This was sent over by mobile pixel, so, if you guys wanted your very own, be sure to check out the link down below in the description, it’s also important note that this particular model is the older version aka. The 1080p model now they’re, currently funding right now. On kickstarter for the higher version, which includes a better quality screen, better quality function and overall, look and in this episode, you’ll be unboxing. It trying it out and seeing exactly what it’s all about so without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started alright. So this here is our trio by mobile, pixels, Music. That is so cool. You got these four magnets attaches to the back of the screen. Let me kind of slide it out here. You have your controls as well. This you can kind of angle it out even create like a vertical monitor too so that’s kind of neat usb cable, and then we have these little magnet hockey pucks, so we’ll go ahead and open up our laptop and we’ll pull out our monitor check it out. Now the way it works is uh, it all connects to it via this one cable here, so we can go ahead and bring it out. We can angle it. We can bring it back in all right. So this here is our connection setup. I can actually go ahead and slide out this port right here like this, and i can go ahead and drag it onto the other screen like this and do work here or i can drag it back over here.

So it gives me the capability to essentially run two screens at once and not have to worry about having all my information on one side now, you can go ahead and rotate it more inwards. If you want to go ahead and have a little bit of an angle now, you can always go ahead and use it as standalone units just go ahead and detach the magnets by simply removing it. Just like this, so we’re just going to go ahead and change. The settings here to portrait now we have ourselves our second screen here, which would be nice if it was touchscreen but it’s not. But you have your second screen here, so you can go ahead and display different important pieces of information as you need it. So you can go and just drag and drop it just like this, bring it back, so that is actually kind of convenient. Now, overall, i have to say that the design concept of it is very nice. The fact that you can go ahead and expand on your laptop screen or your computer screen and having a vertical uh screen like this, is actually an added plus it’s great for utilizing in terms of gaming or in terms of editing. And, of course, you have the capability to go ahead and play games on it. Standalone units you don’t technically even need a computer like this. You can always use it as a monitor or display unit piece alone, so you can play like nintendo switch, uh playstation whatever on here, which is really cool now other than that.

The only downside i would say is that the screen between this screen and this screen you can tell that there is a clear difference in terms of the quality of the screen. So obviously, if you have something that’s, a very high def on your laptop or your computer screen, this might be a little bit of a downgrade. So just keep that in mind, but it is very useful and the fact that it’s portable isn’t always added plus so there you guys have it so this here is our trio. Now, if you had any questions about this particular unit feel free to comment down below. Otherwise, thank you again for watching and we’ll see you guys next time take care now.