It was an AMD, it was the you do bolt gear and a lot of you did say: they'd hang on '9. U.S. dollars without rain without an SSD and without an operating system is simply too much. So what I have here is one that includes all of those components offers very similar performance, very similar spec to it, it's powered by their resin 5 and v2500 years. So, yes, it is a couple of generations old, but this particular mini PC has 80 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of nvme storage and it does include Windows 10, and I brought in my time testing and using it. It is a very good mini PC. So this is what you'll find the Box I'll power supply. This one has that common plug, so it's easy to source a different one if you wanted, but I of course ordered the EU plug that I have now. This power supply is 65 what's that one, and we also do get a set, a cable as well. So there is no visa mounting bracket in this box, even though it does on the back of the mini PC, actually have two holes to melt one. So up the front of the t book MN 25 here we've got 2 USB 3 ports and separate audio jacks Acer one for the mic one for headphones, and here is the power on button which is made out of metal, and this frame around the outside is All metal, the lid is plastic for the wireless antenna reception and there is a status LED here as well.

Now, with the rubber feet, the height of this mini PC. If you plan to use it, for example, in a TV cabinet, is about 52, it so I've. Measured it about 52 millimeters in total, then on the left and right side, we have no ports whatsoever. Just some intake vents here down the bottom to help the air flow, then, on the back here, we've got our power in socket right. There Gigabit LAN 2 USB to ports DisplayPort, so this is 4k 60 Hertz and then HDMI to which is good to see on this also 4k. 60 Hertz. You can run dual displays with us and into USB 3 port. So what is missing here? I would have liked to have seen a USB 3.1 type C port that would have been good to have on this and there's. Also, no mic onboard in this particular mini PC, for example, and for using Windows called and on the other side, which is made out of a hard plastic we've got our two mounting screws for that visa bracket, which is missing from the box, did banggood remove it To lower the shipping weight, I don't know I hope they didn't and then the four rubber feet we have to remove. If you want to gain access to the internals, that is the lid, this one is made out of plastic. This is for the wireless antenna reception. So using my screwdriver, I remove those four screws that are underneath the feet that I just pointed out with the underside of it.

So two sodium's slots here, which is really good to see because a lot of manufacturers are only including just the one sodam, because that does cut down on their production costs. But this also means we can upgrade the RAM but it's also running in dual channel here. For our maximum memory bandwidth for aided performance, they have just over a single channel, of course. Now our nvme drive here – and this is 20 to 80 in size and they've – put a really nice heatsink on top of us with some thermal pads. Now most manufacturers wouldn't even bother with this, because they just let it get hot and who cares if it's throttles a little bit underneath it? We do have then a mini PCIe wireless card, so you can't upgrade that card. You can also upgrade the RAM to say 16 or 32 gigabytes. If you wanted to do so so lifting off the lid here, because I under those four screws it actually connects up to the plastic lid, you can see that we've only got one wireless antenna on it, which isn't great. So if you were going to put say a wireless card in the ax 200, which is Wi Fi 6, the latest generation, you would need to install an additional antenna there and, if you're, probably thinking why the thermals on this one later, I want to show you Pretty good the fan noise as well as excellent. This is why it's basically losing here what I would almost classify as a gaming laptop cooler, pretty much the size of it.

I often see ones like this, especially in the old msi gaming laptops. They used to review this size here and vents out and sucks in the air from around here, but it's getting that airflow just around the motherboard here from those vents. I showed you on the side and later on, we'll, take a look at the thermals and the power usage, but where does the Setter 2.5 inch drive go well right here. It goes on the bottom. You can see. There are some clips to install it, but just like the VESA mount, it doesn't actually end clewd those screws. We need to mount a 2.5 inch, hard drive, which is very poor. Why is it not in the box, so this AMD mini pc here it does come with in a completely unlock bias. A ramp configuration is a dual channel. I showed you that when we had a look at the internal, so two sticks of ddr4 four gigabytes under advance. We do have some options under here. The first one is an interesting one and a and B CBS, and that is our graphics configuration for the vega 8 internal graphics there. We do have integrated graphics, sorry, so here we can adjust the allocated ram for it. So if you wanted to perhaps make games a little bit smoother give it 2 gigabytes around if you did add more RAM, that is we've only got 8 gigabytes here, so I recommend just leaving it on 1 gigabyte or auto.

