5 inch on amazon and i just want to make a review and i want to show you how it looks like so i’m going to start by obviously opening it. So this plastic is a bit strong and uh. So far, based on uh, how the how the presentation is how the box looks like there’s, nothing, special it’s, just a regular box. It has this nice branding and uh let’s have a look what’s inside and yeah. It takes a bit of time to open the box. We’Re just gon na put this aside, and here this is protective foam. There is a nice card from uh the company it’s written in italian, interesting and uh. Uh, yes, but not in english suggest the disclaimer is in english and you get some more different. The interesting fact that i found when i just received the box is that when it’s in the box, you see the tablet slides see, this is not. I don’t think is that it is the right box for the type of tablet. I think they sell other types. Other tablets in the same type of box all right, so this is how the tablet looks like first uh impression and uh. First look in fact, and what else do you get in the pack? There is obviously the charging cable and there is uh the user manual. I’M, not really sure what what these are for. I think this box is from another type of product and you get the user manual, because here some things are missing and uh.

I am pretty sure that other other other products that they sell, they have headphones and other cables and whatever, but in our case uh we are interested to see how the unit looks like the color is a bit goldish. I would say, as you can see here is the case. Uh first impression it looks a bit cheap, but the more interesting fact is that it comes with the case, as you can see here’s the case, and there is also space for the speakers, but there is just a small problem with this. I don’t think this case is appropriate for this tablet because here for the camera – it’s all fine, but here on the bottom, there are these uh holes, and the speakers are on this section where i’m holding my finger. So i don’t think this one’s also relevant. I think i still have a feeling that this case is from another product, but whatever uh here uh on this side already doesn’t look nice. Yes, this type of some kind of plastic inside under the case it said it says that is designed by google and assembled in china. The company is obviously from china and uh. On top, we have the lock button and on the side they have uh the power button which and the volume button when i’m, when i hold, when i’m pressing just putting my finger on top of these ones, i can feel like a cheap, sound on this one.

As well, i have the feeling that this one’s uh after a while they will go bad, and this is how the tablet looks like uh case inside is not uh it’s, just it’s, regular, boring material and here is not very solid. I can’t say that it looks bad, but i can’t say that it looks good, neither uh it has a foil on top, so let’s uh turn it on and see how this one performs. If you press long, the power button, which is on the side, you’ll, see the logo uh on the tablet. It’S uh, the latest it’s already here, as i can see, it’s already uh, not looking so well, because it has some kind of uh hole. I don’t know if it is the microphone and, as you can see, it takes ages to load and i’m still waiting, and it has this uh. I don’t know what uh intro sound and yes uh same processor, no sim card inserted i’m, not really sure what you can do with a sim card, but it comes with the battery fully charged uh. So far, the picture from what i see here, uh the peak, the quality of the picture, is not that great and it says here to swipe up to unlock okay, so you need to swipe up quite a lot. Probably doesn’t go that smooth because of the foil on top, but as i can see there’s only one page yeah, you get the play store, but obviously you need to connect to the internet in order to uh use it and you get an interesting, sound here’s.

The button for home that you can remove the apps uh on one side and here are already settled the apps uh that are keep blinking and i’m still, not sure. Why is this happening let’s? If you press this one yeah, you go in the menu all right, so this is how you access the menu, and you have several apps there’s, only one page, but obviously you can install in the android app. You can get plenty of other apps, for example. Here we have an app called the sound recorder, but because of the picture in the back, i cannot even see it properly, and here we have the settings so far from what i can feel. Um doesn’t feel that right it looks very cheap and Music. Yes allow, and there is just the first just something from the uh that it comes with a tablet, and i press just once, and i want to see how it looks like uh it. As you can see. It even takes a bit of time to load, and here is a video. The speakers are here at the back. Well, it doesn’t sound that good honestly, it sounds quite cheap, and here we go on the full screen for this player. The quality is quite decent, but considering that for this money there are other options way better options. I can’t say that i’m impressed so far, uh yeah, obviously landscape mode in portrait mode, but the tablet itself feels quite cheap and also uh i’m, very interested to see the quality of the camera i’m.

Just gon na point. It there a bit to see uh. How is it, of course, it’s uh, very flimsy and uh i’m – not gon na cover it, but this is the first test that you have to make when it comes to the camera. I turn it on because the camera is pointed on this side over here, and this is the first test, as you can see, when i move it, uh it’s just a bit. The image goes, a bit flimsy and uh. The menu basically of this one is uh seems quite cheap, i’ll say if you record there, if you put it on this on a selfie mode, you can see myself over here, but as well uh, you know pretty decent, i would say not impressive let’s. Just put it like this still, nothing, nothing uh spectacular, i would say uh quite bad. It has this option of vibrating uh. Probably you can remove it in there from the menu, and here doesn’t have a button that you actually can press it’s, just the home button and it’s buzzing uh vibrating. When you press this one and i’m not really sure why uh the orientation is like this it’s uh landscape mode – and i just have to do it like this – in order to get the image right. Uh case seems very cheap, i’m, not really sure what this is over here. I don’t know if you can see it, i’ll try to put it a bit up.

There is uh something uh over here. Um now, i think, is the microphone. I think it’s a factory problem and it’s, not the the foil, neither uh, so the impression is that it feels quite bad. Also, this color is very strange and uh uh the case that it comes out. I think, it’s appropriate for this type of product. Here we have the jack – i just saw it now, but overall, not a very interesting product, i would say quite cheap. There are other products that i’ve tested before that i had before other tablets that i consider to be way way better and basically guys that’s. It hope this helps you in a way or another to make the decision. If you want to buy this tablet, i can’t say a lot of things about the performance of it because i didn’t use it. You just saw that i just open it but feels cheap. This is the only thing that i can say about it: the size of the screen it’s decent. As you can see, this is my palm it’s, more or less fine, but besides this not so great.