However, when i’m, not gaming on my ps5 i’ll, be on my pc, smashing out some gta or cyberpunk at the moment i’m using my xbox 360 controller and yes, you heard that right, i’m surprised it even works till this day. So when easy smx reached out to me asking to review their esm 9110 wireless controller, it was a huge huge yes from me in today’s video we’re, going to be unboxing testing and reviewing the esm 9110 and see if it’s worthy enough to replace my xbox. 360 controller, but before we do that, as always guys, if you enjoyed today’s video or found it helpful, then please hit that like and subscribe button to support your boy i’d really appreciate that now without further ado, let’s get straight into the video before we start guys. I’M, just going to quickly announce the winner of last week’s competition, where i teamed up with secure data to give one lucky viewer a chance to win the secure usb bt. The competition is now closed and the winner of last week’s competition is this person on screen. Congratulations: my friend you’ve just won yourself a secure usb bt, thanks again to everyone who entered the competition and let me know in the comments below if you want to see more giveaways on the channel now let’s get back to the video. So the esm 9110 is easy, smx’s wireless controller that can connect to your pc tablet or android phone.

The device is literally plug and play and doesn’t need any additional drivers to be installed. The controller follows the xbox, a b x y button layout, which i’m pretty much used to already and contains flashy led lights, which have five adjustable brightness settings. The 9110 has 2.4g wireless transmission that ensures a stable connection without any delay and can also connect to your nintendo switch via cable. The device has an operating range of 10 meters with a 600 milliamp polymer battery built inside the 9110, takes roughly around two and a half hours to charge and has a run time of eight hours ish. Finally, the controller also lets you control the vibration feedback and has an ergonomic design, making the device comfortable and easy to carry in regards to the product breakdown. The device weighs roughly around 340 grams and has a height of 11 centimeters. The material is made from plastic, which feels pretty strong and solid on front. You have the abx wire action buttons, as well as two thumb sticks and one direction keypad. You also have the home button, which powers the device, as well as a start button back button mode button and turbo button. You also have two buttons below which control the led light and vibration rumble towards the back. You have the m1 m2, m3 and m4 buttons, which are basically additional buttons, which you can link and configure. You also have a textured design which provides extra grip while gaming towards the top.

You have the left and right click button, as well as the trigger buttons and finally, one usb type c input to charge your controller and the led indicator light in terms of packaging on front. You have the easy smx logo, as well as an image and name of the device. You also have a list of supported features towards the back. You have the name and image again as well as company information. Finally, towards the bottom, you have the two color options available, which include matte black and the multi colored design inside the box. You get the esm 9110 wireless controller as well as one receiver to allow wireless play one usb, a to usb c cable and finally, a user manual on how to set up the setup process is super easy when playing wirelessly connect. Your usb receiver hit the home button on the esm controller and that’s pretty much it there’s, no drivers or additional software. You need to install, and you should be good to go from here now for some testing. One of the first things i noticed straight away was the controller is super light in comparison to my xbox and ps5 controllers, which is definitely a good thing. The button layout is super easy to use. However, if your hands get sweaty, you might experience some sleeping when using the joysticks. In addition, i felt like the travel on the triggers was a little shorter to what i’m usually used to, but not by a huge amount.

Finally, the direction keypad is super comfy to use which was evident when playing games like street fighter online. Before we summarize guys, if you found today’s video helpful or just simply enjoyed watching it, please show your boy some love by hitting that, like button below your likes, really do help support the channel, and it really does mean a lot to me now. Let’S get back to the video overall. I can definitely confirm that the esm 9110 will indeed be replacing my xbox 360 controller. As my new go to gamepad, the device is super light which feels great to hold, and you get a bunch of features included which allow you to control the leds and rumble vibration. The additional buttons on the back are also super handy, which can provide the extra edge you need when playing competitively. The layout is super easy to use, although if you’re from a nintendo switch background, you might find the button layout a little confusing. In addition, the device doesn’t have any bluetooth support which would have made this controller perfect. However, as long as you don’t lose your usb receiver or leave it at home, then the esm 9110 is a device. You should definitely look into in regards to pricing. You can pick up the esm 9110 wireless controller from the easy smx website for around 25 pounds. However, easy smx have kindly sponsored today’s, video and they’ve, provided us with a 12 discount code which you can use at checkout.

If you’re interested in getting the 9110 wireless controller, then you can find the link to purchase in the description below but that’s.