Auto is by default, and another interesting setting too, is under the power management management configuration here. So if it does power off or you want to run a file server, then you can set this to simply power on in any time, we'll go after ticks. The power status back on it will boot up again, and that is great for service, of course, and in nvme configuration here so that intel nvme drive. I will be benchmarking now once we get into windows on first boot, it just went straight into windows. Now this is set up with Windows 10 home on here and, if you're not happy with it already actually going straight into Windows, I do recommend just do a factory reset. I wouldn't bother about completely reinstalling Windows with this, because that's actually an added hassle. However, you might not be too happy with the way they have partitioned in this particular SSD. So they've got 100 gigabytes allocated to Windows, that's our Windows, partition and then to here D and E for data, so they're, almost 70 gigabytes, therefore possibly stolen your files or games or whatever, like that. So a lot of people don't normally like that because they are pretty limited. I would you can't actually use tools like partition, manager and merge those two partitions and then create a almost 140 gigabyte. Partition, then, is probably the way to go, and that way, if you do end up doing, affect your reset to the C partition, then you still have, of course, your data that is going to be on D now I have benchmarks that enter drive and you can See here that the sequential reads almost pretty much double that or what you get from a set of three is his D.

Now you can install the 2.5 inch SATA 3 is to see if you wanted to do so, but there wouldn't be quite as fast as this in terms of write speeds, though, that write speed is about the same as a set of 3 Drive. Now the random reads: a little bit low there actually and I'll random. Writes there not too bad, but this is definitely not the fastest nvme drive. Far from it. They can get up to 3 thousand megabytes per second sequential and about 2000 writes or two and a half thousand writes, but it is an Intel. So this is a brand to drive and it should be reliable, so under the device manager to just point out that our Gigabit LAN is right here. Real tech and the wireless card is also real tech to that is within this particular one. Here now you will see we do have right there, the horizon 5. 2500. U is listed of course, 8 x because it is a quad core with eight threads there, so it's very similar to the last AMD mini PC. I looked at actually this particular system on a chip because it has a very similar turbo, which is 3.6 gigahertz maximum, now we're, with our gpu z, here we're looking at so you can see they've allocated yes, a full gigabyte. That is shared memory, so I have Windows all set up and what I've done is also update our drivers here, so I am on the latest AMD drivers.

Now their raid on software always keeps crashing on me. I reinstalled it twice and I've just given up now. I don't know why that is happening. I think it's just um in stability there, that we have with that software. So the price of this, I believe you can actually get it for cheaper it's around three hundred and nine euros or three hundred and fifty US dollars that is cheaper than the last mini PC. I looked at which had the AMD embedded chip in it, which is the 1605 B. This has similar kind of performance, actually it's a little bit better and so the price isn't too bad, considering it does have that RAM and the SSD, because that was just a bare bones. The last model I looked at so have run a few benchmarks here. So this is our Geekbench for score. I still like to run this one just as reference because I'm more familiar with these scores, then I am say: Geekbench 5 it's not a bad score, but it doesn't beat the Intel counterparts, but you could say that that's because well, Geekbench does possibly favor Intel chips. A little bit more their deep bench 5. This is still a good score. Ok, with a with the maximum 3.6 gigahertz turbo. That is a bit lower. Of course, then, the Intel's I have been reviewing now when it comes to 3d mark of the school is very good. This is definitely better than the UHD 620 graphics.

We get integrated with the Intel chips. This is the Vega 8 and look at that graphics, score. That'S, quite good CPU score as well as not actually bad, and this result, according to our 3d mark, is 17 better than others. So let's get on now to have a look at Cinebench results. So this is where the score is very good. So 572 CB – ok, not bad at all. Remember that this is with the stock TDP that we are running on this particular model. I review everything as stock there's, no tweaks I'm, not installing more RAM I'm, not even giving the GPU more memory either. It still has to set one gigabyte allocated to it and then let's have a look at score of Cinebench r20, again, a very good score. This does better the Intel chips I have been reviewing. Alas, Intel many PC was the Whiskey like you, the 85 65 you and you can see. This is slightly better by just over 25 points there, and it is better than the Udo bolt v8 little motherboard that I did look at with the AMD embedded solution there. So a very good performance, alright, so onto some video playback performance, but I just wanted to mention that all the benchmarks, I do run a run with the system at idle. If I've got things open now, it's just to speed up the process of me, showing you these various different things and a little bit of multitasking as well, just to show you how it multitask.

