Their lineup includes so many eating smartphones. It would make your head spin. In fact, they have 14 different models, including three digital music players, smartphones themselves and even ebook readers, which brings us to todays feature the Hisense High Reader Pro Palace Edition. This device features styling from a very famous landmark in Beijing. China called The Summer Palace, but is this really the same as the high reader? Well, actually, no, its not the same at all. There are significant changes right out of the gates. You get a Snapdragon 662 processor on board 36 LEDs Android, 11 vs, 10. 4G Wireless pulled from the A9. The onboard storage has doubled to 128 and you get a thousand more milliamps of battery life up to 4 000.. The screen size, interestingly, is dropped down to a healthy, 6.1 inches versus 6.7, which I personally feel is a lot more wieldy. You can see from the standby screen you get that Summer. Palace thats, really nice, of course, this being an Android device. You can change all of that. This is a very nicely built phone. Its got everything youre going to need its made out of very strong materials, its made out of aluminum you can see on here. If you swipe to the left, you get a couple bookstores you get the JD reader or you get the iReader bookstore which, as you guys may know, if you follow our coverage, iReader is actually one of the largest bookstores in the world, but mostly for the Chinese Market theyre featured on various devices, although they do make devices themselves, you are blessed with all these applications.

You get apps on this. Yes, you can side load. Apps too, you can see. We have the Kindle app right here. So dont worry. Yes, you do have Android 11.. Yes, you can sideload in APK files, no problem. If you swipe the top down, you get all of your mobile connections. Yes, this does actually pull a lot of the cellular engines from the A9 and puts it in the high reader. So you get this little bit of a hybrid of both if you swipe down even further, you get even more settings, so you do have a lot of functionality on this. You can do screen record, you can turn off and on the floating ball, rotate power savings. Basically anything youre going to want to do on a smartphone. You do get glow light. Well, show you that in a little bit you do see that we do have the latest update, which is fantastic, and this is actually called ink OS its the proprietary operating system that they brand as their own. You can see here that you can use it as a phone. You can use it as an e reader. You can use it as an Android device. It really does leave it up to you. If you go to the App Store its not that great weve used the App Store many times before in other units, it really is just a bunch of Chinese applications with a few choices of English applications.

Even if you were to download Amazon its going to be, which is the Chinese Amazon, but dont worry just side load in the USA, spec Amazon right there or the Japan one or wherever you live in the world, thats better. You can just use the browser. Actually, if you want to just go to APK site and download directly on here, as it does have a package installer, you dont have to worry about that and no right out of the gates. There is no Google Play in terms of it being an e book. Reader, which it technically is the high reader, is an e reader from Hisense. This one granted does have a SIM card slot on it, so youre getting a little bit of a kind of mix Mash. But at the same point it is an ebook reader released by Hisense. So you can use it as an ebook reader and a lot of people ask that on the Amazon app. Can you use the volume buttons to turn pages? You actually can its a couple steps you go over to font, then you go to more and then down here. You can change pages with volume, controls and now you can hold this in one hand and turn pages. The thing about Hisense devices is that they always want to give you a comfortable reading experience as easy as possible, and you will see that, just with the click of a button, youre able to turn pages quite quickly.

I might add now this does have different speed modes, which we will show you a little bit later on and they are controllable from the top here. If you swipe down right over there, we have some speed modes. Well, show you that in a little bit, because it will kind of dictate your experience from app to app, but overall this is a very good eBook reader. Obviously this is the Amazon App you get all of the functionality and the ways to change your font. You can go look at your books. You can download books, of course, so this instantly accesses you to millions of titles across multiple languages. So you dont have to worry about the reading experience you have long press. You basically have everything that the app is going to give you its all, very quick, its very fluid you really just dont have to give it a second thought: Music were gon na look at a graphic, novel first and then a manga. The thing about Amazon is that they actually have two separate engines, one for graphic novels and one for manga. If we double tap on a graphic novel youll see we go into the old comixology panel view or guided view in which it actually caters. The experience to you sell by sell just quite a very nice experience, and if you dont want that you dont have to use it, you can use the full kind of page like you would find at a comic book store from here.

