By now my name is Alex, and today we are checking this out, which is in fact the e52 os foldable drone. Now, as I’m sure you are all aware, drones have become increasingly popular in recent years, because not only are they a huge amount of fun to play with, but they can also provide some fantastic photography shots as well, but we have so many drones currently available in Today’S market it can be quite difficult to choose which one is best suited for your needs. So today, we’re going to test out this entry level to mid range phone, because apparently it comes packed with a huge amount of features, but, more importantly, a 4k camera too. So this is the box that has arrived and, as you can see, it’s pretty basic with a picture of the drone on the funds, and these are the features that it can provide. A pounding it’s got GPS you’ve got one kiverton headless mode. Altitude hold it’s got an HD camera, even though this is the 4k version and of course it has a speed control there as well. So let’s get this on fox that comes across there. We can slide that Allison there’s, nothing else in there, so we can get rid of it. Pull this off here and get rid of that straight away. We are met with two user manuals. Ugly one is in a different language, and one is apparently in English. We’Ve got some guards here: we’ve got four of them, in fact.

Now this is obviously the controller, so we can remove the mat from there put their four movements and yeah. Okay, then feels fairly robust. I mean it does feel a bit cheap and cheerful, but at the same time, if you’re quite comfortable to use – and then this is the actual drone itself, as you can see, it is all folded or Flemish move that’s one side, but if we open this out, Like so, they click into place, and there it is that is the actual drone. Looking pretty cool, to be honest to you yeah I like that and what sits on here, oh right, okay, then so we’ve got a charging, cable and some additional blades and then finally, this must be the additional batteries there too. So let’s take a quick look at this drone. Then I mean for starters straight away. It does look very cool and very stylish, and I must admit I noticed their battery in there the moments, but it does feel very, very lightweight as well and then, of course, on the front. We have the 4k camera and I think it’d be quite interesting to see just how good that footage really is. I mean it might be interpolated footage or it could actually offer true. 4K definition and I’ve just realised my mistake there by the way. So I said there’s no battery inside, but there is, there was actually one already provided, and that is pretty cool because I actually thought it was so light that there was no battery housed inside for even with the battery there.

That is seriously lightweight now. Let’S. Just take another quick look at this control center here, so these are obviously the antenna to communicate with the drone once it’s up in the air, and if you do want to attach your phone, then you can actually do that as well. So then, that allows you to see what they drone is transmitting to you now, as you can see. So this button is for the one key with ten and then you’ve got your headless mode. You’Ve got your one key take off then, of course, you’ve got your wonky landing as well. Now these little lights will light up to provide a power indicator for yourself. So, of course, you wrote then suddenly lose your drone when it runs out of battery light and then, if you quickly go on to the top, you’ve got the options ever taking a video or taking a snapshot and on the right hand, side. We’Ve got the speed. Adjustments and the orbit mode there like I said earlier, though it does feel a bit cheap and plastic, but at the same time as long as it controls our drone I’m more than happy with it. But, of course the big question is just: how long will you get in terms of flight time from a single charge of the battery? Well, according to the manual from a single charge, takes approximately three hours, you’ll get between 13 and 15 minutes of flight time, which isn’t necessarily that much.

But if you do decide to buy this drone and you get the pad with the additional batteries, then with the three batteries that will give you up to a maximum of 45 minutes plays. So that is it in terms of the unboxing and a quick look at all the accessories, but let’s just have a quick look at the app that it tells you to download in order to operate this, and now, when you open it off, you are met with A question mark and, of course, the play button now, if you click on the question mark, you are shown a visual representation of what you can expect when you open the app in its full flight mode and as you can see, there’s quite a few additional features To play around with as well but operating your drone, I mean for starters, you will actually see what the drone is seeing while it’s hovering overhead and then, of course, you can either do to take off the landing. You can even change to a VR mode of you wish you’ve got the gallery of what you have snapped away at and of course you can take photos, videos, you can even move the camera off or even down. Then, if we go back to the home button and press the play button, it’ll take a few moments to set itself off and then once it does, you are met with a little fog. There saying pass through being calibrated.

Well, of course it has enough. So let’s turn it on and see what actually happens then we press this on and here we go. All the lights are flashing which looks like a bit of a disco is happening and let’s get this calibrated. Then so let’s see what happens. Refreshing dough let’s see what it tells us to do: rotate the drone 360 degrees, as the picture is shown. Okay, so well that’s. What I’m going to do? You know how long I have to do it for, though so that takes a few minutes and then you are met with the actual app itself and then, of course, you can control the drone once it is outside and in a safe area. So that is exactly what we’re gon na do right now: we’re gon na take this outside and hopefully find somewhere nice and big, where we can allow this drone to pretty much run free. Okay, then, so I now have the drone all set up behind me. As you can see it there just on the floor, and we have the control pad here as well now just to confirm I’m, not really an expert when it comes to flying drones. So it’s gon na be interesting to see what results we actually gets. So here we go, then the very first attempted flight of the drone I’ve got to admit. I was quite nervous at first due to my a lack of experience, but once it was up in the air I relaxed straightaway – and it was actually very exciting at seeing this machine flying around so high now.