So I wanted to just demonstrate here's some playback performance of videos, but before I mentioned that our wireless ok I'm getting full signal strength here and sometimes with the other many pieces reviewed, it could be just 1 bar less now. Maximum throughput from this Realtek adapter is only about 400 I'm, hitting about '0 400 megabits per second that's it with the file, server transfer and okay, if you want faster, definitely upgrade that card, because it is a little bit of a weakness of the system. So if I go in here now to some of the clips, I love to show a very demanding ones. He our selves start out with probably the most demanding – and this is the jellyfish file – 140 meters per second 4k 80 BC 10 bit and look at this. Second or so, to get started with them a little bit of a stutter there, but that's normal, and there we go. That is running really good, so bear in mind. This is playback through windows, a video app to play it. If you use something like Cody it's. Even faster and smoother, but that's not really stressing things out, look at the GPU it's at 70, the Vega, 8 graphics and then let's just step it up to 4k 60. This is a sony swordsmith demo and you can see no problem, absolutely no problems skipping. It here super quick and so for video files, if you want to use this as just a media player or one that's, pretty much actually overkill for that, because it is very quick at this.

No problem, okay, but let's go and have a look at now. Video editing so I've already got this open, and I just want to point out here that the timeline is smooth, but a little bit of lag it's, not exactly the playback. You can see it takes a few seconds before it's gon na catch up. There we go so that was a couple of seconds delay and that's the same with the Intel's there as well. Now this beer in mind is the playback resolution set to a quarter. You keep it on full that's, the full 4k it's, even slower and more taxing. So I recommend going with half recorder now what about export times? I'Ve actually just done an export test, but my stupid PC didn't record the audio for some reason, and it was one minute and two seconds, but I will do it again here, of course, for everyone that is watching this. So just move this over and get us out of the way and we'll go and use the YouTube preset. Okay, this is what I always do with my tests. So here it is just YouTube's 4k Ultra HD, and I need to get one minute of footage more or less here with the timeline and then I hit export and reset that timer there just to show you how long this takes and it's very good. So there we go one minute 24 seconds, so this I'm going to hit now, of course, reset and it's gon na be about a second delay, so I'm gon na hit start and export.

So that was maybe one two seconds it'll be about just under one minute and look at how fast this is moving, really really really quick, absolutely astounding, how quick this is in the beginning. That is, of course, all of the heavy lifting that has been done by our Vega 8 graphics. The CPU is basically idle there at 13. So just about to finish up as soon as that hits 100 disappears. I shall hit pause there. We go so that's about a minute, so one minute of 4k footage will take about one minute, almost exactly there. That is very good. Considering the Intel whiskey like use that I have just reviewed recently in the channel, they have a much higher turbo of 4.6 gigahertz. Will take about 1 minute and 18 seconds or 20 seconds so about 20 slower than this right here, the difference between the intel and AMD. So it is actually impressive that encoding speed, of course, due to the new updates that adobe have brought through with premiere pro. So let's take a look at and i'll formals and the power consumption so bear in mind that this is one hour and I've been pushing it very very hard. But I have actually been running it for various days now and it does not run into any thermal throttling, so maximum turbo. It does get up to the claimed 3.6 gigahertz, not a problem, and if you ever look down here and I'll thermals, they are very, very good, so no problem, so it does get a bit warmer than the you do mini PC that I just reviewed also with Amd, but this gets up to 62, that is still perfectly fine and the cooling and this the fan noise is great.

Really good fan noise on us, so the maximum it is pulling is about 27. You can see here once now. You always add just a few more that's what I'll be pulling from the wall from the socket. I don't have a water meter, unfortunately, but we can estimate here about thirty to thirty one or so watts in total at peak load, that this will be pulling now. This has just popped in. I was right loading this in the background here, because it does take a while to import all of these pages and spreadsheets here. So this is 800 pages very heavy file that I just like to test out. In fact, look at that it's well over 800 and just wanted to show you. The performance is very, very good here, so scrolling up and down through all those different pages it's, not a problem. Okay, if I did this on the gemini lake intel's that i'm reviewing, though only of course, very low powered chips, they really struggle with this with a little lag and things, but not here so me showing you anymore sort of performance like this. That is very light documents and tasks like that and website browsing. So having chrome tabs, you can open like 10 up 20 or whatever and go through them no real leg. It does perform really quick like that. Now youtube playback of also 4k files. No need for me to show you because it is smooth it's, very smooth, not a problem, but I will jump now into some games and we'll check out what we can expect from a demanding triple a title which is Grand Theft, Auto 5.

