller itself has a nice weight to it feels pretty good.

I like it, it doesn’t feel cheap. It feels sturdy up. The buttons feel nice as well d pad feels about the same as the actual switch pro controller itself. Um, you know just got to kind of wear them in just a little bit, get it used to it. It is different um. It was easy to set up. I mean it for the most part, it feels like Music, a normal um yeah. I was trying to test out the uh, the turbo right there. It seems like it does: okay, not not too out of reach, so i mean the control seems the control seems like it’s, on par with the actual twitch pro controller. Nothing too fancy spanxy about it, so decent alternative. If you’re looking for one guys. So again, i will leave a link in the description for you.