The first thing I wanted to attempt is a nice flyby of myself so I’m just gon na position. A drone and I’m gon na bring it down and fly over my head, and there we go okay, it wasn’t the best flyby. Perhaps it could have been slightly lower, but for my first attempt I am very proud of that. So now, I’m gon na try to master the controls a bit more by bringing the drone down from a certain height and have it fly very close to me. So here we go, let’s get some height faced and I will say by the way, just in terms of maneuvering this drone, it is nice and simple. The controls are very easy and I know we’ve continuous practice. I will just keep getting better and better, but anyhow, going back to bringing this drone up close and personal to myself to get a good shot here we go, and there is me how cool is that look, but one thing I have noticed is that the camera Does only seem to record in slow motion now that isn’t really a major issue, but I suppose it would have been better if it actually record in real time. So that was the first attempt and now on to testing just how high I can get this thing to go. So let’s begin climbing and straight away, even though not that high, you can scale EC a fantastic view and how small does that drone look already? I mean it just looks like a tiny dots, but still we are continuing to climb and I’m really I’m very impressed looking down on the city from such a height now at the moment, it’s, probably around 50 55 meters in the sky.

But I eventually get up to around 70 meters or approximately 230 feet before I decided to bring it back down, but the view being captured by the on board camera is simply incredible. I mean look at it, it’s, just beautiful onto the second day of test flights. Now and I will say that it was actually quite windy – I mean straight away as soon as a drone takes off here. You can see it being pushed slightly to the left, but still it was fairly easy to control and I wasn’t all worried that the wind would carry off somewhere inaccessible. Now again, I’m gon na try and go high off and then bring the drone down to get some tracking shots of myself. So here we go getting some kite lovely view again and it is slightly brighter today, which is always good. Okay, so we’re just gon na maneuver this around when trying to keep myself as central in the shot as much as possible, and here we go just bringing it down. Okay, the wind is pushing the drone slightly, but do not worry. I am still in pretty much full control, bring it down nice and level, whoops that’s baby, a perhaps a bit too fast, but there we go I’m still fairly pleased with that shot. I’M, just hovering close by still keeping it nice and safe and even with the wind I’m still enjoying controlling this with quite a lot of ease and, of course, here’s.

A few more attempts of me doing some flyby shots, bringing it nice and low and of course, nice and close again, they’re, not exactly perfect, but you can still clearly see me in this shot and then, of course, let’s do one more bringing it in nice and Low once more, but trying to keep it as smooth and as level as impossible, just bring it a bit closer a bit lower, adjust the altitude and speed at the same time, and there we go. Perhaps it should have been a bit lower. Now this point I do get a bit carried away and try and do a bit of a circle around myself, but unfortunately I do come in far too fast. Go pass myself and bring it to an abrupt end and, finally, for those you’re wondering just how good a snapshot is. Whilst the drone is in flight well, here it is, and although you can see that isn’t exactly the highest in terms of picture quality, you can still clearly see everything in pretty good detail. I’M HAP’s on a brighter day, with more light than the photographs, would be even better. Well there we go. That was a quick overview and, of course, demonstration of the e5 2 OS foldables rode in action, and you know what, for my brief experience of setting up and testing a house, I think this is an exceptional good quality drone. Now I know I wasn’t exactly the best when it comes to flying it because of my lack of experience of flying drones, but at the same time, the more I played bowing it, the more my confidence grew and the easier it became.

One thing I really do like, however, is the fact that you can actually see what the drone is seen by the app connected on your phone or smart device, especially when the drill went really high. Now I think I got up to around 70 meters. In the end – and it really was spectacular just seeing the view from that high off, of course, it would have been even better if the camera itself offered true 4k quality, but, like I suspected it definitely wasn’t, I mean it could pass perfect HD, but at the Same time, I still think that footage is interpolated now like most drones, it will take a bit of practice before you become a master at flying one of these around, but thanks to its onboard camera, it’s, easy controls and, of course, not forgetting its portability. You’Ll. Have this up in the air in no time at all and with the better patience you’ll get some pretty awesome, camera shots as well. Now, as usual before I go, if you’ve got any questions or comments, you’d like to ask me about the e5 2 OS and foldable drone, then you know what to do put them in the comment section below and I’ll do my very best to get back to Answer as quickly as possible, not forgetting, if you liked this video and you like tech, then please show your appreciation by giving this video a fantastic thumbs up and don’t forget to hit me up on that classic subscribe button, but until next time.

Thank you once again for watching, and I hope you see some points dude.