So for anyone looking to get ahead under online career, mastering and learning certain skills is absolutely necessary. Now, if you’re looking to learn new skills, you should checkout SKILLSHARE Skillshare is an online learning community, with thousands of classes online from photography, graphic design, productivity and many more classes me as a content creator on youtube I’m constantly trying to find new ways to improve my Videos, may it be editing, script writing or making thumbnails. I used Skillshare to learn and enhance these skills. I actually like this course about how to vlog film, edit and upload to youtube in which it teaches visual story telling film production, film, making video editing and anything about creatives., and what I really like about Skillshare is that they have a very affordable annual subscription for Only less than 10 per month and the good news is for a limited time. You can get free trial of Skillshare’s premium by clicking the link down below on the description box and pin comment. So I encourage you to explore your creativity with Skillshare’s online classes, where you can find what fascinates you. so for today’s video ka’chika. I will share to you this new legit application, where you can earn here for free 636.00, just by watching 30 sec. youtube videos, but before I tell you what is this legit application that will pay you for just watching youtube videos? I just want to let you know that we have a going giveaway worth 530 or 25000 php, because we have reach 400000 subscribers and our youtube channel, 2nd Anniversary is coming soon.

So for those who want to join just check the link in the description box, ok and now the application that I’m talking about is this: Go Viral Videos become popular? If you want to try this Go Viral Videos, there is in our description box and pin comment. The link of this application, so you can download it immediately on your Playstore, so now let’s. First look at the ratings of this application on Playstore. As you can see, there are 4.5 ratings in the playstore, so meaning the ratings are good. Many rated 5 stars compared to 1 star if we base the ratings and reviews of the application. This application is Legit. You have the option to Log in or to Register. So since we are just new to the application, let’s click register just enter your username and email address and then confirm your email address then create your password, confirm your password and then choose your gender and then country and then click register. So we are here in our dashboard, so you can see our earnings here. So we have Virtual coins 150. So we can also see the equivalent amount to usd so 150 virtual coins is equivalent to 0.15. Here you will see, Watch Videos, Adgate, Rewards, Withdraw money, Promote your video Edit account Referrals Contact Us and Logout. So this Virtual coins to accumulate is converted into usd, so we need to increase our Virtual coins to earn Real money or PayPal cash.

All we have to do here is to watch videos, just click Watch Videos. All videos has been moved on: GV Videos App, so download, GV videos, app login, with the same details that you use to login on, Go viral video app, then watch and earn. We need to download their GV video app first, so let just click download this GV videos app. Here we can watch videos, so we can earn. The one we downloaded earlier is to see our balance. So there is our profile, settings and referrals. So here in GV videos: this is the application we will use. So we can watch youtube videos, ok, just click open. We need to Login just use your same username or email by using earlier to Go viral app. So the title of this video is Survival. Skills Pick water, melon, amp, snail for food cooking snail. We will watch a video let’s, just click watch ads are popping up so let’s finish the ads first and close. The ads just click play as you can see. The timer is running with 330, so we just need to watch this video for atleast 30 sec. to earn coin, so they say Good job. You earn 1 virtual coin. You can doubled your coins by watching another 30 sec ads. Just click accept and click watch reward. Video its up to you, if you want to watch ads or maybe not anymore, Good job, we earn 1 virtual coin.

So a total of 2 coins we earn by watching youtube videos. There is another youtube, video, actually, the ones here in go viral videos. These are the youtubers who want to promote their video here on go viral. If you are a youtuber who wants to promote your videos, you can promote here on, go viral. This one promote your videos, so just click it and you can promote your video before we only earned 150 coins. But now we have 152 coins because we watched a youtube. Video, let’s click watch so same process earlier, just close. The ads and just click play button and the timer is running, so we will watch this youtube video for only 30 sec.. You can just watch youtube videos here because at the same time, while watching youtube videos, they pay you or you can earn by watching youtube videos. So we earn again 1 virtual coin. There is another youtube video again and you can earn here. Virtual coins I’m. Not really sure, if how many videos we can watch in a day, because now I just try this application. I hope the videos is unlimited to watch so that we can earn unlimited another way for us to earn coins. Aside from watching youtube videos, we can also refer a friends so let’s, just click referrals, quotInvite your friends and get more coins.quot inviting a friend is optional its up to you. If you want to invite or not, you can withdraw your earning without inviting, but this referrals can speed up your earnings to any free earning, apps or website.

When you are able to invite friends, you’ll receive 10 of their earnings for life. You will see your referral link, so you can copy and then you can share to your social media account. You can recommend this application to your friends so that you both can earn so now I will teach you how we can withdraw here. First, just click withdraw money, the minimum amount to withdraw is 10 usd and the payment method is via PayPal and via Skrill. Before we can withdraw, we first need to transfer our coins and the minimum amount to transfer a coins here at is 5000 coins. So I can’t teach you the step by step process how to withdraw, because I haven’t reached their minimum amount of coins to transfer. I will probably make 2 videos about it in go viral videos, if I can withdraw so that I can teach you the step by step process so that we can withdraw here. Let’S earn coins together. So we can withdraw here at go viral videos, so that’s all we’re going to do just watch the videos and you can earn PayPal cash. So now, let’s proceed to my honest review Before I made this video first, I researched. If it really pays for go viral videos and the feedbacks from people who have already used go viral videos are good. because many have already paid out. Even if you search many have already paid out here on go viral videos Go viral.

Videos are really legit, but there are also disadvantages. It’s hard to make money here with go viral videos. If you only watch the videos. every 30 sec, you can only earn 1 coin, it’s really small to earn. When you just watch youtube videos, because you can abke to pay out, you need 10000 coins for you to earn 1 or 50.00. To be honest, even if one day you focus on watching youtube videos, you will not immediately earn 10000 coin, which is worth 1. It is not reliable to be your source of income of this go viral videos. To be honest, you can immediately earn big money. He re in go viral videos. If you invite this is just for extra income and with such earning apps and websites, we can’t control the mind of the developer, because anytime, the application can no longer pay. So now, if you really want to be the one who holds your income and can control what you earn, I suggest you to do online selling with online selling. You can start your own business, even if you are just at home, especially now pandemic, and we all stay at home. Online selling is really popular now, so in online selling, you are the boss, you are the one in charge of your time. It will be double or triple your return. You are the only one in control of what you can earn, unlike free earning apps. Now, if you want to start your business, you can be our reseller.

You can visit our page, which is PC Apparel, so I will just put it in the description box and pin comment. So just send us a message and we will give you a big discount, so you can sell cheap to your buyers and so that you can easily finish what you are. Selling, ok and please don’t – forget to like and follow our Page, because we will also have a Top Fan Top supporter and Top purchaser of the month. Soon, being an online seller really depends on your strategy and diligence, you will earn Be our reseller now this ends our video KaChika. If you like, and have learned this video, please don’t forget to click the like button and share this video to help other people earn money just by watching youtube videos and if you’re new to this channel click the subscribe button and the notification bell to keep you Updated on our new online source of income that’s all for now, Kachika’s.