So, just like the last aimed even a PC, I reviewed, I have it set on to the lowest setting so 720p and all of the lower settings. Ok, and you can see that it's around 50 frames per second up to 60. Now this performance here is about 20 frames per second on average higher than the whiskey like you, core, i7 Intel, many PC that I just reviewed about two or three well, two or three weeks ago. I didn't just review it, but it's so much better at gaming. The Vega 8, as you can see here, even though this is ok – yes it's an older title, but this performance is, I think, very good for such a small little mini PC. I have a look at one more title now and that is counter strike so counter strike. This runs good at 720p on the lowest possible settings just to keep always a over 60 frames per second average right here. So I don't imagine I'm gon na last. For too long wow I actually got a kill and a quick look at Linux Mint, so it doesn't like that Realtek wireless LAN card, so I recommend, hunt around and fight the driver for it, of course, but if you can't then just upgrade that wireless card to Something a little bit better, maybe the Intel 92 60 and it's Gigabit wireless LAN and it's also very cheap. You can pick them up off Aliexpress for about like eight US dollars so guys.

Let me just recap here that this offers excellent thermals. The fan noise is super good. I mean I don't include a sample for you, because there is actually no need it's very hard to hear that that fan is on unless you're doing something very demanding, and it is a pleasant just hushing whooshing kind of sound. That comes from it, it's not offensive at all there, so we have the to display out options: we've got DisplayPort and HDMI. That is great. The SSD speed, okay for nvme is not the fastest, but they did put a nice heatsink on there and it does offer sequential reads that are at least faster than your typical set of three Drive that we often see in these dual channel Ram. Configuration is another positive and it does come with Windows 10. Now that Windows, 10 installs seems to have already been actually set up, someone's already gone into it, because I didn't go through that normal Windows 10 setup procedure that you'd normally have to enter in your user name and connect up to a network and all that sort Of stuff isn't there now a lot of people won't like that it's a bit of a security concern. Possibly so do just do a factory reset or just do your own install install your own operating system that maybe you might have there. It should, in the bias at least, have that key there for Windows 10 home that should actually work when you do a new install there.

So Linux will run on this, but the wireless card we don't have the driver for it. The biggest real weakness of this. For me is that wireless card it's not particularly quick – I mean it still as good as the Intel wireless AC. 31. 65. You get around 400 megabits per second throughput. I did. I would like to see a little bit more. We do have Gigabit LAN on here, but we don't have a type C port that offers display out as well, which would have been nice but still running. The two monitors, I think, is sufficient for most people. So where are the weaknesses in this? Their real weakness? Maybe because it's a little bit dated, but it still offers better performance than the 8th gen in to our whiskey lake core i7s. I have been reviewing if you look at Geekbench score: okay it's lower than those, but they tend to favor Intel. Maybe they do maybe they don't, but it's Cinebench. You can see the performance is better than the Intel counterparts there and then the integrated GPU, the Vega 8 graphics. It does do a lot better than Intel's okay, and it just plays back the video files that I tested flawlessly and then look at that. Video encoding 4k video encoding much quicker than the Intel's about 20 percent, 18 percent, faster, very good to see so. Overall, the fan noise, the thermals are excellent and the fact that we can upgrade the RAM we can upgrade the wireless code.

You can add an SSD, but why is it not in the box? The screws for the 2.5 inch drive and we also do not have the VESA mount bracket. Did it fall out of my box in transit? I don't know, but it is missing there that's one thing to bear in mind. So for the price. Yes, a lot of people would still say are for the same price. I can build myself a gaming monster. I would like to see that, but it still is reasonable. I believe, because we've got the RAM, we've got the SSD and around about 300 euros. I think there are coupons out there as well with being good, that you can pick it up for even even better price there. So, thank you so much for watching this end up to look at the m n 25 here from T bowel and if you're interested in this. There is a link in the description of where to get this particular model here and do check out my other AMD. But it's the embedded Rison mini pc review that offers this kind of performance but it's more expensive, but it can actually output for displays in total that one which is quite interesting there. So I hope to see you back in my next up and coming a video.