Click subscribe ring the bell for notifications of all the videos. We do right here on the eftm youtube channel, all right. The diner book portagee x, 30, w j let’s just call the donna book portege for now, and just think about that name. Porter j, that used to be toshiba, which i think where this product has its biggest challenge in getting consumers to consider. It is what the hell’s a diner book right, you’ve, never seen this logo before what does that mean? Well dynabook used to be toshiba. Now i don’t know the ins and outs of it brands. They sell they change the they sell the brand name off. They keep the company the company used to make these laptops sold the brand. Who knows, but the heritage of this laptop is the toshiba laptop range. I remember having a toshiba satellite like 20 years ago, that was a brand like to be honest. Toshiba was the biggest brand in laptops, in my mind, for a very long time, so to carry that portagee name through is critical similar. The way i think thinkpad has carried on from lenovo, which was actually an ibm thing, so the thinkpad range was ibm he’s. Now lenovo make it work this portagee isn’t, a big part of the branding, though dynabook, is what it’s all about and i’ll be honest. The dynabook website in australia doesn’t come across like the big brands. Does it actually looks like someone has decided to import, bring these things in and try and sell them because there’s such great value and i think, that’s the challenge you’ve got to get past your lack of information about the brand and just go heck it’s? Actually, a bloody good laptop look at this here, so this is the dynabook portage a 13.

3 inch screen keyboard and touch pad, as you would normally expect a bit of a strange keyboard layout for some of the keys, like the volume is actually in the function of Three and four, as opposed to in the in the function, keys themselves minimal. You get used to it very quickly. What i love about this, though, is connectivity. Look around here. We’Ve got a micro sd slot we’ve got a usb a and the power button, and then, if you swing it all around the other type, other side, full hdmi right, full hdmi, as well as a couple of usbc or thunderbolt, supported ports, headphone and kensington, lock style Spot actually that’s pretty full on. You know to have a couple of usbc thunderbolt thunderbolt as well as the usb a is a big win. I reckon plus full size hdmi out when you’re presenting and stuff that’s excellent, and i think you need that to justify the 2099 price tag now. What are you getting for that expense? You’Re getting portability, i mean this thing is literally tiny and by the way, it’s a two in one okay, so everything you need to do your netflix viewing your stand. Viewing, if you want to you, know, set up to put it on the coffee table. If you don’t have a big screen, tv or you’re, traveling, a great way to uh to enjoy content, and, of course, that means touch screen, so touch screen, capabilities, portability, tablet, mode, tint mode, laptop mode.

I mean and here’s the thing about this screen, which i find fascinating, it’s it’s a matte finish. You can probably see that it’s, just as i put the glare across it’s, got a very matte finish to it, but it’s still completely vibrant. I believe it’s like a corning gorilla glass but i’m, not testing the durability of the screen. Right now, trust me – and i think my only complaint about this laptop having used it now for a little while is it is very light and therefore it’s, very plasticky, and so you don’t get that i guess reassuring, feel of a macbook, and you know for 2 000 bucks, you could get a macbook, but this is an intel 11th generation core processor set. So you know that’s a big win, it’s right up to date, um it’s, it’s, running everything you need from windows. It’S got all that kind of connectivity. I find it hard to fault um, the only like in usability. The only fault i’ve had is the touch pad. It feels like i’m really clicking in on the mouse to get clicks, but i think again you really get used to the the touch and feel of the thing. But in terms of typing, very nice lightweight feel to the keyboard. I’Ve got to say a harman kardon sound as well it’s, beautiful it’s, a really good laptop. The webcam is right at the top here, not one of these silly ones that have them hidden down the bottom.

These days, which is good for visibility on your zoom, calls. Um and overall, a great look, great, look and feel you’re not going to push this thing to video editing, and this is an absolute workhorse for those people who are out about don’t know where they’re going to be working next or literally, a lot of people. These days, the laptop is all they have at the office, so you have to carry this with you. You take it home to do work, you take it to the cafe, take it to the park, but also when you’re at work. It’S, your laptop because you’re plugging into the usbc thunderbolt to get the monitors and the keyboards and the mice and all those things synced up and set up at home, dynabook i’d never heard of it either. Don’T worry, but i really like what i’m seeing here so cracking great product at 2099. Bucks well worth your consideration and, if you’re watching this as early as march, when we release the video we’ve got one to give away too so giving it away on the 7th or 8th of march. So haven’t got long, go to scroll down. Look for the article about the dynabook giveaway and you can enter and be in the draw free laptop for someone, but outside of that beautiful, laptop, very, very highly recommended if you’re into a windows laptop and you’re. Looking for something a little different and portability is key.

Because that’s its number one selling point is portability: you’re on a winner, don’t forget touch screen and a proper.