Some of them are really long and extravagant other ones are very, very small from the offset they appear to be very random, and often, I think, theyre just inside jokes with the Sims team, but sometimes they actually give hints to brand new packs in objects. In previous packs, for packs that are upcoming and simmers have been using these item, description hints for ages to very accurately predict new and upcoming packs in The Sims 4.. Recently we got the everyday clutter kit released and we got the pastel pop kit release now. Both of these kits contain quite a lot of items and Ive been looking at the item. Descriptions of all of them and a lot of them have very very similar themes in mind, and I just want to go over my crazy conspiracy theories. Im, not a conspiracy. Theorist Im, not one of these people who watches those documentaries about aliens like, I think, its all a load of rubbish but, like I do think, Im on to something here, or am I crazy so first up, I want to look at stereo that came with the Everyday clutter kit, a great gift for any audiophile boom blocks, transforms your workspace into a mini Concert. Hall designers have thought for everything, theres space for your books and pens, blah blah blah. Then this rug that came with the pastel pop kits all this uses most popular patterns in one place, enjoy making your Berry bedroom cow print, cozy, space or groovy Roost a place for your own blah blah blah.

This magazine stack whether youve, actually read these issues or not. Magazines are a great way to fill up your space, this random box from the everyday clutter kits behold your very own box of boxes, letters and random items. So maybe youll organize these one day, but thats a problem for the future. This antique watch that came with the Clutter kit, a special watch to spare the time this end table dont, let your dreams be dreams. This end table is for that type of room. Thats. Only limited by your imagination lets your mind, go anywhere a room where you can experience all those imaginary Adventures. Those Adventures where you might even meet your evil will sell from another timeline again with the hallway table version of the same mesh. The imaginariums hallway table redefines the rules of space and time out in the universe. Time is not a straight line, its a curve. This makeup kit get the look of your dreams as we got dreams with the other one. This noodle candle inspired by the iconic pool noodle, these Wiggly candles will light up any space. This rock salt lamp light up your space. This new tablet PC not enough space for a computer or desktop setup. This adorable portable tablet with a matching mouse and keyboard, is sure to liven up your space and, interestingly, this new headset says: leave your enemies in the dark with a headset which will illuminate your intentions to win so weve seen the word space about million times, Ive.

Just certainly said it a million times, another SIMS content, creator, Im sure a lot of you watches simmer Erin. She did a video where she found that EA is now teaming up with Marvel Im, not gon na like talk about a video Ill, just pop a link to it in the description. If you want to look at it, but basically EA and Marvel are now clabbing on things just like EA and Star Wars, collabed on a completely unrelated Sims thing on the Star Wars, game. But then weve got the Sims 4 James Batu, The Sims team love their collabs. They do it all the time I feel like when it comes to things like time and space, its mostly related to superheroy stuff, but then I also really want to consider the Sims 3 into the Future. Its the latest release pack, we ever got for The Sims 3.. It came at the end of its life cycle. It was basically a pack about what you do in the present effects of future. There are three different outcomes of the future. There was either like this really dystopian horrendous trashy future. There was like a neutral future and then there was this really really incredible: modern, Rich future. Where everything you know they had hovering cars and stuff. Now we do know the simsim love to reuse, the same ideas all the time in every single Sims game. Theyve literally done it ever since its a Sims one theyve, basically just rehashed the exact same packs out again and again and again and again do I think this is hints that we may be getting some kind of time and space Superhero pack with potential heroes and Villains, I do think it is weve, never really had like a superhero thing in The Sims 4, yet its a very popular thing, and it would make sense to put it in the Sims, and it would also make sense that they would rehash this into the future.

Pack, because at the time it was actually quite a popular pack, a lot of people did really enjoy it. Granted it wasnt that popular because it came at the end of The Sims 3s lifespan. So not many people were playing the games still back then, but it definitely gives rise to hints that we may be seeing more superhero themed stuff because lets be honest. The Sims team have said weve got years left of the game, but they havent actually told us what, and I mean how many ideas can they possibly come up with now, theyve, basically exhausted everything that people already want out of the game apart from Generations. So is it that we are getting something related to time and space weve got hints of dreams as well with these couple of objects, all of these things kind of loosely relate to each other, but I can certainly say we got a lot of stuff relating to Space, this video is not some kind of factual thing, guys of us Im talking Im, putting all these clutter objects in the black bits of this cow plant rug, because I have a really short attention spam and I procrastinate and like this is what I do when I record videos anyway, that aside, it does definitely give rice a hint that we may be getting a space thing. What do you think? Am I crazy? Am I just a conspiracy theorist? Please let me know if you want to see my reviews of the two new kits by the way they are both here.

Otherwise, thank you so much for watching this video.