We have two prototypes of these mobile laptop monitors by mobile pixels i’m gon na put a link in the description. If you wan na check out their kickstarter and get all of the information about them, but i’m really excited about this, because these new versions are smaller, thinner, lighter and, basically all around better than the previous versions. Now i was so inspired by kind of their story of creating these they’ve had several very successful kickstarters and now, with the announcement and launch of these it’s sort of the perfect time. Because everyone is still kind of working from home and i feel like that’s, going to be kind of transitioning into the next year and a lot of people have laptops but being able to have an external monitor or an extra screen is something that not everybody. Has the luxury of having, but with this, this is at a really great price point, and it just attaches right onto your laptop and it kind of gives you that flexibility of using it when you want it and not using it when you don’t want it. Thank you to mobile pixels for sponsoring this video and getting me these two prototypes to check out to show to you guys so let’s open these up and then i’ll show you guys in comparison to the previous versions: what’s new what’s, cool and we’re gon na test. It out also did i mention. I know i didn’t mention because i just started the video you can actually connect your nintendo switch to one of these as well: i’m sold okay, it’s unboxed, whoa wow, look at you, whoa, okay, that’s cool that’s, pretty cool, okay, let’s, open up the plus Music yeah That’S cool, so it looks like these just actually stick to the back of the laptop like that’s it so what’s cool.

Is these monitors are powered by usbc, so not only is it powered by it, but that is how you’ll actually be receiving the signal they do. Have a little converter here, so, if you don’t have usbc you’ll, be able to use just regular usb 3.0 and you’ll be good to go. I just want to set this up on my computer now like where’s. Where are you? They did say that this will work on laptops from around 13 inch to about 15 and a half it does work on windows and mac as well so we’re gon na test out the light version. First, i am very excited about the plus version, because this one also allows you to connect to android phone. It has auto rotation and you can connect it to your nintendo switch let’s. Try this one out first, to get a feel for how this thing works. So the screen on here is 12 and a half inches, so it looks like we just attached these little magnetic pucks to the back of our computer we’re good to go so we’re going to take off this adhesive Music. So now we’re going to flip this over we’re, just putting oh caution, i’m nervous. I think we’re ready, oh yeah, Music, okay, all right it’s on it’s on i get it that all makes sense, so you basically are just pulling this out and then the whole thing. Just slides like that, this is cool.

I used to work at coffee shops. A lot like i would take my laptop. I wish the coffee shops were open, because this would be me. Look at me like i would be so. Cool like people would always come up and say: what are you working on? What are you doing over? There i’d make a lot of friends this way. I don’t make friends now because it’s coveted times so, the magnets on the back are actually sliding and it’s allowing this to come all the way out and because it’s magnetic, like we just go like this, like that’s it. Oh, this is cool. This is cool let’s plug it in and try it. I actually think i want my monitor to come out this side. It makes it so easy it’s just magnetic, and these are what is allowing it to slide in and out look look Music. I have a whole side desktop now hold on a second. This also flips all the way around like this. So if i wanted to show you something look, okay, let me put a picture there. You go and now, if i want to get back to my own content, i can it’s also kind of cool, because i could use this as like a little monitor to the side like it. Doesn’T actually have to be on. I just love that i can just take this off and on so easily Music. Oh man let’s test out the pro version now, so i like that this has two additional usb c ports, which is nice for something like the macbook pro 13 inch, because it only has two ports, as is so.

You are giving up one port for the monitor and then you’re gon na need to charge, obviously so that doesn’t leave you with a lot of port options. The pro version is also bigger, and since we already have these magnets set up, we shouldn’t have to do any. Switching okay, let’s pop on this plus see what this looks like. It fits perfectly right over the top. The magnets that i already had on with the light they also have a really cool kickstand accessory, which i don’t currently have, but that’s also on the kickstarter kickstand kickstarter. It also has pass through charging. So if you want to plug this in to charge your computer, that also works, i really like this black color it’s kind of like a brushed, aluminum type. Look. This has a nice matte black and the buttons on the side. Much like the light version. This is how you’ll adjust the brightness of the monitor itself, like i’m ready to do business. Okay, this is actually pretty cool. I got a picture of me and maddie there. Probably you know if i was working, i would have something open here. Maybe some extra footage? Some graphics, maybe the timeline – or i can have this as like a preview browser or i could just be watching youtube videos while i’m working on excel spreadsheets or a pages document or buying bitcoin. Also don’t forget this comes off. Okay, at my desk, when i’m, normally working on my mac pro, i actually have one monitor set up vertical and the other one just regular, horizontal like this and that’s, mostly because i like to be able to have a full screen of all of my thumbnails or, If i’m searching through footage, this just seems like a much easier way for me to kind of organize.

It i’m basically replicating my desk setup, but on the go so to show you guys a quick little comparison between the new versions and the previous older ones. What’S really great about the new ones, is you don’t have to install any additional drivers, everything just automatically works, and these ones are so much lighter than the previous versions. It’S significant the bezels on the newer ones, are so much smaller, so you’re actually able to get a smaller screen, but with a larger screen real estate because of these smaller bezels. I do really like the newer magnet placement because they’re like these tiny little circles, whereas the older ones have these rectangles and this doesn’t actually slide. This gives you a lot more flexibility depending upon what size laptop you have Music, so setting up the nintendo switch is actually very easy, so you plug in the original nintendo switch charger and then plug in your nintendo switch using the usbc cable. Like i didn’t even know that this is something i needed until now. I have it. How did i live without it? Okay, i’m still wearing my christmas outfit, and my hair is a mess because i haven’t played the game in so long i’m. Wearing a happy new year hat, i probably have cockroaches in my house. Look at there. It is cockroach, get him get him, get him, get him, get him, get him, get him, get him squish. Well, thank you guys so much for watching.

I will put a link in the description if you want to get more information about both of these mobile monitors. This is really cool to get a chance to check these out before even released.