Lets start out By looking at one of the dual screen laptop designs, this one is known as concept Duet, which is basically two 13.4quot displays connected together and that's the whole laptop. From the demonstration. It seemed useful if you need plenty of screen real estate. As both are touch screens. You can easily move different elements around in Windows or draw anywhere on either screen.. In the past, I havent been a fan of this sort of design, as I prefer typing on a physical keyboard rather than a big touch screen. But just as the thought occurred, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a physical keyboard addition that you could place onto the lower screen.. By doing this, the bottom half of the lower screen would then become a usable touchpad while to the left and right would presumably just be extra screen space. If you wanted to display something there.. Alternatively, you could also slide the keyboard down. If you need more screen space above in a way that sort of reminds me of the ASUS ZenBook Duo, except next level, due to the customizations available., The next interesting one was concept Ori.. It looks like a 13quot tablet, but you can bend the screen and even fold it over completely, making it much more portable as doing this basically halves the width, making it more like the size of a traditional paper notebook.. I liked the seamless screen compared to the Duet design, but I think a combination of the two would give the best of both worlds anyway.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes of these concepts and to see just how practical they are in the real world.. For what its worth the Lenovo X1 Fold follows a similar concept, but looked a little better, make sure youre subscribed for my upcoming video on that.. Now that I think about it. The X1 Fold is already kind of like a combination of the two. Anyway back to Dell.. They also had Alienware Concept UFO on display, basically think of it like a Nintendo Switch in terms of form factor, but for PC gaming.. The idea is that you can take your PC games with you on the go.. Unfortunately, they weren't really able to provide specs as it's just a concept. They only mentioned that it uses a 10th gen Intel processor, so I'm guessing it could just be using the Integrated Iris graphics, but who knows. If thats the case, while some gaming will be possible, we wouldnt exactly be expecting an impressive experience, especially for AAA titles.. I was told that they expect battery life to be around 2 hours and, although that sounds poor compared to other portable options, the target seems to be those commuting into work or other short trips. So for that I could see it being a fairly portable option.. Well, at least more portable compared to say a gaming laptop it's, still quite large, with an 8quot screen and 1900 by 1200 resolution.. The controls connect on the left and right using magnets and can also be taken off and used in tabletop mode with an optional dock.

. There'S, a kickstand behind it with air intake and exhaust on the back, and it just uses Type C for power delivery.. If they can pull this off, I think it will be pretty interesting as far as portable PC gaming goes, but yeah it's, just a concept so we'll have to wait and see if anything comes of it in the future.. Those are all the interesting concepts that Dell were showing off this year at CES 2020. Let me know which youre most interested in the comments Im interested to see how you think the concepts will go if they actually become real products.