In fact, over 31 000 people today are doing this exact same strategy to make money online and now it’s. Your turn guys and the great thing about all of this is you can make even more money online with simply sharing this website with your friends and family. Now make sure you stick with me through this full video, because i’m gon na be revealing to a bonus way that you can make money online. So you can do more of the things that you love and make money from the comfort of your own home. Hey everybody how’s it going it’s grant nicholl here and i’m back with another video, and today i want to talk to you about how you can make money online by using this website right here, called volutic. Okay, now we’re going to show you how to make money by simply reading emails. Now i know this sounds crazy, but stick with me i’m going to show you proof of earnings i’m going to show you what other people are making and then i’m going to show. You two different sources that you can go to to actually get a lot of people over to this website, because you can also make money by referring people to it. Guys. And if you stick with me all the way through the video i’m going to reveal a bonus to you to show you how you can make even more money online and you’re not going to want to miss that so be sure to stick with me.

So let me talk to you about this website. As you can see, earn money by reading email wherever you are, you can make money from your pc from your tablet or even from your mobile phone. So how does this work guys? It’S? Really simple? What happens? Is you sign up, you create your free account, people send you emails to your inbox when you click the links in the email. You then go over to an ad and you stick on the ad for like 30 seconds you come out and you start making money and i’ve tested it. It works and i’m going to show you and you can make guys some money every time you do it. You don’t get paid a lot of money from this website, but you get paid more money by referring people, and this is how we’re going to make money. Today, you can make money if you want to by reading emails, but we’re going to focus more on referral. You can make one dollar every time you refer somebody over who makes one dollar they’re going to give you the full 100 commission. You can see there’s 31 000 people that have signed up to this website and they’ve almost paid out over 6 000 dollars, guys online. So sign up for completely free anybody can use this once you’ve signed up. This is what it’s going to like inside. Okay, you can see. This is the referral code that you need.

You want to make sure you keep this open, because this is what’s going to be making this our money. But let me then now log into my email account right here where you can see once you do sign up. These are the type of emails that you’re going to get that come into your account. Every day you can see it’s quite kind of a marketing based email. Second notice, 500 day account just come down, read the email guys, then click on the link, then all you need to do is then click on the second link to go through to the ad. So you can see, on the left hand, corner there’s a percentage that’s going up just click to learn to get instant access watch the ad for a couple of seconds like 30 seconds, and then you can click out of it. You can see again. It goes up to 100 once it goes up to 100. You can then click the link and it will go through and you can get paid. You can see right here. I tested it and i made money guys so that’s how you get started and that’s how you can make money by just reading emails. But now i want to show you two different traffic sources that you can go to with your referral link so copy your referral. Link just right click copy. It then go over to the first place, which is facebook groups guys so go across just type in make money online come down and just select groups.

Now what you guys can be doing is, you can be looking for groups in africa or india where people are looking to make money online. Now, if you’re watching this video right now or if you’re, one of my subs and you’re from one of these countries, then you’ll know a lot of people in your country are looking to make money online and when we refer people to this website, they’re going to Make money as well because they can collect emails and watch the emails and make money from the ads, and they can also refer their friends as well, so it’s a win win situation, we can make money from them and they can pass on the website as well. So you can go down. You can join these groups guys and i’m going to give you a script now guys what you can use to message all these people and for this particular group, there’s 180, 000 members – and i need to do – is add these people guys on here and you can Send them this script, you can reach out to them. You can just say hey there. I noticed that we were both. Members of the facebook group make money online club, india, for example, i’m just curious to know if you have made any money online, yet i’ve recently been trying this really cool website that pays us for reading emails, it’s free to use – if anybody can do this, if You’Re interested in learning more, i will send you over the website details where you can start making money online and all you do guys.

Is you just copy this script right here and when they reply to you, you can then send them the link where they can sign up and you make one dollar every time they make one dollar okay, and there are thousands of these people and you can just Copy and paste a message like 50 to 100 times per day. Easily just add people on here you don’t even have to add them as friends. If you don’t want to, you can just go across to their account. You can message them, but i would. I would personally recommend becoming friends with them first and then messaging them after they’ve. Come back to you and said that they’re interested and a lot of them will be because they’re inmate money online groups and then send them your referral link and again, like i said you can message like 50 to 100. If you’ve got more time, you can even message more and then gradually over time. People are going to start signing up and you can start making money guys from the snowball effect. So that was the first place that you can go to share your referral. Links to this website, the second place that you can go is over at Now most of you are familiar with this website. If you’re, not it basically it’s a website where people answer questions or post questions to topics that people need answers for so, for example, you can just type in make money online and people are going to be looking for answers now.

Just to show you how popular this website is guys for the month of march alone, it got 658 million visitors going across to it that’s a lot of people guys looking for answers to questions now, you can create your free account and the great thing is with Your referral link that you’ve got it doesn’t come across as an affiliate link. So quora will let you paste it. So what i did is i just clicked on one of these questions right here: what’s the easiest way to make money online. You can see there’s. Eleven thousand people guys that this particular person has followers and there’s a hundred answers, and all i did i just put you – can make money online by using and i post it in my link, guys and it’s free and worldwide available, and you can get paid to Read emails, absolutely anybody can do this and what happens is when they click on my link they’re going to go across and they can register, they can start making money and we can make money when they make one dollar. As i said, so, you can do this guys. There are literally tons of these questions that have been posted every day on cura, like hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them just go on and on and on guys for pages and pages. So you can literally just come across just copy and paste your answer to questions and just paste them in all of these comments, and you can then start getting more eyeballs to your link and people will start signing up.

So those are two different methods, guys just to recap: you’re, going to go over to this website you’re, going to sign up you’re, going to create your free account and you’re going to get your referral link. If you want to, you can start making a little bit of extra money online by just reading emails and clicking on the links, then what you can do is you can go across your facebook groups? You can join all these groups and make money online. India make money online africa and there are thousands of them on here and also what you can do is go across to korra and just answer questions and leave the website link. So i hope that you guys find this useful and i hope you can make some money from it. But if you’re looking to make even more money online, then i recommend you guys checking out the first link in my description, it’s a free day, business challenge that will teach you how to make money online. So you can do more of the things that you already love to do guys. You can spend more time with your friends and family. You can quit your job, you can work anywhere in the world and you can start being your own boss guys. This is what i used to set up my own business and what thousands of other people are using guys every day to make money online so check it out.