We suggest using all of the money you earn from this wisely, because great power comes with great responsibility. We are about to teach you one of the simplest methods for earning online income. You will earn ten dollars per two minutes of work on a website that i will show you today a catch exists. However, there will be many people who will not be interested in this if they can’t even follow the videos we’d like to welcome you to make money now, where we’ll teach you how to make money online in the simplest way subscribe to this channel, to learn more And don’t forget to click on the notification bell. As soon as we upload a new video on how to make money online, you will be notified and you can start doing the work don’t forget to thumbs up this video. You can leave a comment below if you have any concerns, questions or opinions about the video now let’s get back to the video. The first step is to come over to google.com, whatever device you’re using whether you’re using a mobile phone tablet, pc or laptop. As long as you have access to the internet, you can go to google.com. As always, i will explain to you everything in detail, step by step, so anyone can follow along with me during this video as soon as the video ends. If you follow all of the steps, you will be ready to go out there and start making money.

So i want to complete every step that i will show you the second step which you will need to complete, while you’re on google is to search for camtara. Now i want you to open up this website, and this is what you’re going to see as soon as you land on captra.com. This is a platform that is willing to pay you to write different reviews for software and programs. Don’T worry, you do not have to buy those softwares and you don’t have to use them. You can get work done in less than two minutes and, as always, as i said, i’m going to explain exactly how to do that in less than two minutes. You can see that you can browse over 700 different categories of software and programs and between each category you have hundreds of different software, which you can review. So all those digital products that are online right now you can review them and you can get paid ten dollars each now. If you stick with me, i’m going to show you how it’s going to take you less than two minutes to complete and how it’s gon na take you less than two minutes to make over ten dollars again and again, without actually having to buy the software yourself And to prove to you that this works and that people are making money with this website, you can see that they have over one million reviews and you can just do the math and see how much money people made with captora.

com. Now you might be wondering why would they pay 10 per review? Well, because the software owner is willing to pay that much amount of money, because if they have more five star reviews, more good feedbacks that build social proof for them and they will be able to make a lot more sales. So it’s, a nice return on investment. For them and that’s why they will be paying you ten dollars for less than two minutes of work. The third step is to click on here, where it says, write a review, and that will take you over to the next page, where you can find one. Thousands of different companies and products which you can review and you can search for those products and company names right here. If you guys are enjoying this, video don’t forget to smash the like button and subscribe to the channel now let’s get back to the video. As i said, when someone wants to buy a software or digital product, they will most likely go online and search to learn more about it. To see what other people are saying about the product, and if the reviews are good, they will more likely buy the software or the product and that’s. Why captain.com is willing to pay you? You can see you can review these products that are popular right now, but there are one thousands and one thousands of other software’s which you can write a review about and make money.

You know a shortage of ways to make money with cafe.com. No, if you go to browse categories, you’re going to be able to see one thousands and one thousands of different categories of software. You have all the software from business related software to customer support to data collecting software to email, software and so on. In each of those which you reviewed, you will make real money from each of the reviews for each software. So, as you can see, there is quite a lot of potential just on this website alone now let’s say, for example, you want to review the software rather than just clicking on it and going straight into writing the review here’s, a really useful tip which will save You a lot of time and will make you a lot more money. All you need to do is to copy the actual title of the software, go back to google and search for that software’s review, and you can find all the different reviews online from which you can get an idea. So i can open up this link right here and i can see how other people are doing this. I can see what they wrote about it, how they made the reviews. As you can see, this one is an example of a successful review. Here you can see what the person wrote about the products and the insights will allow you to review the software without actually having to buy it yourself.

You can, of course, change the text a little bit and make it your own, but don’t copy and paste it, because if you do that, you will not make any money at all because that’s not going to work. You can just get an idea from the reviews and what they wrote about the software, and this will save you so much time and will make you so much money, because now you don’t have to spend hours and hours going through the software learning about it. Finding the pros and cons you don’t have to buy the software and spend hundreds of dollars just to write a simple review. You can just go through the reviews. Take the most important parts and just write your own and i’m going to show you a real life example in a minute, so that’s how you can get an idea. So you can write a review without actually buying the software yourself and now that you know all of that stuff. Let me show you a real life example of how you will complete the review and how you will get paid. So you should come over to the page. I just showed you at the beginning of this video, which is captura.com click on writer review, which takes you over to this page, where you select, whichever company product or software, that you want to review. In this case, i want to review the quickbooks software, just click on it, and that will take you over to the right review page where you will need to fill out some details about yourself.

So you need to enter your first name last name, email address and all the basic stuff about yourself. Then it’s going to ask you some further questions like how frequently do you use the software and they recommend you select anything from daily to weekly, don’t use, monthly or other, because that will mean that you are not using the software enough and your review will probably Not get accepted, so i would recommend going with the daily with the question: what is your role in using the software? Obviously, you are just a user that was the first out of three steps that we need to complete let’s go to the next one. So click the next button right here now you will just need to read the actual software. This is all about the overall quality of the software. You can just go back and see what other people said from the overall rating. This one was five out of five and trust me, the better. The review you write and the more positive the review, the higher chances of making money, they’re less likely to accept people that always leave one star reviews for everything. So it’s always better to leave a five star review if the software is really good, based on other people’s reviews. Now you can see these options right here for this one let’s put in five stars for all of them. This right here is optional. You can rate other features if you want to, but this is also optional, but the more of them you complete the higher chances of making money you have.

So if you don’t mind just select some of these, you don’t have to complete all of them. After that, you will need to write the pricing for quickbooks compared to similar products. You can say it’s an expensive for this part. How likely is it that you would recommend quickbooks to a friend or colleague? I would type nine, but of course you don’t have to copy and paste my answers that will change for the software and the company you are reviewing after that. Just hit next, and here is the last step which you need to complete, where you will need to title your review, and you can also get some ideas from other people’s reviews. So what i would say is something like, despite its drawbacks, quickbooks is still the best small business accounting software on the market, or something like that. You know you don’t want to just copy and paste the entire title. You can just change it a little bit now. You will write the pros and the cons, so what did you like the most about this software? As i said earlier, you can get ideas from other people’s reviews then write that real, quick then for the cons. Of course, you can get an idea from other people’s reviews as well change the text a little bit better and then rewrite it in your own words and make that your own review. This is optional. You can leave this blank, but if you complete it and you fill out this form as well, you have higher chances of earning more money.

Don’T ever be lazy. I know it’s gon na. Take you like a minute or two to complete all of that, but it’s gon na pay off for sure and after that you can select whether you switched from another product or not. What you would simply do is click yes, and for this follow up question you can say something like this: i will scroll down and i’ll just click this box and after that click submit – and you are done all of this is going to take you less than 120 seconds less than two minutes and if you can get paid ten dollars for this one single review and as i’ve shown you, you can review all this different software from a certain category. You have over 100 software, which you can review today, then from any category. Another 100 and so on. As you can see, the list goes on and on and on – and these are all just categories between which you have loads of different software to review. So there will never be a shortage of money to be made from this website. Go to capture.