There decided to send me a controller for me to review. For you guys. The company has a whole bunch of different designs that you can see here and you can order them online. They gave me a discount coupon code for you guys to use if you’re interested in buying any of these pretty cool designs in the checkout. You can put unbox burrito as a discount, coupon and you’ll get some money off. I am not entirely sure how long this coupon code is gon na last. You have to use it before it runs out, so the shipping and handling kind of beat up the box. A bit let’s open it up, so it comes in this cardboard box over here. They give you a usb type c: cable, here’s, a little manual booklet and the controller itself being held by this piece of cardboard. So you have to kind of like push it out and there we go out of the bag here, wow all black design, a very glossy finish and a like gold kind of looks like pikachu’s tail with some thunderbolts and like pokeball images. It looks very nice. You definitely will see fingerprints over time. The buttons feel not bad, they feel pretty pretty decent. I think these stickers make the product look ugly, so you could easily just peel it off. This controller definitely looks nice. It feels similar to the power a controller here. The batteries out, so i don’t start clicking things the joysticks on the easy s max feel nicer.

It has this little textured bumpy, uh joystick, i feel like you get you get more grip using it power a is just super smooth and it doesn’t feel as grippy. The d pad is bigger on the easy smx, so it feels nicer to me. The yx ba buttons feel the same there’s, no difference with the way it feels the power a has printed on letters. This one actually has etched in the plastic letters i actually prefer. The easy smx feel it has a nice click this one, the buttons feel the same as the xyab you can see at the bottom. Here has similar lights check out this user manual to see what’s different here in the menu it looks like you can connect the controller to a pc or to an android phone as well. Now, the official pro controller you can’t beat the quality top quality in every way, but it’s also double the price of an easy smx controller. You can get two of these. The easy smx has a built in battery that you charge similar to the pro controller. The power a requires you to actually put double a’s in the power. A has programmable bumper buttons. The easy smx does not have that feature. However, it does have rumble a vibration feature that the power a does not have and the pro controller does and if you hold t and press up on the d pad, you will increase the vibration.

If you hold t and press down on the d pad, you’ll reduce the strength of the vibration, so i’m plugging the usb end into just a standard usb plug adapter, the cable they give. You is pretty short, so the usb is plugged at the bottom of my desk here and the cable just reaches the top it’s good to just plug in and let it charge a blue light flashes at the bottom for about two hours it fully charged. You just go to controllers and then change grip order, then, on the easy smx controller you press the y and home buttons, so here’s wine, home and now the bottom lights are flashing, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me right now. I found out that if your nintendo switch updated to anything that’s, 12 or higher, then you will have connection issues, but you can fix it using the link in the description. I posted a link to this help page here. That explains how you can update the firmware of the controller. So you should see this page and then you can click here to get a downloadable program it’s an exe program, so it only works on windows for now and when you download it you’ll get this program. Just double click: the program and you’ll see this little box pop up now the box will have a grayed out button, so what you have to do is plug the usb into your computer and then, while clicking and holding down on the left, joystick l3 button.

You pop in the usb to the top of the controller, and it will connect to your computer in firmware update mode and then the gray button on the box should highlight to be a clickable black button. Then all you do is click on the button and in a few seconds it successfully updates the firmware of your controller, and now the controller should connect. So my console’s loan battery. What and then now, with your updated firmware controller you hold y and the home button and you hold it till the lights start flashing and then, within about 10 seconds i’m, going to show you in real time here. The controller is searching for the system and vice versa, and there you go, you can see it says it’s paired, so it takes about 10 15 seconds, but once it’s paired, then you can see here. It works like a charm. Now there is something you should be aware of turn off your system or put it to sleep mode. It also disconnects from the controller. Next time you turn on the console. All you have to do is hold down the home button on the controller and it will turn on the controller and automatically connect with your paired console so that you can hit a button three times to unlock the console and the controller will work just like all The other wireless controllers, so you just have to remember, to hold down only the home button to turn on the controller and tell it to connect to its currently paired console it’s.

Only if you want to connect to another console, you have to hold y and the home button in the same time to disconnect with your current console and then to pair with a new console. All i have to do is hold the home button and it will turn on the controller and automatically search for and connect with its currently paired console. A quick and easy connect starts working right away. I wanted to let you guys know that feature, because it took me way too long to realize that so so far so good, all the buttons seem to be working. The buttons don’t feel that bad. It feels just like any third party controller. However, the controls are very smooth. I would say that these joysticks are totally worth it. It feels just as comfortable as playing with the power a controller. The only difference would be the triggers. You can see the power 8 controller, the z, l and zrs are smaller buttons, and here you get very nice big buttons there’s a slight curve here so it’s easier for your finger to hit the trigger quickly yeah. I feel just as comfortable playing using this controller as the power a like. The joysticks have better grip than the power a and it feels just as smooth or even smoother on the settings. It says that the vibration is off turn it on and oh yeah. I can feel that vibration, these controllers, have a nice rumble feature.

It looks like there’s four settings for the rumble, so if you hold it and you press up once it’s on the first level of rumble, you can feel it very little but it’s like hardly there. So you press it again, you’re like at level two now and now the rumble feels pretty decent and then you press it a third time and the third time actually feels like a normal vibration strength and then pressing it for a fourth time. I don’t know if you can hear that, but it’s like overcharging the rumble now the rumble’s really strong, you could definitely feel it this time. The game gives it a very strong rumble. It starts to get pretty loud if you’re playing games with headphones or like blasting. The game through the speakers, then you probably won’t, hear the rumble at all. So here in the manual it says that there’s a turbo button feature that has something to do with the t button. Apparently it says you can pair the t button with another button so that when you press it it’s like rapid fire pressing that button you paired it to, but for the life of me i can’t get it to work so i’m, not really sure how that feature. Does work but honestly, i don’t really care this t button, basically just for vibration, strength that works totally fine. This is zelda breath of the wild here and i just want to show that the controller does in fact have the six axis tilt control movements.

So you can aim your bow by just tilting the controller instead of using the joystick, so it does have that feature yeah, so that’s. My review of the easy smx controller. Specifically the ys06 model wireless bluetooth model. You will have the exact same pros and cons as you get with any third party controller. The official pro controller costs double the price, but it’s, because the build quality, it’s it’s heavier and it’s nicer, the buttons feel more solid, and so everything is better. In the pro controller, the only con is it’s like 90 dollar price tag, so it’s more fair to compare it to other third party brands like power. A this power. A controller is about like sixty dollars, but this controller, i believe, will cost you like. Only thirty or forty dollars, the easy smx has better joysticks than power a it feels smoother and grippier. All of the other buttons are basically the same. The triggers these ones are bigger, so i think they actually feel a little nicer than the smaller ones, the home buttons on the power, a are the same as a b x and y, but the home buttons on the smx. Has this nice click feeling which could be a better or worse, depending on who you are? I actually prefer it, because i get a nice tactile. Like click power, a has the bumper buttons on the back. The easy smx has rumble feature on the inside and it has a built in battery while the power a requires you to use double a batteries in the back here.

So if you just wanted the cheapest possible controller, you can get then easy. Smx works good. For me, and if you just want like top of the line quality, then you can’t beat the official original nintendo pro controller. So if easy smx interests you, you can use the discount code, unbox burrito at checkout and you’ll save some money. It might be a limited time or they didn’t really tell me. They just told me that they gave me a discount code for my viewers watching my channel to use.