You can actually pinch and zoom as well, so you dont even have to worry about always using panel view or not. Overall, its a 300 PPI screen its very dense, its six inches youre, not really going to have any issues with quality. Manga itself looks very nice as well, and you do get a different experience. Unfortunately, because this isnt an e book reader, you dont get the fast page turn engine pulled from the Kindle manga Edition from Japan. But overall you dont really need it, because this is a hyper powered, smartphone multimedia tablet, handheld super computer, essentially so really youre, not gon. Na require that thats, mostly to Aid the slower and smaller e readers to make it a little bit easier for the user, whereas on a powered device like this, you dont really need that. Again, you have your pinch and zoom thats, totally fine, its very clear, its very crisp. This is a great handheld unit leading into our PDFs. Yes, you do have a generic file manager. The thing about Hisense is that they just leave it up to you. What to do with apks what to do with your files? What to do with your storage theres, no real limitations of any kind you can see. If we go to the very bottom, we actually find all of our things like our apks, that weve landed some music. Some documents and over here our baseball PDF, because this is our go to were going to use WPS office because that is the most stable built in app up.

Remember you dont need to use this application, but you can you can download Adobe aldico anything you wish any PDF reading application. That is a discoverable APK on the internet. You can put on this thing this one just so happens to scroll up and down, and you do have some ways to change the text, Etc. This one does have the ability to pinch and zoom its very quick, its very crisp. It looks great now this downside about a device like this, and it cannot be overlooked its small, its much smaller than a tablet. Of course I mean it. Look its the size of my hand, so really youre not going to want to buy this. If your sole purpose is to read PDFs, please dont. Do that! Look how small the text is. It is unreadable its clear, but its unreadable, youre gon na, have to have eagle eyes once you zoom in youre, like oh okay, Plano, Texas, okay, thats, fantastic, then you get it, but for the most part you just cant read it in its base form it cant. Be done so really, if you had to it, does have the ability to run PDFs its very fast theres, no ghosting theres, no system wide refresh and, in fact, weve seen from countless iterations of Hisense devices that these do remain one of the most consistent and fastest Refreshing e ink device lineups of all time, look how fluid that is Music. If youre worried about using this at Night, Never fear you have glow lights.

You have a lot of LEDs. You can see here that this is the blue lights and its a little bit blue, not really blue, but a little bit, but you dont have to worry, because if you swipe down you can change the color settings, so you can change the actual temperature. You can do a little bit of a middle, you can do an orange. You can do an off white Stone kind of thing. I typically like it around here, gives you a good mix a little bit cutting the edge off of the blue, but overall, a very good experience. This really really is a very usable unit. It truly is if there was ever a handheld device with 4G or 5G or whatever cellular connectivity that would make you change from an LCD LED, Xperia, Samsung iPhone. This would be the only choice: hands down. It is completely usable minus the color, and if you want some color, you can get the a7cc, which is as fast as this kind of and has color on it before we wrap this video up were going to give you a genuine, realistic look of how fast Hisense is with its speed mode. Going back over to here, youll, see that it is just lightning quick. We can go over to the browser, it pops right up. We can press this button and we can go over to something else like our PDF or we can swipe through it and say what did I read on page six, oh yeah, that one we could swipe back and we can go over to our Kindle application where That pops right up and we can go and Read Manga like this and then oh wait.

I forgot something I needed to swipe down and look at whats going on here. Oh, the app stores updating this is just about the most consistently stable and quickest e paper device on the market. I mean, if you want to try, prove us wrong. There really isnt anything as fast consistently as this. You know. Onyx is really quick at this. That and the other thing Amazons really quick at you, know ebooks, but this is just lightning across every single thing you want to do and it doesnt miss a beat and its not sluggish or slow, and it doesnt have these hiccups and it doesnt have and for How fast it is weve seen some terrible staining on our own unit, the inknote color with big me when its on its fastest mode. This has very little background, artifacting and staining and refresh issues as any other device. We think its just because of the size of the screen, the limits of how much it needs to show it. Doesnt need to produce a 13.3 and that Hisense themselves said they did a bunch of things to the software, which makes it so quick and as quick as it actually is, and all of that coming together to give you the most consistently fast refresh experience of any Device the high Reader Pro is a very welcome to upgrade to the high reader its upgraded across virtually every metric. The screen size is reduced, but feels better and the bonuses you get inside the Box are quite Pleasant, like a real leather, bound paper Ledger and an official Summer Palace case.

This is not the first time. Hisense has chosen a Chinese Landmark to make a special edition from the museum Edition, for the Hisense touch was a sweeping success. After all, all in all, you cant go wrong with this unit, its robust capable and the latest possible device from Hisense. That brings all the usability of the high reader with the cellular connectivity from the A9 for